Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents


by Rider & Shasa
March 2007


Disclaimer: this story is all about sex: the pursuit, passion, pleasure, fear, force and well as some fantastic orgasms. Acts are all consensual, and entered into with great zeal. Please note that some of the sex may not be for the feint of heart.

(Part 1) --

The small spider sprang from its corner and skittered across the log wall of the lodge's great room to escape the increasing heat coming from the licking flames in the huge stone fireplace. Thunk!  The razor sharp point of a bladed surgical steel star pinned the unfortunate beast to the wall, its eight legs twitching in a final spasm of death.

Rider sucked down another long drink of very potent Christmas grog and grinned.  This was good grog, she noted, slowly blinking slightly glassy eyes.  The horse master leaned back, tilting her chair onto two legs and propped her feet on the table before her. <she grinned to herself> Her muddy boots on the polished wood would no doubt draw the attention and an indignant reprimand from the first lady who happened by. But it was Rider's private opinion that they loved the chance to scold warrior types. And Rider is all about pleasing the ladies.

She laughed at the thought, but stopped in mid-chuckle when she spotted an errant moth flitting around the candle that burned on a table across the room.  She reached slowly behind her head for the 12-inch Bowie knife that was sheathed between her shoulder blades. Glassy brown eyes fixed on her prey and the blade whirled through the air.

Rider grimaced as a furry figure moved into her line of fire and the weapon trimmed a large bare spot from the seat of Oisin's chinchilla pants before neatly pinning the moth to the wall next to the spider trophy.

Oisin looked up and blinked in surprise, her hand going to bare spot on her butt.  

Rider winked and lifted her mug of grog.  "Sorry, adanin. Looks like those pants could use a trim anyway."


(Part 2) --

Shasa had decided to reach out to Lodgers she didn't know.  She had been watching Rider risk life and limb in her careful attack of helpless insects, when the handsome one nearly took out a fine piece of ass.  Enough was enough.  This was a perfect time to introduce herself to the valiant warrior.

The heels of her boots announced her movements with a slight click. Rider grinned as she watched hips under the tight black pants sway as she moved in her direction.  As usual, Shasa's bright white blouse billowed loosely, yet fell open to her navel, leaving one wishing for the perfect angle to view what was barely kept inside.

Shasa stopped directly in front of the tilted chair occupied by Rider.  A seductive grin spread across her lips, while deep emerald eyes locked on to the cocky warrior.  Shasa turned her head sharply towards the hearth, tossing her curls slightly with the gesture.  "I see you're a courageous one - fighting such a frightening beast with eight legs." she purred.

Shasa returned her gaze to Rider and leaned over until she was but inches from tempting lips.  "I wanted to come over here and get to know you a little better," she fondled the leather vest in front of her with long fingers.  "Maybe see what you're made of," her fingers slid up to a darkly tanned chest and lingered.  "But," her luscious lips turned to a pout, "I had planned to sit my tight ass on your hard thighs," she smirked, "or my hot cunt on your hard cock, if you were equipped."  The slut pulled back and straightened herself, "But this posture just won't do for such pleasures..."

Shasa fought the urge to kick the chair out from under Rider as she abruptly turned and walked away, giving the slightly inebriated woman a good look at what was not currently warming her muscular thighs.

She shook her head with irritation as she stalked by the one she loved to hate. "Dammit Aria, when did knifing insects take the stage over a good public fuck?"


(Part 3) --

Rider grinned and watched hips under the tight black pants sway as the green-eyed beauty moved in her direction. Her eyes moved to the billowing white blouse that gave a tantalizing hint of the luscious breasts it barely concealed while forming a perfect V pointing to the ultimate treasure. The horse master licked her lips and fixed her hot gaze on a perfect revealing angle as Shasa leaned forward so close Rider could feel her hot breath on her face as she spoke.

"I wanted to come over here and get to know you a little better" Shasa fondled the leather vest in front of her with long fingers. "Maybe see what you're made of," her fingers slid up to a darkly tanned chest and lingered. "But," her luscious lips turned to a pout, "I had planned to sit my tight ass on your hard thighs," she smirked, "or my hot cunt on your hard cock, if you were equipped." The slut pulled back and straightened herself, "But this posture just won't do for such pleasures..."

Rider's grog haze was burning off quickly. This was the best reprimand she'd ever gotten for putting her boots up on the table. Hmm. Just like when she trains horses ... give them something positive to do to distract them from doing the wrong thing. She could think of lots of positive things she'd like to do with this one.

Shasa fought the urge to kick the chair out from under Rider as she abruptly turned and walked away, giving the slightly inebriated woman a good look at what was not currently warming her muscular thighs.

Rider's grin widened as her boots hit the floor. It took only a few long strides to put her in the lady's path as Shasa turned to growl something at Aria.

Not noticing Rider's quick change of location, Shasa turned from Aria to step straight into a wall of flesh and bounce back a step.

Rider tilted her head in amusement and reached for the lady's hand.

"Forgive my rudeness at not properly introducing myself. I am Rider. And I'm at your service." She bowed, bringing the hot hand to her lips. "I'd like to personally welcome you to our little Bed and Breakfast," she smiled. Hell, breakfast, lunch, dinner. This was quite a tasty looking snack standing before her.

"May I offer you a seat..." Her brown eyes burned into defiant emerald ones as she straightened to her full six feet of height, her hips thrusting slightly forward as she hooked her thumb in her belt and splayed long fingers across the significant bulge straining her leather breeches. “...and a glimpse of the menu?"


(Part 4) --

Shasa’s mouth twitched into a smirk at the many possibilities that instantly came to mind when Rider proclaimed to be at her service. She bit back her comments, though, as the warrior’s subsequent words of welcome were so gallant – and Shasa had been pretty hard on her, after all. Rider’s next proposal of a seat and a thrusting glimpse of her menu, changed Shasa’s mind.

She openly eyed Riders offering, obviously assessing whether or not she’d find it sufficient. She took her time – these things are important, after all. Finally, she looked Rider in the eye, closed the small distance between them, and made sure she was clearly understood. “I’m a very hungry woman, Rider. I’m a little concerned that you’re not up to satisfying my various appetites.” She stroked the bulging leathers and smiled. “But you do have an entrée that I like very much. We’ll have to see what else you can serve up in a pinch.”

She turned around, maintaining her full body press against the horse master. Her shapely ass registered the welcome intrusion, and she found herself closing her eyes briefly to enjoy the sensation. Rider’s hands automatically moved to her hips, and she pressed into the slutty sailor.

Shasa’s own hands betrayed her, grabbing the calloused hands of the warrior’s and moving them to her breasts. Her head fell back against a strong shoulder. “You may seat me now, and I’m ready to plunge right in to the menu.” She threw Rider a wicked glance over her shoulder. “And it’d better be at least an eight course meal, horse master – to honor your conquered spider.”


(An Aside (written by Oisin/Astral) --

”As Emissary for Lord Embarr of Erin it is my sworn duty to deliver onto you Oisin Warrior Bard of Erin an epistle from you Sister and Lord stating that on this the tenth day of…oo’er…who’s that?”

Oisin looked over her shoulder to see who had caught Astrals eye. Several yards away The Stable Master was wandering by.


“Oh yes, most definitely.”

“Put yer wand back in yer pants! I mean that’s Rider, the Stable Master here at the Lodge.”

“Oh, indeed. And who’s she talking to now?”

Oisin looked again, “Shasa Jin.”

“Mmm, sounds like a cocktail. I could down one of those…” her eyes scanned Shasa from head to toe.

Oisin turned back to her a little surprised.

“Have you a tab at the bar?” suddenly Astral was pushing past her, all official thoughts abandoned for the moment. “Well you do now.”

Knocking back three martinis in a row and all on her tab Oisin scowled as Astral ordered a fourth before turning to her. “So, aren’t ya gonna introduce me to your friends?”

Sighing Oisin could see there was finally no avoiding it. “Friends and fellow Lodgers,” she announced to the floorboards in general, “Let me introduce Astral Projector an old school ‘friend’, Emissary to my sister Lord Embarr, and apprentice to the High Wizard Fergus of Fingal.”

She got a sharp nudge in the back, “Sorry that’s Fingal of Fergus.” She finished glumly.

"Astral, you say?" Rider raised an eyebrow and assessed the attractive young wizard apprentice. "I can offer you a seat if you are tired of standing," the horse master offered, sitting and patting her lap.

“If you’ve stolen my dinner, I’ll be really pissed! And you don't want me pissed.” she growled, glowering darkly at the newcomer.

"I suspect you might be all flirt but no dessert. I've yet to see what you can cook up." She purred at the exotic sailor, her lips parting in anticipation, eyes shining like wealth.

Turning to Rider she smiled seductively, "I'm prepared to form an orderly queue, darlin'. But lunch hour doesn't last forever, so get to it." she indicated Shasa with a dismissive nod of her head, "I hear there's a floor show with dinner."

“Okay, that does it!”  Shasa barked, rolling up her sleeves, ready to deck the bitch.

Four sheets to the wind and four martinis to the tab Astral slid off the barstool at the first sign of the sailors bared forearms.

"Bring it on Salty Sam!" she growled.

"Now just a mo…" Oisin tried to interject; Astral pushed the Bard out of the way with the heel of her palm on the chin.

"Shaddup little o before I turn you into a rabbit turd."

"Okey dokey" Oisin was happy to step back.


(Part 5) --

Rider licked her lips and grinned before stepping in between the glowering sexy sailor and the bewitching wizard apprentice.

"Ladies, please. There's more than enough of me to go around."

Shasa rolled her eyes, "Oh, please!" she growled as she pushed her way around the human barrier. "At this point, it's hardly about you!"

Astral stepped back, but Rider moved behind to wrap muscled arms around the trim sailor.

Sputtering her outrage, Shasa struggled against the restraint, but Rider held on tighter. She found her face buried in silky, sweet-smelling tresses as she grappled to keep a hold on the deceptively strong sailor. In the struggle, Rider's hand accidentally slipped inside the open-to-the-navel blouse and her strong forearm brushed against hard nipples.

Rider suddenly became acutely aware of Shasa's shapely ass rubbing against her groin, and she groaned as all the heat in her body headed south. She grunted as sharp elbow nailed her in the ribs for the second time, accompanied by colorful swearing (that in spite of stereotypes did not make Shasa blush) and the highly irritated demand of, "leggo you overgrown jockey!"

Take her! The Beast howled in Rider's head. It had been scenting and prowling quietly under the surface, intrigued by this slutty sailor. But it had been unnaturally quiet until now. It was as if… well, as if the Beast LIKED the slut.

A third, harder elbow to the ribs brought a snarl from Rider.

She threw the smaller woman several feet to land against the log-sided wall. Two lightning quick tosses and Shasa found herself pinned with razor sharp stars - arms outstretched - by her own billowing sleeves.

Startled emerald eyes stared at hungry amber eyes - gleaming like those of a big cat caught in a reflecting light. "What the hell?" Shasa thought angrily, before registering the lust she saw suddenly inches before her. Knocking Astral into the heavens was instantly forgotten as her energies refocused on the tantalizing animal before her.

Hot breath panted against her throat as Shasa found her lower body pinned against the wall by muscled thighs and hard hips. Her hips automatically began to move, massaging a hard bulge against her aching cunt. "God's yes!" Shasa groaned into Rider's ear.

A hot tongue licked at her neck before sharp teeth nipped at her shoulder. She struggled to kick out, the fight being part of her favorite dance, but strong hands held her thighs against the wall as the tongue licked lower, lower, between bared breasts. White teeth found and bit hard on a rosy nipple.


(Part 6) --

Shasa arched into the contact as best as she could under restraint.  She growled in desire, her hips thrusting out in need.

“Fuck me,” she said below her breath to Rider’s ears alone, respectfully remembering they were not alone. “Or am I wrong about you?”

Golden eyes glanced up long enough for Shasa’s to launch her planned taunt. “You able to take someone like me, or are you just a little pussy pretending to be a ferocious jungle cat?”

The eyes paled to yellow around dilating pupils and a frightening rumbling began from deep within Rider's broad chest.  Shasa’s smirk slowly faded, as she saw an unnatural change overtake the horse master. It wasn't the look of a warrior in a haze of lust – it was like Rider was no longer there at all. Something else looked back at her.  For the first time in a long time, the slut was actually scared.

Lightening quick, Rider drew a 10” blade and held it perfectly still before Shasa’s eyes. She felt her orbs widening, and she began to struggle with genuine desire to escape. “Rider, hold on, that’s a really fucking long knife, and –”

The Beast cocked its head; the scent of fear enflamed the pulsing between its legs. “Rider’s no longer in control, slut.” The hoarse, harsh voice chilled Shasa to the very bone.

The Beast whipped the knife out of her eyesight, and, a moment later, she felt the cold steel slide between her skin and her very tight leather pants. “Oh Gods!” she sucked in her breath desperately as she felt the blade turn and slice cleanly through the leather.  A swift gasp and the knife was embedded deeply into the wood mere inches from her head.

A scream fought for its release from the slut’s mouth, yet somewhere deeper she refused to yield to the panic.  Shasa pulled hard against the wall, ripping her shirt as she once again gained the use of her arms. The Beast was shredding the tattered leathers to gain better access, and Shasa began beating on the hard shoulders holding her captive, pushing them slightly away from the wall.

Shasa froze when white, sharp teeth snapped near her jugular. She should have been terrified when the Beast leaned back and a slow feral smile played across the handsome face. But the slut saw the briefest glimpse of something she recognized.  It wasn’t Rider – the horse master was still mysteriously absent – it was raw lust.  This was a dangerous creature, no doubt, but there was something animalistic they shared in common. Shasa was amazed to find herself returning that same smile.

She felt hard teeth dig into her bare shoulder and a rush of welcoming pain. She heard her own voice betraying her readiness as she yelled out.  Her head fell back against the wall, and her hands grabbed Rider’s hair, as she gasped through the burning waves. The Beast had slammed the sailor forcefully down upon a huge cock and ripped her back with claw-like nails.

Just when Shasa felt her senses returning to her, the Beast shoved her back against the wall, and she cried out once again. Shasa whimpered and bit her lips closed as her fresh slices rubbed cruelly against the rough wood, in time with the driving thrusts of her captor. The slut knew she must open herself and welcome the pain, or she risked losing consciousness. She wrapped long legs around Rider’s tight backside and pulled the cock deeply inside her. Shasa could feel the muscles rippling with each thrust as her hands moved from Rider’s hair to encircle the strong torso of the horse master, pulling them together tightly.

The sharp teeth sank this time deeply into her neck, and the Beast pounded her mercilessly into the rough wall.  She felt her hips accept the rhythm, and the hurt began to transform within her.  She felt the blood flowing both down her back and neck, and the hot liquid juices flowing from her cunt.  The Beast licked the blood greedily, as an animal might as they tasted their kill.  She groaned loudly, as pleasure began to make itself known.  Her pleasure seemed to fuel her captor, as if the animal within was overwhelmed with the scents of blood and sex.

Shasa felt more than heard the Beast howling its triumph.

“Come on,” the slut heard herself begging into a close ear, “fuck me harder.”  Her eyes closed as her wish was granted with ferocity. Her lips remained at Rider’s ear, even as her entire body was banging hard against the wall. “Hurt me, fucking hurt me, you beautiful Beast!” she whispered urgently.

Shasa fought to hold onto the mounting pleasure, but when she felt Rider's body convulse and the Beast sink its teeth into her tender breast, her orgasm swarmed over her. Every muscle in her body contracted into a massive spasm, stealing her breath.  Her mouth gaped open in a silent scream.


(Part 7) --

Shasa gasped, sucking in a lungful of breath as her orgasm ebbed and her clinched muscles began to relax.  Her senses began to return, and her back burned where the flesh had been rubbed raw against the rough wood of the hard wall. The bite marks on her shoulder, throat and breast throbbed, and she realized her limp body was still pinned by Rider's unnaturally heated flesh. Her hungry pussy throbbed around the thick cock still stretching it, but her thighs - still spread wide by the press of Rider's hips - began to shake with painful cramps.

Shasa squirmed to disengage and relieve her discomfort, but the panting breath that warmed her ear turned to a rumbling growl, punctuated by the cock ramming home again.

OK. That was clearly an order to remain still.  Thing is, Shasa isn't really good at taking orders.

She grabbed a handful of hair and yanked Rider's head back to stare at the amber eyes of the Beast. It licked Shasa's blood from its lips and raised an inquiring eyebrow in a gesture that was all Rider.

Shasa smirked. Oh, how she liked this one!  She unconsciously bit her lip in anticipation of her next move. "It's been lovely, dear, but you can let me down now.  We're done here," she said, pushing against the broad chest.  Her hand quite innocently landed on still hard nipples.

The Beast responded with a leering grin and a hoarse laugh.

Shasa moaned with a curious mixture of relief and disappointment as the cock was quickly withdrawn and she could straightened her cramping legs. But her feet had barely touched the floor when the room suddenly twirled and found herself bent over a nearby table, her cheek pressed against the polished wood and a heavy weight squeezing the breath from her.

Extreme heat hit her tender back, and she arched as a wet tongue lit fire to the fresh cuts.  She sucked in her breath sharply at the intensity.  The Beast licked the last of the fresh blood from her lips.

Her assailant couldn’t see the emerald eyes dance, or the curving grin of the slut’s luscious lips. A large hand slipped between her buttocks and the slim hips that undulated against them; long fingers stroked through the abundant juices to find her hardening clit. Shasa’s eyes closed as a wave of pleasure washed over her, her head lolled lightly.

"Your mouth says you are finished, but your sopping cunt begs for more," the Beast growled.

Liberally coated by her arousal, the fingers moved upward and began to massage her second most sensitive orifice. Shasa grunted at the sharp pain as the fingers probed inward, stretching her. First one, then two. She concentrated on relaxing and the slow rhythm of the thrusting digits quickly turned from pain to pleasure.

“Gods, yes!  Please fuck me!” Shasa begged without shame. The low grunts sounding in her ear with each thrust had her clit throbbing once again. She could feel the juices dripping down her thighs, and she moaned long and loud as her cunt was suddenly filled again with the thick cock.

Shasa loved an audience. Her arousal had been fueled earlier by knowing her display had them shifting on their feet to relieve the pulsing and growing dampness between their legs. But now, her awareness of those watching faded.

There was nothing but the burning hot body leaning over hers, the hard nipples caressing her raw back with each thrust, the long fingers and thick cock pumping in and out of her, ramming her, stretching her, stroking her.  She met each thrust with eagerness, pushing back hard to maximize her filling. Pleasure exploded in such color and brilliant lights behind her closed eyelids that she feared she would faint before she reached the climax her body sought.

The thrusts came harder, soft grunts now a sharp staccato in her ear. "Come for me slut," the hoarse voice commanded. "Come for me now!"

A second hand reached around and pulled at her swollen clit, throwing her over the precipice of orgasm as teeth closed and held onto the back of her neck.

Shasa's scream was joined by a triumphant howl that rang out and filled the great hall of the lodge.

She must have blacked out, because the next thing she was conscious of was slow withdrawal from her orifices and Rider's cooling cheek resting against the middle of her sweaty back. After a long moment, Shasa thought her suitor had fallen asleep. But she felt Rider finally stir and take a deep breath before uttering a single, descriptive word.


Shasa laughed lightly, her body trembling from the overload of sensations. “Indeed,” she burred. She gratefully allowed herself to be pulled upright and into strong waiting arms. Shasa looked into beautiful eyes, Riders own distinct brown orbs, and smiled seductively. “You’ve moved to the top of my dance card, stud.”  Her own emerald winked at the horse master, as she whispered her next question. “Am I to be rewarded with a bit of privacy with you?  I want to thank you properly for satisfying me so completely.”

Rider’s smile was answer enough.


(Part 8) --

Shasa always got exactly what she wanted from the attending staff at the Lodge. It had been challenging to find a suitable replacement for the now absent Tris, but she found an excellent wench by the name of Lily that had seemed to understand her particular needs and desires.

Rider opened the heavy door of the slut’s room, and they were greeted by a welcoming blast of heat.  A roaring fire had been going for at least a candlemark, and was currently piled high with fresh logs. Rider secured the door and walked to the fire to examine the oddity she saw instantly.

Small nooks were cut into the stone of the fireplace, creating smooth cup-like pockets. Perfumed oils filled the various cups, warmed but not hot. Steam emanated from the sunken tub, which lay perpendicular to the hearth.  “Nice,” Rider nodded in approval.

She turned back to Shasa, to find the slut still naked, leaning against the door, watching her every move with great interest.  She smiled.  She liked naked. She herself liked being naked.

“You didn’t get dressed before we left the Great Hall,“ she needlessly pointed out.

“Not much reason to put on shredded clothing,” Shasa interrupted and moved with the sinuous grace of a panther, as she slowly approached her prize.

"Yeah, well, sorry about that," Rider grinned. She wasn't really sorry.

Shasa, unconcerned, shrugged. “Besides, I’ve nothing to hide – you’ll find I’m quite shameless.”  Her curves melded easily into Riders, as she pressed their bodies together.

Rider cupped a shapely ass with one hand and moved to take her first taste of the slut’s lips.  Shasa pushed away, taking Rider’s hand and pulling her slightly. She had a request first, “Come bathe with me – please?”

Rider stood tall and passive, studying the woman before her while the sailor slowly and carefully removed the horse masters vest.  The red, curly mane was completely disheveled, yet made her all the more appealing.  Her breasts were full, and now gloriously marked with the Beast’s teeth; nipples small and taut.

Rider’s hungry eyes followed downward over the soft round of belly to sex saturated curls, then over to the delicious curves of hips. The deft hands of the sailor were now making quick time with Rider’s leathers. She stopped respectfully when they were loosened, waiting to see if the horse master tensed – a sure sign that a warrior preferred to take over. Sensing nothing, she continued slowly.

Reaching in, Shasa looked up into Rider’s eyes knowing that the horse master's trained eyes would see the flare of nostrils and the quickening breath. “You’re very well equipped, you know.” she whispered, “And better still, you know what to do with it.” The slut licked her lips, and found herself staring with desire at Rider’s lower lip. “The least I can do is clean up after myself.”

Shasa slid silently to her knees, loosing Rider’s member quickly. She smiled with appreciation as she saw just what she had enjoyed downstairs.  Without hesitation, she filled her mouth with the thick shaft, still covered with sticky juices.

Rider's eyes narrowed. God, she loved shameless women. But they should be careful what they ask for.

Rider’s feet spread slightly as she reached down to tangle the long fingers of strong hands in Shasa's mane, urging her head forward.  Shasa struggled to breathe around the large cock, but Rider’s hands did not release her.  Hips thrust forward and held, eliciting involuntary cries of panic.

The slut opened her throat and held back the need to gag; she took the cock deep, tears flowing from her eyes.  Rider was master -- of horses and women -- pushing hard enough for the slut to know who was in command but watching her face carefully so that the spirit wasn't damaged.  The slut whimpered, and desperate eyes pleaded, but she continued to submit.

Finally, Rider slowly pulled back, leaving the tip at gasping lips. Shasa sucked in air, shaking as she fell forward slightly and braced herself on two iron thighs. With a quick motion, the cock and harness fell to the floor between Shasa’s knees.

Still on her knees, Shasa's eyes followed as Rider smoothed her own hand down her rippled abdomen, pausing to tug slightly at the jeweled stud piercing her naval. Her long fingers moved slowly lower to part the soaked dark blond curls.

"Suck me," she commanded.


(Part 9) --

The slut hardly had time to lick her lips when a firm hand to the back of her head plunged her face into the dripping curls. Because Rider was one of those women who had no trouble producing lubricant, Shasa found herself greedily swallowing as she licked and still the hot juices dripped down her cheeks and off her chin.

Rider tightened her grip on Shasa's hair.  The sailor had an unusually long, talented tongue. Her muscled thighs began to tremble, and Rider thrust her hips against the hot, full mouth in a steady rhythm.

Rider groaned out her pleasure as she felt her climax building.  "Oh, yeah.  Eat me good, baby."

Shasa slowly raised a hand to Rider's streaming entrance and tentatively probed.  "Yes!" Rider groaned, widening her stance. "Inside. Stroke me inside."

Shasa inserted two long fingers and began to stroke.  Rider groaned loudly again and pressed Shasa's face so tightly against her wet crotch that the slut could no longer breathe. She knew she had to end this quick or she would pass out from lack of oxygen. Shasa rubbed hard against the rough spot she instinctively found inside and felt Rider's thighs tighten into rocks. Rider's hips thrust so hard against Shasa's face, she feared her nose would be broken against the hard pelvic bone.

A long suffocating moment later and a loud grunt that sounded like a power-lifter hefting a huge weight, the hand at the back of her head eased up and the rock-hard thighs began to relax.

"Damn, you're good," Rider whispered almost too low for Shasa to hear.

Pleased with herself, a retort had barely began to form in her mind when she felt herself snatched up and flung over a broad shoulder.  The bare, creamy white bottom next to her tanned cheek was more than Rider could resist.

"Hey!" the sailor yelled in annoyed surprise when the stinging red handprint on her bum registered with her stunned brain.

Rider laughed heartily, striding forward and dumping her prize unceremoniously in the large tub of steaming water.  Sputtering, Shasa had barely surfaced when Rider plunged in on top and pinned her.  Talented fingers found the sailor's sensitive ribs.  Shasa struggled to get free from the tickling digits, both swearing and laughing at the same time until she had swallowed enough water that she began to choke.

Rider relented and sat back, still pinning the lithe form under her. "You know what?" she grinned, her eyes dancing.  "I think I like you. You want to know why I like you?"

Shasa raised an eyebrow and coughed more water from her lungs. She stared at Rider. This woman was an enigma.  One moment a Beast, another moment a Warrior Top, and the next a big playful kid.

"Do tell. (cough) I'm holding my breath in anticipation," she said with more than a small dose of sarcasm.

Rider leaned forward until their noses were almost touching.  She stared into Shasa's emerald eyes, and her voice dropped to a low, sexy octave.

"I love a woman who isn't ashamed to put her ass in the air..." Shasa's head nearly plunged under the water again as her legs were jerked up so that her heels rested next to Rider's ears. "...or her legs on my shoulders and beg for what she wants."

Shasa shivered, clutching the sides of the tub to keep her head above water. She could feel Rider's naval stud rubbing against her pussy. Her clit was still hard from her earlier oral excursion.

Rider's eyes narrowed and her grin turned into a leer.

"I'll bet a slut like you has a really good toy box," she purred, her eyes already searching the room around them.

The tidal wave nearly drowned her again and Shasa suddenly found herself alone in tub while a naked, dripping Rider moved from chest to cabinet, pulling out drawers and ransacking shelves. Shasa frowned. Her playmate obviously suffered from attention deficit. Problem was, Shasa's sexual needs were suffering from a little deficit of attention, too.

"Eureka!" Rider exclaimed when she finally squatted next to the four-posted bed and dragged forth a large, low chest and began to rummage through it.

"Yo! That's my private stuff!" Shasa growled. She stood in the tub and turned to find a towel. Her hand had barely touched the soft fabric when everything went dark.

"Nice blindfold you had in your little toy box," Rider purred in Shasa's ear. Shasa pushed Rider away with her shoulder and groped for the side of the tub to step over it. As soon as she was on dry land, she reached up to tear the blindfold off.

But strong hands trapped both her wrists, holding them away from her face.

"Uh, uh, uh, my pretty one.  Take the blindfold off and I'll leave right now."

Shasa thought it over. Well, maybe she'd play along. She hadn't been disappointed yet.

Shasa obediently lowered her hands as Rider's grip on them relaxed.  The towel was taken from her hand and its soft surface rubbed briskly all over her body. Then it was gone.

She heard rummaging again in the chest. Then a low chuckle.

"My, my. Shasa jin is a very, very bad girl," Rider purred. "Very bad."

Rider slipped on the strange paper thin leather gloves that covered only her middle fingers and snapped around her wrists.  She used her thumbs to test the small button in the palm of each glove. Satisfied at the low buzz she heard from each metallic fingertip, she returned to the box for the rest.

Shasa listened, but she couldn't make out what was happening. She could hear Rider muttering to herself. The anticipation had her clit throbbing and her hand crept down to slowly rub at the ache. The relief at finally having that itch scratched consumed Shasa's attention so that she no longer was straining to keep track of Rider with her ears.

That's why she screamed when rough hands reached around her, grabbed her full breasts and began to massage.

"Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?" Rider growled in her ear. "You've been a very bad girl."  Shasa screamed again as the cold, metallic tips of Rider's middle fingers pressed against her hardened nipples and electricity jolted through her, right down to her groin.  She could swear there must be sparks shooting from her throbbing clit. 

She gasped, her hands flying up to cover Rider's gloved ones as the reverberations washed through her jerking body.

Rider's hot body pressed against her back as the fingers, minus their shocking affect, still massaged her breasts. Her clit pounded now with arousal.

"Interesting little gloves you have here, Shasa," Rider purred in her ear. "Makes me wonder about finding other interesting places to put my fingers. But, another time. I have other surprises for you."

Shasa whimpered, her body still trembling. Rider's warmth was suddenly gone. She felt her hand taken into Rider's now gloveless one and she let herself be led across the room. She was pushed face down onto the bed, her arms spread outward and softly furred cuffs buckled around her wrists to restrain her. Her ankles were left free.

She waited several long tense moments, straining to detect any telling sound, smell or motion that would locate her seductress.  But Rider made no sound.

She hissed as she felt very warm scented oil - obviously taken from one of the wells in the hearth - drizzled down her back and between her butt cheeks.  She began to relax as strong hands massaged the oil into her skin. She sighed as the hands worked her shoulders. She squirmed as they stroked down her rather ticklish flanks. But she froze when they spread her ass cheeks and dipped in to stroke her sensitive parts. Her hips involuntarily moved with the stroking, pressing back for more.

Then the hands were gone.

"I'm going to remove your blindfold, but I want you to keep your eyes closed. Do not talk," Rider said softly in her ear.  "Peek or speak, and I will leave you here alone the rest of the night to think about your disobedience. Do you understand?"

Shasa opened her mouth to answer, then clamped it shut and scrunched her eyes tightly closed.  She felt Rider remove the blindfold.

"Good." Rider said, her low voice calm and even. "Now open your eyes."

Shasa opened her eyes to find she was facing the foot of the bed. Her arms were held fast by furred leather cuffs attached to the posts of the footboard. Rider stood before her, naked except for a soft leather harness buckled around her slim hips. Her hands were moving smoothly up and down the thick shaft of a dark dildo that glistened with the same scented oil still dripping between Shasa's legs. 

"I've got a treat for you, Shasa."  The slut was mesmerized by the husky voice and the constant stroking of Rider's hand up and down, up and down the impressive cock. "I want to fuck you with my cock, Shasa."  Her eyes followed as Rider poured more oil into her hand and resumed stroking, up and down, up and down. "I want to stretch you wide and fuck you hard."

Shasa whimpered, biting her lip to keep her promise of silence although she ached to give voice to her arousal.

"But I'm not going to just fuck your pussy," Rider crooned.

The riding master reached quickly to the nearby table and Shasa's eyes widened as she watched a second, only slightly smaller dildo snap into place above the first prosthesis.

"I'm going to fill you completely and give you the ride of your life," Rider promised.

The second dildo glistened as it, too, was oiled by long, sure fingers.  Shasa clinched her thighs together, the pounding of her clit was so fierce. A thin rivulet of sweat trickled down her temple and she licked her lips at the prospect before her.

"Would you like that, Shasa?" Rider asked softly. "Would you like me to fuck your pussy and your ass at the same time?"

Yes! Oh, yes! Dazed, Shasa opened her mouth to plead.

"No talking!" Rider commanded. "Show me what you desire."

Normally, Rider would expect confusion or even embarrassment to delay a response.  But there was no hesitation in Shasa.

Quickly pulling her knees up under herself, the slut raised her ass high and spread her knees while her bindings kept her shoulders and face flush against the bed's quilt. Rider chuckled as she again tied the blindfold into place.  Shasa felt the bed dip with Rider's weight. She dripped and throbbed in anticipation of penetration. But nothing happened.

Her butt wiggled in her excitement.  Christ!  She was going to come without being touched if Rider didn't do something quick. She couldn't decide what was the bigger turn on:  The Beast's "slam-bam-thank you, ma'am" or Rider's slow as molasses seduction.

She jerked as she felt the hot tongue lap at her clit, swirl around her cunt, then rim her tightly puckered anus before probing inward.  Then the tongue was gone.

Large hands gripped her hips and she concentrated on relaxing as she felt the dual cocks pressing into her in one slow smooth stroke.  She grunted as they filled her completely and stopped, giving her body time to adjust to the multiple invasion.

Rider's hips began to slowly pump, drawing the dildos nearly out, then filling her dripping pussy and tight ass again. Shasa pressed back to encourage Rider to move faster. But this warrior was a master rider and never let her mount set the pace.

Just when Shasa was about to scream in frustration, Rider began to pick up the pace, stroking harder and faster, in and out. They moved together in that instinctual rhythm, Rider's pants of hot breath accented by Shasa's sharp, high pitched grunts and the slap of wet flesh against wet flesh. 

They were close now. Rider could feel her own orgasm gathering in her groin as the sailor tensed under her. She leaned her tall body over the sailor and rubbed hard nipples against the still slick back. Shasa felt the hands leave her hips and envelop her swaying breasts. She teetered on the edge of ecstasy when she felt the cold metal on her sensitive nipples. The jolt tore through her, rocketing her to a screaming orgasm.

When she returned to awareness, the blindfold and cuffs were gone but there was a drum beating somewhere.  Her cooling body was cuddled against Rider's warm one, her head resting against a soft breast and the covers pulled up to her shoulders. The drum was Rider's heart still thumping from exertion.

"Ah, Back with me, huh, sailor." Rider chuckled softly. "That sure was some cruise ... one I'd buy a ticket for any day."

Shasa yawned and settled more comfortably against Rider's side. Her arms and legs felt too heavy to move and her eyes were sliding closed.

"Anytime you are up for the ride, stud," she mumbled.


The End - 'Horseplay' - by Rider & Shasa

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