Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Welcome Home

by Rider
August 2007


Rider leaned back against the bar and let her eyes roam the great room of the lodge. The contented smile at being back home suddenly grew to a broad grin.

Elsbeth! When had Lady Elsbeth returned? Rider drank in the sight of her. The flames of the lodge fireplace danced across the soft highlights of Elsbeth’s shining auburn tresses and along her trim form. The Lady was laughing with several other women. She loved Elsbeth’s lilting laughter. Rider didn’t think she had been noticed yet, so she turned quickly and bounded out of the lodge toward the stables.

Rider’s mind was racing as fast as her feet, when she slammed into something warm but unmoving that her bounced back onto her ass. Rider shook herself and looked up to see … what the hell … a big, white butt?

Geez. Sometimes having you for a mistress can be so embarrassing. For goddess sakes, pick yourself up before someone sees you.

Wind Walker turned and stared down at the horse master.

“I knew I should have had your arrogant hide cut up into baseballs long ago,” Rider grumbled, slapping the dust from her leather breeches as she got to her feet.

Yeah, yeah. I guess you don’t want these, then. The stallion tossed his head in the direction of a perfect bouquet of wild flowers.

“Aw, I didn’t know you cared enough to give me flowers.”

They’re not for you, you thick-headed warrior. They are for Lady Elsbeth. I saw her mare in the stable and knew you would want to go courting right away.

Rider scooped up the bouquet, grimacing at the horse slobber dripping off the stems. “Thanks, buddy. You know how much Elsbeth loves flowers.”

Yeah, well, if you are sniffing after her, you won’t be bothering me for a ride. I’ve got a few mares to catch up to myself. The stallion turned with a flick of his tail and headed toward the stables, before throwing one last thought over his shoulder. Try to last longer than a teen-age boy. I’ve got a whole herd to service while you fumble with one woman.

Rider grinned after her trusted steed. Her sisters probably would think her a little daft if they realized her horse was probably her best buddy.


Elsbeth was politely explaining to one of the new lodge members that she had been away, having her lovely eyes adjusted when strong, tanned arms wrapped around her slim shoulders from behind and held a beautiful bouquet of yellow and purple wild flowers under her nose.

“Why these are so lovely!" She cocked her head and tapped her chin with her finger. "I wonder who knew I had been missing the beautiful flowers that grow wild around this lodge?” In truth, the hard body pressed against hers from behind had a very familiar feel, leaving no doubt as to her suitor. But Elsbeth felt like playing a little.

The smile spread slowly as Elsbeth made a show of inhaling the wonderful scent of the wildflowers.

“They smell lovely … “ she sniffed again. “But there is some peculiar smell, too. It’s familiar, but I can’t seem to place it …” she sniffed again. “It’s rather strong and sort of like …” She wrinkled her delicate nose. “Amazons and horses …”

Elsbeth reached behind her and dug her fingernails sharply into the leather-clad hip pressing against her skirts. She closed her eyes and leaned back in the hard warmth at her back when a cougar-like cough warmed her ear. “Oh, how I’ve missed you, darling.”

A hot tongue licked the length of her elegant neck and amber eyes flashed when the nails dug deeper into the hard buttock.

“You are a feast for our hungry mouth,” The Beast growled hoarsely into her ear, latching onto the nape of her neck and biting down.

Elsbeth turned in Rider’s arms, reaching up to cup the sculpted cheeks in her hands and kissing the horse master until a scarlet blush rose crept up the tall woman’s neck and illuminated her ears. When Elsbeth drew back, the eyes that opened and stared into hers were again a velvet brown.

“You did miss me,” Rider teased.

“Of course I did.” Elsbeth said, smiling up at Rider.

“Dine with me in my room?” Rider asked with that patented cocky grin. "I can offer you your favorite -- strawberries and sweet cream ... and me.” Rider leaned closer to give Elsbeth’s ear a playful nip. “I intend, of course, just to dine on you,” she whispered.

Elsbeth laughed, waving one of the lodge maids over. She gave the girl instructions for their dinner, then paused to consider her suitor who was still wearing the dust of her journey and the smell of the Amazon stables.

“Also, please have a hot bath drawn in the bathing room for my dusty friend here.”

Rider’s eyes danced. “A little communal bathing before hand? I’m warning you now, we may never get around to dinner.” She reached for Elsbeth, intending to pull her close and share a little sweat and dirt.

“Not for me, dear.” Elsbeth stayed Rider’s advance with a single, firm finger pushed into the broad chest. “I don’t think there would be enough room in the tub for me, you and the large piece of Amazonia real estate you seem to be wearing.”

Rider laughed and grabbed Elsbeth anyway, twirling them both around. She loved women like Elsbeth who enjoyed the power play of the courting dance. It made the moment they both knew they working toward -- Elsbeth’s ultimate surrender -- all the sweeter.


The young serving maid knocked softly at the door, then crept into the bathing chamber, under the pretense of delivering a fresh towel to the bathing Rider.

“Come!” Rider commanded, splashing happily and making seal-like sounds as she scrubbed away the dirt.

The maid giggled as she laid the thick towel on the table near the tub.

The playful Rider’s lack of modesty and sculpted physique made her a favorite among the serving maids. The girl’s towel joined a stack of similar towels left one by one over the past 20 minutes, each delivery girl sneaking surreptitious looks. Rider rarely disappointed, feigning an innocent request for each-- a quick scrub of some spot she couldn't reach on her back, a quick look to tell if a scratch on the back of her thigh may be infected, an opinion on whether a mark on her hip was a mole or a birthmark. Rider's game was to send each away blushing more scarlet than the previous one.

Enjoying a particularly good mood tonight, Rider decided to give this latest girl something to tell the others.

Water sluiced from her lean muscled form as she stood abruptly and shook herself like a dog. She grinned and held out her hand when the girl giggled again.

“A towel, wench, or I’ll use your tongue to dry myself,” Rider commanded cheerfully. Her demand produced plush towel and another giggle. Rider turned her back and made a show if flexing as she reached to dry her back. She paused at the maid’s small groan, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“On the other hand, maybe a warm tongue would be better than this rough rag!”

She spun toward the startled maid and slowly stalked toward her to give the giggling girl a chance to gather her senses and dodge beyond Rider's grasp. Moving to pursue, Rider was brought up short when the bathing room door abruptly swung wide.

Elsbeth stood with her arms crossed over her chest, tapping her foot.

The blushing maid mumbled something neither of them understood as she quickly slipped past Elsbeth and disappeared down the hall.

Elsbeth’s eyes traveled over Rider’s still naked body, glinting at the left pierced nipple and the taut abdomen.

“Still toying with the hired help, I see,” Elsbeth frowned.

Rider knew Elsbeth wasn’t really angry. There was a special bond between them, no doubt. Rider would lay down her life to protect Elsbeth. But neither wanted nor had promised an exclusive relationship.

“Just warming up for the real thing,” Rider teased.

She began a slow stalk in Elsbeth’s direction. The Lady waited until Rider was inches away and whirled just out the horse master’s reach.

She slashed out with long nails as she moved past, raking deep scratches across the rock hard gluteus maximus she was thinking would be nice to sink her teeth into later.

Elsbeth’s absence had been months long. She was a lady who knows what she wants, and what she hungered for tonight was not Rider’s gentle love-making. She wanted the passion, the heat of Rider’s Beast.

Rider turned, eyes glowing as she slowly ran a hand over her backside and stared at droplets of blood on her fingers.

She calls me! The Beast howled in Rider’s head.

The two women stood frozen -- one clothed, one naked -- gazes locked. Their eyes were saying everything their lips did not voice.

The invitation -- no, demand -- had been made. Only Elsbeth ever dared call up and command The Beast.

Rider’s eyes flicked to the medallion Elsbeth still wore on a slender gold necklace. The Beast’s own mark, it would protect Elsbeth from any real damage. Rider lowered her eyes, drawing her bloody fingers to her mouth. Their reunion would be as Elsbeth desired.

When the eyes raised again, they glowed amber and hot. The Beast licked at the fingers, savoring the blood on its tongue.

Both moved at once, their bodies colliding, mouths hot and demanding as The Beast ravaged Elsbeth's sweet lips and Elsbeth dug her nails into the broad shoulders.

But the Lady wasn't ready to surrender just yet. She grabbed Rider's ear and twisted to pull the The Beast's mouth from hers.

"Not here. I have prepared your room for us," she said.

Still naked, The Beast threw Elsbeth over a muscled shoulder and stalked down the hallway. It was quickly approaching the point where requests -- except for a commanding 'no' -- would no longer be honored.

The door slamming behind them, The Beast lowered Elsbeth to her feet. The Lady did not flinch or look away when the yellow eyes bore into her hazel ones. Powerful hands grabbed her dress at the neckline, rending it to expose the soft, white flesh that lay underneath.

At the sight of Elsbeth's creamy breasts flush with desire, the tall figure hesitated and eyes began to darken.

"No," Elsbeth commanded. There would be time for Rider later. Elsbeth reached down to run her fingers through her own juices, and rubbed her arousal across Rider's small breasts. A delicate pink tongue then snaked out to taste herself on the hardening nipples.

The eyes glowed hot again and a deafening howl shook the windows as The Beast grabbed Elsbeth and threw her face down on the wide bed. It fell upon her, licking and biting her shoulders and neck, and reaching under her to squeeze her swollen breasts.

Elsbeth moaned at the hard weight undulating against her back, pressing into her hips, spreading her legs with a rough knee. "Yes! Show me you are worthy to claim me," she demanded, pushing her buttocks against the hot center that was painting The Beast's arousal along the back of her thighs.

She sucked in a breath as she felt the heat of body above hers leave, then groaned her approval when she felt sharp teeth sink into her ass. A rough hand dipped into her wetness and swirled it around her swollen sex.

"Elsbeth," a hoarse voice purred in her ear. "You will be mine tonight"

She pushed back to open wider when she felt the long fingers plunge into her womb -- first two, then three, and finally adding a fourth. Her body hummed as she was stretched while a second hand massaged her breast, pulling and pinching the rosy nipple.

"More, I want more," she demanded breathlessly.

The thumb quickly tucked, Lady Elsbeth gasped at the pain of the broad fist ramming through her tight opening. But the pain slowly turned to pleasure as her muscles tightened around the thick wrist and they settled into that primal dance. The hand massaging her breast found its way to clit, squeezing and rubbing in time with hand that pumped into her.

The back of her thigh was slick where The Beast rode out its passion as it claimed her. The guttural grunts in her ear were growing louder as she felt her own climax approaching and she reached up to grab and pull hard on a handful of blond hair brushing against her shoulder. When the muscles of her womb began to contract with the first waves of her climax, sharp teeth sunk deep into her shoulder.

The scream of her release was echoed by an unearthly howl as the body pressed into hers also stiffened and convulsed.

They lay panting, their sweat slicked bodies still locked together until Elsbeth squirmed a bit at the discomfort of the hand still invading her and the weight that was now crushing the breath from her lungs.

Sated, The Beast retreated. Rider stirred and slowly extracted her hand as painlessly as possible, then gathered Elsbeth in her arms with a contented sigh.

"Happy Birthday, El," Rider whispered.


The End - 'Welcome Home' - by Rider

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