Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Healing

by Trisha & Rider
August 2007


Trisha knocked on Rider's door, and entered at the call. "Rider. Wanted to ask you for help...With a horse."

"The new mare?"


Rider thought a moment. The animal was big, strong, and seemed to not like people. And she out and out feared dogs. Trisha had been taking good care of her, but the fear of others hadn't lessened. Trisha had ridden her once or twice but only for short stretches.

"Tell me about this mare."

"It was about five years ago. I was out hunting with the wolf pack that raised me. We had passed a farm and I saw her for the first time then. We by passed the farm, and I marked the spot. After I ate from the kill, I changed and came back." Trisha groped for words, not quite sure how to explain what it was. She met the woman's eyes. Her total incomprehension showed. "He was hitting her, trying to get her to do something, I think. I intervened and he attacked me. I changed, and he ran away. But Dancer's Pride, she stayed. Even nosed me. When I changed back, I went to pet her, and she shied away from my touch. I brought her home. Worked with her."


"I...It's stupid. But I turned her out into the paddock. I hoped she wasn't injured badly, but she moved well. Like a healthy animal, not prey. I came every day, and sat beside the fence. Then I sat on the fence. And every day she grazed a bit closer to me. then I started sitting on her side of the fence. For hours. Not moving, just being there. I don't think it was the right way to go about it, but eventually she got curious to come to me. I waited a few more days, then stood. And waited for her to come to me again. Then I began walking around the pasture. She followed me. Finally she allowed me to touch her. And then stroke her. When I could touch her all over without her being afraid of me, I groomed her. And worked my way up until I could ride her."

"How long."

"Five seasons...Ummm...A bit more than a year."


"I got a horse that trusted me implicitly and would let no one else near her. Especially men. I would like to prevent that this time. I don't care how long it takes. I thought if I had a partner this time, and you said you were good with horses..."


(Rider) --

Rider had noticed since the mare had arrived that she was withdrawn and always on guard. She heard nothing but silence from her. Also, Wind Walker had confirmed when released into the pasture, Dancer clung to the edges of the herd, but shied away from the other horses attempts to get to know her.

The tall horse master scratched her chin. This wouldn't be too difficult. It just required patience, and that didn't seem to be a problem for Trisha. Rider hated to see the spirit of any noble equine damaged. In fact, she took it kind of personal. She always thought she must have been a horse in one of her previous lives.

She flashed her most reassuring smile at the attractive young woman asking for help.

"Well, Trisha, I don't think this will be too difficult. We'll just need time and a bit if help."

Relief flooded the young woman's face. "That's really great," she said. "I just, well, I know what it's like to live in fear and I don't want Dancer to have to live with that for the rest of her life."

Rider wrapped a strong arm around Trisha's slender shoulders. She was surprised to feel the young shape-shifter tense, then force herself to relax. Seems the mare wasn't the only one who could use a little help from a gentle hand.

"Let's go see your horse, shall we?"

The huge dog that followed them to the stable sat obediently by the barn entrance at Trisha's order. "Dancer is really afraid of dogs," Trisha explained when Rider raised an eyebrow.

"OK. We'll work on that, too, when we get past the basics."

Rider and Trisha spent the next weeks working with Dancer together to get the horse accustomed to someone other than just Trisha. Rider had Trisha hold Dancer while Rider groomed her with a soft brush. Rider encouraged Trisha to tell her more about herself and to talk about her friends at the lodge so that Dancer began to relax at the sound of human voices, not tense up. After the first week, Rider would return to Dancer's stall alone for a while in the evening and read from one of Gabrielle's stories. The mare was tense and defensive the first time she settled her stool in the corner of the stall and began the novel, but she soon relaxed and even seemed to enjoy the company.

After a few weeks, Rider asked a few of the sisters to help by taking turns sitting in Dancer's stall at night and reading a chapter or two. Astral read from one of her magic books, and ended up -- much to the delight of the horses -- accidentally creating a bucket that produced a never-ending supply of carrots no matter how many were eaten. Klancy read some riveting tales of her sea travels; Allie gleefully read old news accounts of Martha Stewart's crimes and incarceration. Shasa, of course, selected a steamy piece from the lodge archives. That reading was cut short when Rider couldn't stand it any more and abducted the sailor for a roll in the hay.

Rider also enlisted the help of the other horses, asking them to take turns grazing at Dancer's side in the pasture so that she was never alone. It was only a few short weeks when Dancer finally accepted their company and moved with them as they drifted across the pasture in search of choice clumps of grass. She seemed to gravitate toward Rider's mare, Song of the Wind.

Rider showed Trisha how to work Dancer in the round pen, pushing the mare to move along the fence in the direction her handler wished, then turn to face and move toward her handler when she stopped. The method was to chase the horse around the pen, then back off until the animal began to crave the trainer's touch so much it would follow where ever she walked.

It wasn't difficult to get Dancer to give in to Trisha, but it took a bit longer for her to do the same for Rider. Before long, the horse was obediently following each of the women around the pen.

Like her mistress, obedience wasn't going to be a problem. But what Rider wanted was to awaken the spirit and confidence of both horse and the very quiet Trisha.

The mare, indeed, began to respond to the constant, gentle company. Rider' s heart soared when she looked up one day to see Song and Dancer in a playful race across the pasture. Now, if she could just perform the same miracle with Trisha.


Trisha watched Dancer play, a quiet smile playing around her lips. She had pulled herself out of bed late today. She hadn't been in the mood for cooking or much of anything really. It was a perfect day to spend some time running as the cat. But for now she was content to watch Dancer play. The woman had worked miracles with her horse. It was good to see her enjoying life again.

She watched the horse come trotting up to her, and nuzzle her looking for treats. Trisha laughed, and pulled a small rose out of her pocket, wrapped in a kerchief for the horse. Dander took it, chomping the treat gratefully.

Why her horse thought rose bushes were like apple trees, Trisha had no clue. But she did keep in mind that the horse loved to eat the roses. Mostly for keeping her away from them so the ones who kept up the bushes would not be angry, but occasionally for special treat.

The horse moved a tiny bit, just a slight lifting of her front hooves off the ground. Trisha remembered the invitation for them to run together then and smiled. Looking around, satisfied she had some privacy, she shucked out of her clothes, and changed into the large black panther that was her second form.

Dancer squealed in delight and took off. Trisha tore after her. As they chased each other around the pasture until both were tired, Trisha really, truly relaxed for the first time in a long time. A low peal of laughter froze her and she looked around.

Rider sat, munching on an apple, holding Trisha's clothes in her free hand. Dancer wheeled, done with the game, to rejoin her herd mates. Trisha bounded over to Rider, and pounced on her, knocking her to the ground. She gave her long, sandpapery lick from chin to forehead, then picked up her clothes in her mouth to head to the stables to change back into clothes, laughter gleaming in her eyes.

Trisha changed, started to dress, and stopped midway through. She had her shirt, her divided skirt, her bra, but where were….

"Looking for something? Say, oh, a pair of underwear? I do like the dancing rabbits by the way." Rider held up Trisha's underwear with a wicked grin. Trisha felt a flush heat her cheeks, and started to shuffle away but unintentionally her eyes caught Rider's brown ones. The humor there caught her. Slowly, the blush eased into a smile.

With a boldness she usually only showed around Serdae, she gently took the undies from Rider, and disappeared to put them on. She came back, giving her a shy, questioning glance.


Rider smiled at the bold streak in the young woman as she retrieved her panties with a smile. She found the whole shape shifter thing -- moving from attractive, shy maiden to sleek, powerful cat and back again -- totally sexy.

She didn't want to master this one as others had. Rider wanted to invite her. The horse master's relationship to animals was as a friend, more than it was owner. And where women were concerned, Rider was definitely a top, but not a dom. She saw women as playmates, not subs. The best playmates, in Rider's estimation, were the ones who weren't afraid to express themselves -- whether it was subtle flirting or wanton lifting of a sexy ass in the air, begging to be taken. She saw a flash of what she desired when the big cat had pinned her to the ground before retrieving her clothes.

When Trisha returned, clothed, Rider licked her lips. What she wanted was to lay a gentle kiss on sweet lips, remove those panties once more and taste every inch of that lithe little body. But this one looked to be skittish.

When Trisha returned and looked up with shy, questioning eyes, Rider couldn't resist. She reached to caress the girl's soft cheek, moving to cup her small chin and turn the lovely face up to her own. She hesitated as she ducked her head to taste of the beckoning lips, giving the shape-shifter a chance to pull away. Instead, she felt the chin lift toward her and the long lashes flutter shut in anticipation.

Softly, Rider's lips caressed Trisha's. The small mouth opened under hers and Rider dove in, her tongue lathing the inside of the warm mouth. Trisha tasted of honey, thick and sweet.

Trisha's heart pounded. She read Rider's warm brown eyes quietly. The desire startled her as always. Briefly she remembered the Judge. In a lot of ways she was the dominating woman's but she was free to do as she wished. And she wished to do this.

As Rider pulled back, the shape-shifter dropped to her knees and offered up a collar. Rider was confused.

"You want me to wear a dog collar?" she asked, eyebrows disappearing under her shaggy blond locks. "I don't think ..."

Trisha smiled. "No, horse master. I wish ..." The girl blushed crimson, and the words wouldn't come out of her mouth.

Rider's expression softened. "Tell me what you wish, Trisha."

The girl ducked her head a spoke to the floor. "I wish to do your will."

"What I want," Rider said carefully, "is for you to tell me what you want. Not what you think I want you to say."

Trisha looked up, an expression of uncertain wonder on her face.

Rider pulled Trisha back to her feet and brought their faces close together again. She began to circle Trisha, letting her eyes travel over the slim shoulders and really cut ass. She paused behind Trisha to lean close a whisper into the delicate ear. "Tell me, Trisha. What is it that you wish?"

Trisha could feel the heat of the muscular body behind her. The warm breath on her neck sent chills down her arms and lit a fire between her legs.

Hesitantly, she answered. "I wish more than a kiss."

Rider didn't move. "What's the collar for?"

"I, well, sometimes I have trouble maintaining my human form when ... uh, you know."

Rider smiled and trailed a long finger down Trisha's arm, caressing the slender neck with her lips. "That's OK. I've been meaning to get a new barn cat," she murmured between kisses.

Trisha scowled and soundly thumped Rider in the ribs with her elbow. But Rider just laughed and grabbed the girl, tumbling them to the rug. "You'll pay for that, you little vixen." Her fingers found Trisha's sides and tickled until tears of laughter leaked from the young woman's eyes.

Rider pulled them up so they were on their knees, facing one another. She leaned in to capture those tasty lips while her fingers made quick work of Trisha's buttons and tossed her blouse aside. Rider's hands and tongue explored the delicate ears, slender neck, elegant collarbone and lingered on the tight, young breasts. Her tongue caressed each hard nipple as she lowered Trisha back to the floor and nipped at the soft abdomen while sliding the split skirt off. She paused to take a long look at the exquisitely naked body beneath her.

Trisha opened her mouth to speak, but thought again and closed it without saying anything.

"Tell me," Rider encouraged.

"I wish … I wish to feel you, too."

Rider spread her arms in invitation and smiled when Trisha reached up to release the laces on Rider's vest. The small hands lingered over the muscled shoulders, then trailed down to Rider's small breasts. Rider placed her large hands over the smaller, softer ones to encourage a firmer touch as Trisha flicked her thumbs over the hardening nipples. Trisha smiled and massaged harder, drawing a soft moan from the horse master's lips. Rider stood abruptly and shucked her leather pants with urgent hands. She knelt between Trisha's bare legs and pushed the young woman back down to the rug.

Rider groaned as warm skin met warm skin. Trisha locked her legs behind Rider's hard thighs, her hips undulating to coat Rider's taut abs with her arousal. Their mouths dueled as they rocked together.

Rider slipped a hand between their bodies, delving into Trisha's soft folds, seeking her entrance, and then plunging two long fingers inside. Trisha moaned as Rider used every bit of her strength to remain hovering over Trisha while she reached back quickly with the hand she had been leaning on and encouraged Trisha to move her legs upward around Rider's waist, opening herself further to Rider's explorations. Rider withdrew her fingers, now coated with Trisha's lubricant and probed the lower, less welcoming entrance. She massaged gently until she slipped one, then two fingers into the reluctant rectum.

Trisha's eyes lightened, then gleamed with the glint of a predator cat as Rider's finger glided in and out. The soft tongue that was teasing Rider's nipples now felt like sandpaper. When Rider plunged her thumb into Trisha's hot warmth to fill her both front and back, Trisha's eyeteeth began to elongate into fangs. Rider shuddered and grunted as her own arousal rocketed, and she shoved her own aching clit against the back of her hand, her pumping hips adding impact with each stroke.

The rug burned Trisha's shoulders as Rider's probing fingers rammed into her, driving waves of pleasure through her. She struggled to hold her shape, as passion consumed her thoughts and her body.

Rider knew she couldn't hold back her own orgasm much longer, so she shifted her fingers and Trisha's eyes widened. She sunk sharp fangs into Rider's shoulder and raked cat claws across Rider's back as they climaxed together.

Trisha's hands, teeth and eyes reverted to human again as they lay panting together. She felt a warm stickiness as she stroked Rider's sweaty back and stared at the blood she found coating her fingers.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she said, pushing Rider off of her. She jumped up and ran to collect some clean gauze and healing salve. Rider lay quietly on her stomach as Trisha gently tended the punctures in her shoulder and the deep claw marks across her back. But when she felt hot tears splashing onto her skin, she sat up and turned to Trisha.

"No," she crooned. "It's not a big deal. I think your cat half is incredibly sexy." Arousal shot through her again as her mind replayed the last few minutes of their coupling. She reached up to dry Trisha's tears, and grinned.

"You aren't the first, you know. I wear the marks of my women proudly," she said, pulling Trisha's hand up to rest it on the "A" scar on her chest. Trisha delicately traced the letter.

"What does the letter stand for?" she asked.

Rider's eyes twinkled. "Depends on who you ask. Arrogant Asshole to the dimwitted men in the village. Absolutely Amazing to the sweet women who share my bed," Rider replied with a cocky grin.

This drew the laughter Rider had hoped for, as well as a swat on her arm.

"There is something you can do to make the scratches up to me," Rider said, calculating how such a small woman could morph into such a large cat.

Trisha grew serious again. "Anything. Tell me what you wish," she said, using Rider's own words.

Oisin whistled and sang a new ditty she was working on as she strolled out to the stables to check on Porky.

"She was a lusty barroom wench,
her eyes the color of summer grass."

(humming a few still blank stanzas)

"Her legs were on my shoulders
as my fingers pumped her ."

Oisin stopped abruptly at the door to the stables. Loud groans were coming from Rider's office. Was her mentor sick or hurt? Oisin looked around at the deserted paddocks. It was up to her to save Rider.

She dashed to the door, but hesitated as Rider's voice filtered through.

"Oh, goddess, oh. Yeah, right there. Harder. Over to the right a little. Oh, goddess, yes! Don't stop!"

Oisin grinned. Sounds like Rider is getting a bit of her own medicine. Won't this make quite a song. But she needed to know who had the brawny Rider begging.

Oisin stepped forward and threw the door open, expecting to catch the swaggering horse master in a submissive position.

Instead, what she saw was a very naked Rider stretched out on the rug with the paws of a huge black panther kneading muffins on the horse master's lower back.

The cat blinked at the surprised bard, and Rider looked back over her shoulder.

"Hi O," Rider grinned at Oisin's shocked expression. "Did I tell you I got a new barn cat?" she grinned. "She's a great masseuse after you've been tossing bales of hay."

The cat slapped a big paw down on Rider's bare ass cheek in response.

"Ow," Rider protested. "Watch the claws, sweetie."

Trisha gave the chuffing noise that was her laugh while in cat form, unbelievably relaxed, and free. It felt good to be with this woman, the feel her relaxing under her paws, and above all to know she had given her happiness.

She nuzzled the spot to ease the fact she had accidentally used her claws , then finished as Oisin left. Shifting to human form and curling up around Rider felt easy and natural to her. She sighed, relaxing the rest of the way into sleep.


The End - 'The Healing' - by Trisha & Rider

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