Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Night of the Beast

by Rider & Aria
August 2007


The trip had been light-hearted and successful.

Rider had happened upon and purchased several fine mares she wanted to add to Wind Walker's stable. This was fortunate, because -- unknown to Rider -- their destination was a village of master shoe cobblers and they needed the extra horses to haul back the one hundred pairs of slippers, boots and sandals Aria had procured.

They rode with Aria in the lead, the pack mares in tow. Rider brought up the rear -- to protect their backs, she told Aria. To make sure none of her shoes dropped out of the packs, Aria corrected her. Who's watching for shoes? Rider grinned, her eyes glued to Aria's backside swaying with the movement of her steed.

Dusk was threatening. They'd have to stop and make camp soon. Rider smiled to herself. Only one more night on the trail, and they'd be home -- soft beds, warm women and cold ale. Hmm. Who would she have a taste for when she gets home? Sizzling hot Shasa? 'That was more than tempting. Or maybe she'd put a little magic in her life and pay Astral a visit. Rider chuckled. She actually thought Jasper should give Astral a try. That would be an interesting match, and really get Oisin's shorts in a knot. And then there was always the one so close to her heart -- Elsbeth.

So many women, so little time.

Wind Walker's little hop jarred Rider from her musings. Wake up, Romeo. Someone's trailing us, Wind Walker warned.

Rider listened, but heard little other than the wind in the trees. Still, she didn't question Wind Walker's superior senses.

"Aria, take a right at that small trail up ahead. There is a clearing near some cliffs there. It will be a good place to camp," she called out.

Aria nodded and led the mares off the main trail. In just a short time, they emerged into a sandy clearing, bordered on two sides by steep cliffs. Many travelers obviously had used the location in the past. A ring of stones awaited a fresh fire and two tall stumps next the cliffs still had a rope stretched between them to tie off horses for the night.

As they began unpacking their bedrolls and dinner rations, Rider moved close to Aria. "Someone has been following us for a while," she said in a low voice.

Aria glanced discreetly about. "How many?" she asked quietly. She slipped a few daggers into her boots as she squatted to unroll her blanket.

"Six or eight. Hard to tell."

They made their camp, finished a light dinner and settled in to wait for their stalkers just as the moon began to rise.

Aria watched as Rider grew agitated and began to pace around the campsite. The Beast was restless, lured by the glare of the nearly full moon and the promise of battle.

Suddenly Rider stopped, her eyes paled to the eerie yellow of a jungle cat. The Beast sniffed at the air, a deep growl rolling from its chest. They were here.

The Beast would battle them head on. Aria, being the assassin she is, slipped quietly into the woods to dispatch as many as possible in her own manner.

The men emerged from the woods - four of them. They made no pretense they were there for anything other than to kill, then rob.

The Beast smiled, the long Bowie in its left hand and a razor sharp throwing star in the right.

"Get'em!" The largest man yelled, and the other three surged forward. A flick of the wrist and steel star spun through the air, embedding in the eyeball of the man on the right. The Bowie sank to the hilt in the belly of the man on the left and the Beast yanked it upward, spilling his guts onto the ground. It howled its excitement - a blood-curdling scream that echoed against the cliffs.

The third man was upon the Beast before it could withdraw the Bowie, only to meet his end as Rider's dagger slashed across his neck.

"That was my brother," the big man screamed.

The Beast dropped the dagger and turned to face the man's fury barehanded. The big man rushed forward like a bull, wrapped thick arms around Rider's ribs and began to squeeze. "I'm going to kill you slow so that you can hear each bone break," the man growled, his fetid breathe hot on Rider's face.

Rider's ribs shifted as they were compressed, and her spine grew numb. But the Beast only smiled, eyes glowing bright. Before the first rib could crack, the Beast bared white teeth and sunk them into the man's grimy neck and hung on. Strong jaws worked, crushing the windpipe closed and suffocating its prey. The man's hold tightened quickly, but the Beast only growled and clamped down harder. The robber's grip weakened as he gasped for breath. His arms began to desperately flail, trying to push the Beast off. But the Beast only shook its head like a dog finishing off a small prey. A bloody gurgle signaled the man's last breath and his body slumped to the ground.

The moonlight that illuminated the macabre scene was hot and burning, like the brand on Rider's shoulder. Glowing, yellow eyes surveyed the scene. The Bowie was pulled from the ravaged belly of its unfortunate victim, and blood ran down the Beast's chin as it licked the blade clean. Then the tall figure slipped into the woods.

Aria moved silently. She had slit the throats of three as they hid in the woods, waiting for their cohorts to distract the two women they had been stalking so they could slip in and steal the horses and pilfer their purchases. She saw a fourth - holding his eye and moaning - make his way back to his horse and speed away.

A quick round to make sure there were no others, and she stepped into the campsite. There were pools of blood, but no bodies. Where was Rider? The new horses still stood tied and the packs filled with shoes nearby. She probably went to wash up in the creek. Aria looked down at her skirts. Damn, there was a day when she would slit a dozen throats without getting a speck of blood on her. She had better head to the creek, too.

Aria peeled off her clothes, stepped into the water and screamed when she felt a hand tangle in her hair and yank her head back hard. A muscled arm wrapped around her, pinning her arms and naked body against hot, burning flesh.

"Aaa-riiiii-aaah " the hoarse voice hissed in her ear.

Aria froze, both uncertainty and exhilaration feeding the adrenalin that was pulsing through her. She could smell the metallic tang of the blood covering her stalker. She could feel the hot breath caressing her neck.

She bit back a whimper as long cruel fingers twisted her nipple painfully and sharp teeth sunk into the muscle at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. A hot tongue licked at the blood brought forth by the teeth. Hard hips rammed against her bare buttocks while the muscled arm held her into place, the hand still tangled in her hair pulling free to reach down and administer an excruciating pinch to her instantly diamond hard clitoris.

"Mine," the Beast growled, lifting the assassin's petite frame easily and throwing her onto a large flat rock at the water's edge. Landing on her back, Aria reflexively tried to scuttle away, but a quick hand grabbed her ankle and jerked. The rough surface claimed a layer of the soft skin of her backside before the weight of her assailant crushed her against the hard surface. She held her breath as glowing yellow eyes bore into hers.

The Beast licked chapped lips and sniffed to test the scent of the prize trapped in its grasp.

"Aaa-riiiii-aaah my skilled assassin. I smell the foul blood of unfortunate victims on your hands. I smell a cunt that drips from the pleasure of the stalk and kill." Her wrist was grasped in a vise-like hold while an eager tongue lathed her delicate fingers then moved to her chest, lapping between her breasts and down her soft belly. She bit back a moan as the tongue moved lower, her breath hitching when the head rose from its task and hard eyes captured hers again.

While her body responded, Aria's thoughts raced back to the Warrior Judge and tug the tall red-head was beginning to have on her heart. Sensing Aria's hesitation, the Beast's cruel grip tightened.

"Your taunting is over," it growled. "Tonight you will be claimed. You want that, don't you, Aaa-riiiii-aaah."

But Aria didn't have time to respond. She gasped as long, hard fingers stretched her open and plunged inside without prelude. In control of its victim but losing control itself, the Beast humped against its own arm as two, three and four fingers repeatedly disappeared into Aria's dripping cunt. The Beast howled and Aria screamed as the thumb tucked and the big hand forced its way into the hot glove of her womanhood. Hard teeth nipped at her breasts and the granite beneath her tore at her shoulders as the ramming fist rocked her body.

She vaguely recognized that it was her own screams joining the Beast's howls as an exquisite pleasure born from her pain rolled through her belly, shot through her tortured cunt and curled her toes. Then there was blessed darkness.

When awareness crept slowly back, it was only her assassin training that kept her motionless and relaxed. As she mentally took stock, she realized she was tied, upright and spread-eagle between two slender trees. When she opened her eyes only a subtle fraction to further assess her situation, it took every ounce of her training to keep her breath even.

Rider -- no, the Beast -- paced naked around a campfire, mumbling expletives in an ancient tongue and seemingly unmindful of Aria's presence. The flickering flames and burning moonlight illuminated mysterious hieroglyphs that were painted in blood across the broad chest and down the muscled arms and legs. The heart of the fire licked at sharp blades resting in its edges.

Aria's mind raced. This situation had progressed way past the thrill of domination and a little rough sex. She eyed the heating knives and subtly tested the ropes that bound her. No, this didn't look good at all.

The Beast suddenly stopped its pacing, white-knuckled fists clinched at its sides and turned a blood-covered face to howl up at the red moon commanding it. Yellow eyes dropped to its prey, white teeth displayed in what was more a grimace than a smile.

More mumbling in that foreign tongue and the Beast squatted to pick up the short bull whip that had been once hanging on Rider's belt.

Aria met the malevolence eyes with her own hard gaze. "Release me," she commanded with the dignity of a queen.

The Beast tilted its head in amusement. "Not until you, my bitch, are marked as mine," came the hoarse reply.

The whip unfurled and whistled through the air. The stinging tip licked at her breasts, marking them with red welts. She clamped her teeth together to hold back the scream that tore at her throat. But she could not stop the bellow of outrage when the cruel leather flicked lower to cut at the ravaged tissue between her spread legs. Eyes blazing, she strained against her bindings. But they held fast.

The whip dropped at Aria's feet and the Beast moved back to the fire to retrieve a small bowl of blood that had been warming there. Ignoring Aria's continued struggle against the ropes, the Beast chanted in that ancient tongue and dipped a long finger into the bowl of blood. Aria stilled as an uncharacteristic soft touch began to paint her chest, belly and legs -- the hieroglyphs mirrored the ones on Rider's body.

When finished, the Beast emptied the remaining blood into the fire and extracted a glowing dagger. Her eyes fixed on the blade, Aria tried again to compress her hands small enough to slip from her bindings. They held tight as the Beast stopped and stood rigid, only a foot separating them.

"You, assassin, call to me. Your eyes feed me; your scent tortures me." The yellow eyes were both hungry and angry at the same time. "Tonight I claim you. I will be marked as yours and you as mine."

An acid retort died on Aria's lips as the knife flicked upward and carved into the smooth skin.

Fresh blood dripped down Rider's breast from the "A" quickly carved just beneath the collarbone.

In a lightning move, the Beast was behind her pressing against her raw back. Rough hands massaged her buttocks. "Mine," the Beast growled, dropping to lick and bite and spread the smooth ass.

Aria felt the stiff nipples again press against her back. The hard leather of the whip's hilt slid between her ass cheeks and pressed against her anus.

Tears began to well up as the beautiful eyes slammed shut. This violation wasn't something she was ready to give up. Only Sirius had been permitted this, and only after an unspoken commitment given not taken.

"No," she pleaded. "No, Rider. Not this."

"That weak horse dick isn't here!" the Beast spat into her ear.

The dry hilt began to press at the same time the hot point of the dagger caressed her clinched ass cheek.

"Feel my whip fill your ass while my knife marks you as mine."

A sob escaped as tears began to stream down Aria's cheeks. There was no escape this time. Rider had tried to warn her. It seemed oddly appropriate that a cloud moved to cover the angry moon, throwing them into darkness as black as the malevolent power that pressed harder against her. The dagger bit into her soft skin.

"Rider, please, baby, don't do this. I'm begging, help me," she sobbed. "Rider..."

The Beast stepped back and howled its fury. But without the moon to feed it, the howls weakened into hoarse grunts, then only Aria's sniffs and hitching breath broke the silence. She sagged against her bindings, exhausted and resigned to her fate.

But the bindings suddenly released and gentle hands massaged feeling back into her small wrists. She felt her weight lifted, then cool water enveloping her and feather-light touches bathing her raw skin.

She was pulled from her exhaustion when she felt a cooling salve gently applied to the swollen tissue between her legs, and she stared up at the handsome, tear-streaked face of her friend. Tears filled Aria's eyes, too. Not for her pain, but that of her friend.

"Aria, I'm I'm so sorry." Rider couldn't meet her eyes. She moved her fingers to tenderly spread the salve on the bite marking Aria's shoulder. She damned herself and the Beast. She was sure this friendship she held so dear was irreparably scarred.

Aria reached to dip her fingers in the salve jar and carefully paint the "A" carved into Rider's chest. Rider spread more salve across the welts swelling Aria's breasts.

Aria gently grasped Rider's chin and pulled the sorrowful gaze up to her own soft one.

"It's OK, baby. You were not too late. As always, my knight riding to my rescue."

Rider began to shake her head, but her disagreement died on her lips as Aria's hand slipped behind neck and pulled her into a soft kiss. Rider felt the smaller hand grasp her salve-covered one and press it between the assassin's legs.

"Please," sounded softly in her ear as Rider planted soft kisses across the ravaged breasts, then returned to again taste the full, rose-colored lips.

There was no misunderstanding. As was often the way among the sisters of the lodge, this intimacy was an expression, a confirmation of their fast friendship.

Their legs tangled and Rider moaned when she felt a slim thigh press against her mounting need. Her long fingers stroked slowly and gently as their tongues danced and their bodies moved together.

When Rider felt the tingling that signaled she could no longer hold back from that precipice and blessed release, she carefully slid one smooth finger inside and pressed against that spot that would send them over together.

It was not a screaming finish, but a gentle wave of pleasure that flowed through them and left them panting. Rider moved to flip them so that Aria's lighter weight rested comfortably on her own, providing a warm, living mattress between her friend and the hard ground. Rider gently pulled the soft blanket up to cover Aria's tender back against the night chill.

There were no more words to be spoken. They closed their eyes and slipped into a peaceful slumber, for both now knew the friendship forged was too strong for even the Beast to tear apart.


The End - 'Night of the Beast' - by Rider & Aria

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