Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Birthday Bath

by Rider & Shasa
August 2007


DISCLAIMERS: Xena, Gabrielle, et. al. belong to MCA/Universal/Renaissance. This is a not-for profit fan fiction. No copyright infringement is intended.

The knock at her door roused Rider from a dead sleep and - feeling safe in the security of the lodge - she rolled out of bed before her brain engaged and shuffled over to pull the door open.

"Yeah?" she muttered, as she leaned against the doorframe. She didn't see anyone at first, until she lowered her gaze and found Gabrielle's wide green eyes as she hesitantly cleared her throat. The bard took in the pillow-tossed dark blonde locks spilling across sleepy brown eyes … and six feet of all-but-naked warrior body. Not that she didn't see a naked warrior body every day, but this one wasn't her warrior. Her blue-eyed warrior, in fact, was leaning against the railing of the nearby stairway, smirking at Rider's pj's -- a black silk thong.

"I guess we woke you," Gabrielle said politely.

"Nah, I was just sleeping," Rider replied, absently scratching at the still healing "A" carved by The Beast into her upper breast. People say things that don't make sense when the sleep still hasn't cleared their brain.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes at Xena's amused snort before turning back to Rider.

"Well, Shasa requested that we let you know we are all meeting down stairs shortly for dinner."

Rider perked up at Shasa's name.

"She's OK, then? Not likely to bite me next time I see her?"

Gabrielle smiled. "Well, I can't guarantee she won't bite, but it won't be a vampire bite."

Rider smiled in relief. "Excellent. Save me a seat. I'll get cleaned up and meet you downstairs."

"Take your time," Gabrielle replied. "Shasa decided to hit the baths before she comes down, so you don't have to rush."

Rider's smile broadened to a grin at the mention of "Shasa" and "bath" -- translation "naked" -- in the same sentence.

"You know it is her birthday," Gabrielle added.

Rider's eyebrow arched and her grin turned up a kilowatt or two.

"Well, then I'll just have to dig out my red bow and wrap up the perfect present for her," Rider said, eyes sparkling.

She turned to her dresser and riffled through the top drawer, before holding up a red bow tie. "There it is!" She expertly tied the bow around her neck, and then flexed her shoulders in the mirror before grabbing her favorite super-thick towel and stepping out into the hallway.

"You better have a few drinks before ordering dinner. I don't want to rush the opening of her present, but we'll be down after a while," Rider winked as she sauntered past Gabrielle and saluted Xena who was shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

They watched Rider stroll toward the baths, happily humming the birthday song.

"Good thing I'm not starving," Xena smirked.


(Shasa) --

Shasa was extremely relieved to have received the news that she was indeed still mortal, and she felt grateful to her friends that saw her through the ordeal. As soon as Xena and Gabrielle had left her room, she grabbed her toothbrush and a towel. She stopped for only a moment to slip into a black silk robe that was barely long enough to cover her ass. Then she rushed out the door for the communal baths – her preferred place to freshen up.

No one was present when she arrived. “Probably all at dinner,” she thought as her stomach growled. She hung her towel on a hook, began filling a deep tub with hot water, lit a candle, and moved to the mirror. Her eyes widened at her disheveled appearance. “I look like crap!”

“Where to start?” she grumbled to herself. Though she knew the Warrior Princess had been teasing her about bad breath, she was vain enough to take immediate corrective action. It was at the end of this thorough scrubbing, that Rider burst through the door. Shasa looked up, startled at the abrupt entrance, to see a sight for sore eyes – a deliciously naked Rider, wrapped up in a red bow tie.

Rider’s smile disappeared instantly, replaced with fright.

Shasa’s wild hair wasn’t the problem; her emerald eyes, reddened and big as saucers weren’t the problem. It was the open, foaming mouth that Rider’s brown orbs were fixated on – especially when Shasa squealed and lunged for her.


(Rider) --

Rider's broad shoulders hit the wall as she back-pedaled, her eyes wide. Shasa hurled herself at her friend, pinning Rider's arms as she wrapped the horse master in a grateful hug and buried her face against Rider's neck. The strong heart thumping against hers and the warm, pumping jugular against her lips was a welcome reminder of the joy of life.

Rider's body froze at the sight of her apparently rabid friend, but her mind raced through a million thoughts. Every instinct told her to throw this foaming-at-the-mouth vampire across the room and fling a silver dagger to send its black soul to the pits of Hades. But her loyal heart hesitated; this was a valued friend and playmate.

The heart ruled -- at least for now and partly because her silver dagger was back in her room with her pants.

But that same heart sank a split second later as she felt the hot mouth latch onto her jugular. Yuk, was that vampire slobber dripping down her neck?

Rider grabbed a handful of the wild hair, yanked the blood-seeking mouth away from her neck and stared into bloodshot eyes.

She sniffed. Something wasn't right here. She sniffed again, and then frowned. Somehow she had always thought the breath of the living dead would be as fetid as their souls… she sniffed … not minty fresh!

Shasa swiped at her mouth with a towel and grinned up at Rider. Hmm, just straight, white teeth. No canines.

"I'm fine! Xena said I'm fine!" Shasa exclaimed.

But Rider wasn't rejoicing with her. Shasa was puzzled by the horse master's stricken look. Was that a slight trembling in Rider's hands? Then realization began to dawn.

"You thought …" Shasa pointed to her no-longer-foaming mouth, then to Rider's neck. "… You thought I was a vampire!"

A blush crept up Rider's neck and flushed her cheeks as Shasa began to laugh.

"You thought I was a vampire! You should have seen your face!"

Rider looked away, sheepish. "Did not," she muttered, at which Shasa laughed harder.

"Wait until I tell Aria. God, I wish she had seen that look on your face," Shasa chortled, dancing across the room toward the waiting bubble bath.

A few long strides and Rider scooped up the prancing slut and threw her into the tub, sloshing water and bubbles across the floor. Shasa, continued to laugh, managing to hook an arm around Rider's neck and pull her into the tub as well.

"You won't tell Aria anything."

"Yes, I will!"

They wrestled and tickled, both struggling to get a substantial hold on each other's slippery body.

"I'll, I'll … I'll even tell Oisin."

That did it. Rider managed to stand and pin the smaller woman against her chest as she stepped out of the tub. She promptly sat down in the nearby dressing chair, draped the struggling Shasa across her lap, and held her firmly in place.

"I think you need a little lesson about scaring me to death."

The short -- and now wet -- black silk robe clung to Shasa's skin. Rider flipped the hem up to uncover a perfectly sexy white ass. Shasa froze. She was caught between protesting the indignity of being on her belly across Rider's lap and enjoying the sudden heat that suffused her groin.

Rider rubbed her calloused hand across the soft buttocks.

"I don't believe I ever gave you the birthday spanking you have coming." A sharp crack sounded as Rider's hand slapped against the wet flesh. Shasa struggled a bit and cursed. Rider's hand came down two more times, then trailed a long finger across the red handprints. She shifted uneasily in the chair and grinned to herself. Damn, this was turning her on.

Ten quick, sharp slaps. "Now how old are you? Was it 30? More?"

Another stream of colorful curses filled the room, but Rider could feel the sailor's hips moving against her right leg while hardened nipples brushed against her left leg. She slid her hand between the two reddened cheeks, dipping deep into the heat until her fingers found proof of the sailor's desire.

The curses turned into moans as Rider dipped her fingers into Shasa's hot center and swirled them in the thick juices. She coated her thumb with the slick and pressed against the sensitive anus as she plunged her fingers deep into the welcoming womb. Shasa's moans grew louder as Rider's strokes deepened and picked up pace. Rider's thumb disappeared inside, too, as the sphincter relaxed and invited her in.

"Holy Goddess, you are one sexy woman," Rider hissed into Shasa's ear as her hand continued to work. Rider groaned as the sailor's hand found its way between the horse master's thighs and massaged her hard clit. She stroked harder and deeper into the sailor as she felt her own orgasm building. They moaned and groaned together.

A few more slaps across her sore cheeks ignited the primal pleasure that rolled through Shasa's body. It was the teeth that clamped down on Rider's thigh that also sent her over the edge.

They were both still panting and twitching from the aftershocks when Rider slowly withdrew her fingers and turned Shasa face up in her lap. They grinned at each other.

"Happy Birthday, sailor," Rider smiled.

Shasa smirked and rubbed her butt. "I'm not going to sit down for two days, you brute," she teased.

Rider peeled the wet robe from Shasa and dropped it on the floor. Then she gathered Shasa into her arms and stood.

"Then let me make it up to you." Rider stepped over to the tub and gently lowered her prize into the still warm water. "At your service, my lady," the horse master said. "Wash your back? Shampoo your hair for you? Paint your toenails?"

Shasa tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. Ha! She was willing to bet that Aria never had this muscled warrior willing to paint her toenails. She held up her bathing sponge.

"You can start with my back," she sweetly ordered.


The End - 'Birthday Bath' - by Rider & Shasa

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