Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Go Fish

by Oisin, Jasper, Ethne, & Siobhan
September 2006


(Jasper) --

As jasper approached the stables she readjusted the pack on her shoulder. This was a sad time for the Lodge and her residents. She felt ill equipped to be of much help. Reaching the stables she quietly entered not wanting to disturb the peaceful quiet of the day. Saddling ashes she led her friend into the sunlight where her cousin Oisin was waiting. As Oisin mounted Porky settling in the saddle ready for a long ride, jasper grasped ashes by the reins leading her away.

As they reached the top of the hill jasper looked back at the Lodge. In her heart she already missed the Lodge and it residents and she especially missed Mercy. Turning to look up at Oisin she smiled. Allowing a little happiness to enter her heart for they had been planning this fishing trip for days.

Continuing down the road Jasper let herself get lost in the mindless chatter of her cousin.


(Oisin) --

“This is verse twelve now cousin…tell me what you think compared to the last eleven...

Oisin the Mighty’s
Kites awful flighty…”

jaspers shoulders slumped even further. They had been on the road for three hours. If only she’d learnt to ride instead of walking like a chump she could have galloped away out of earshot, but Oh No, she preferred to walk ashes around like a dog. “Oisin the Mighty’s song’s really shitey” she muttered.

“Oi, I heard that assling!”

“Assling yerself, quit singing, even Porky’s ears are flattened to her head!”

“I’ll quit singing when you start riding. It’ll take us hours to get there at this rate!”

Another hour later and still on foot…

“I’m Oisin the Mah..hay..teeeeeee!! Okay, verse thirty seven coming up.”

“Oh merciful goddess look…the river! Now will you pleeeaasseee stop singing.”


(Jasper) --

Jasper had been listening to that damnable song for all the time she could stand. One more verse and Oisin would be Oisin the drowned.

As jasper got her pole ready she glanced over to see just what the almighty one was doing. And wouldn’t you know it Oisin had got her line caught in a tree limb and was frantically pulling on the pole trying in vain to get the hook unstuck from around a small branch.

Jasper just shook her head and proceeded to bait her hook. Casting out a good ways. She finally allowed the laugh she had be trying to hold in. “Ha,ha,ha. Who’s the assling now Oisin?” jasper said as she sat down on the bank.


(Oisin) --

A foul wind had snared Oisin’s line and rumpled her lovely dark hair into her deep green eyes so she couldn’t see her smartass cousin snickering, but she could hear the smartass comments. One last furious tug only succeeded in snapping the line.

“Well bollox to that!” thought Oisin as she threw the rod down on her pack and began to start a fire for whatever minnows jasper managed to beg out of the river. Soon the fire was burning merrily but no fish had arrived.

“What ya using for bait? Tequila worms? Hurry up I’m starving.”

“Well why don’t you go fishing for birds eggs like you were trying earlier?” jasper snickered back.

Oisin contented herself for the next twenty minutes throwing small sharp pebbles at her cousins backside as she fished. Finally jasper landed a medium sized carp, “Whoohoo! Over here, jas.” Oisin had her blade out and fish gutted in a blink. “I’m frying her in this wine.” The sizzle of freshly cooking fish filled the air and O walked down to the shore to wash the goop from her hands as jasper packed away her gear.

The sun was beginning to lower in the west. “Gonna be a cold night coz. Autumns coming, I can smell the sharpness in the air.” They both raised there heads and sniffed appreciatively at the spinning of the seasons.

“Well I can only smell burnt fish!” jasper turned in alarm, as usual she was too late the pan and it’s contents went whoosh.


(Jasper) --

Watching as the fish she so painstakingly caught burnt to a crisp. Jasper looked toward Oisin “ What is your mind still in stuck between some tarts legs?” Then she suggested that they go to this Inn she had heard about. Finding a log jasper used it to mount her steed praying that she wouldn’t fall off.

*About an hour or so Later*

As the duo approached the Inn the sun was making it’s final stand before descending for the night. Dismounting they tied the reins of their horses to the post out front. Making their way to the door jasper could feel the hair on the nape of her neck start to rise.

“Seems kinda quiet, you would think we would be hearing some kinda noise wouldn’t you think?” jasper looked over her shoulder at her cousin. As she opened the door jasper could hear a woman calling “ come in, come in, don’t be shy now.”

Grasping Oisin’s hand pulling her in behind her. Jasper stepped fully into the room. Looking around she could make out several beautiful but slightly strange looking women.


(Oisin) --

“Have you brought me to visit your side of the family?” Oisin muttered to jasper, who were these weirdo’s? Sallow cheeked and somewhat ephemeral they seemed to ghost across the floor, keeping to the outskirts away from the last remnants of day-glow that poured in along with the visitors. The inn was dank and smelled of sweet decay, damp or maybe just cat pee?

Oisin’s shrewd warrior senses and calculating mind were immediately animated, her sword hand casually drifted towards her side…except she‘d left her sword strapped to her saddle bag cos it made her bum look big. Then she saw the wine jug proffered by her hostess and suddenly all seemed right with the world. Ignoring her skittish cousin Oisin sailed across the bar and collected the refreshments and found a table by the fire. Which wasn’t really hard as the place was empty…and cold despite the burning logs in the grate.

Turning O saw jasper still lurking warily at the door, sighing she motioned her over “Come on and get some grog down you. We’ll order food in a moment. Hey! This stuff is good” Oisin gulped her wine appreciatively. “Kinda heavy and musky and smells odd, probably full of iron and other good stuff.” she pressed a glass onto jasper who sat ramrod straight glancing about her with trepidation. “Here, it’ll put hairs on your dingdong.”

“Relax, it’s getting too dark to travel. The wines good, the wenches are…well… getting sexier by the minute…“ Oisin squinted in the fading light. “…must be the fire glow.” she slurred, a strange occurrence for Oisin on barely half a cup of wine. “We’ll order supper, this place better have something good on the menu…something you can sink your teeth into.”


(Jasper) --

“yea, like us” muttered jasper as she watched her cousin proceed to empty the jug. “ Don’t you think you should slow down on that a little?” asked jasper. Thinking they haven’t ate since this afternoon.

She watched as Oisin started slightly swaying as if listening to a beat in her head. Chancing a look around jasper noticed several different women. It seemed as if they kind of glided across the floor. Getting closer an closer to their table.

Jasper did not like the feeling she was getting it seemed kind of creepy and it was weird that there were no other patrons in the tavern. So jasper leaned a little closer to Oisin and whispered “ I don’t like this place, I think we should just try heading back now.” Oisin looking at her like she was crazy stated slurring just a little “ B…but is dark alsready we’s might get lost.”


(Oisin) --

“S’all gone!” Oisin looked into the jug mystified, “Tiny little jug. Get more!” she lurched to her feet and patted jasper reassuringly on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, get more.”

By the third jug Oisin was trying to organise a disco with the exsanguinous wenches who now hovered anxiously close to the cousins. They seemed timorous yet strangely fixated. A very sober and sensible jasper was practically under the table, as twitchy as a rabbit in a pie factory. Oisin was trying to explain the Time Warp, but no matter how often she took a step to the right she could not focus her audience. They seemed more intent on her physical presence than on her actions. “It’s just my sexy pheromones, I’m a honey trap, a sugar cube, a treacle tart, I‘ve got molasses asses...” she thought through a happy haze.

“Com’on jas,” she shouted, “get up and show the girls your pelvic thrust!”

Oisin wandered over to the Innkeeper who had been watching all with a cold leery eye. “These wenches …can’t dance…need more…with oomph!” she managed to splutter with the help of very expressive hand movements.

The Innkeep stilled from her glass polishing and leaned across the counter, breathing out a sickly odour she questioned, “Well, my fine Warrior, and what exactly do you intend to do with this ‘oomph’ if you were to get it?”

“Dance…step to right…”

“And where will this ‘dance’ take place?”

“Here…bar…wine.” Oisin pointed at the floor where she stood/swayed.

“And what exactly is your coinage for this service?”

“mmm...mmm…” Oisin scrabbled through her empty fluffy pockets. Then she remembered jasper had her pack and wallet stashed by her chair. Jasper had all their money. She pointed a wavering finger towards her cousin…”jasper…” she managed to blurt out. “jasper…”


(Oisin) --

The cold eyes momentarily blazed.

“The Deal is Done.” the Innkeep announced and without breaking Oisin’s spinning gaze reached across the counter and rang a small pewter bell.

For such a small instrument it had a curiously loud discordant jangle, like a cracked church bell. The fire flared as if a massive draught had hit it, and simultaneously the temperature seemed to drop by another few degrees.

A loud thud drew jaspers sweating stare towards the inn door, several of the semi-spectral bar wenches hovered before the now barred portal. Their wraith-like movements becoming more agitated and agonized by the second. “What in Hades name has O gone and done now? They‘ve locked us in!” jasper fretted.

Somewhere deep inside Oisin’s own agonized and agitated mind the demi-goddess Clarity was attempting to scrabble to the surface of a deep, black swirling sea of drugged inebriation. “Something was wrong…something wasn’t right…step to the right…no, no…what’s happening…so cold…jas?” Oisin unknowingly attempted to commune with the deity.

Then suddenly with all the majesty of a surface to air missile Clarity exploded from the murky depths of Oisin’s addled thoughts just as the Innkeep announced, “The Mistress is coming.”


(Jasper) --

*Mistress, What Mistress* Jasper thought. What the hell is going on an what had Oisin done. Why were all the weirdo’s looking at Jasper as if she was the next thing to a good steak.

Suddenly Jasper saw before her the most beautiful woman even if she was a little scary looking. She turns to some of the others and point to Jasper saying “ bring that one.” Jasper frantically looks around for who she could mean as three of them move towards her. Pointing at her chest jasper manages to stutter “m…” as two of the women grab her by the upper arms and haul her to her feet.

As they start to move across the room towards a door Jasper had not noticed before. Struggling in vain to loosen their grip on her arms as they practically carried her..

Stopping in front of the door waiting for the Mistress. Jasper tries looking over her shoulder searching. Catching Oisins hazy eye’s she silently pleaded for her cousins help.

As the door was opened Jasper was led through into another room. Her mind was reeling she didn’t want to be separated from her cousin. Taking a deep breath she let loose “OOOOOiisssiinnnnnn,” screaming hoping it would jar her cousin into some type of action as the door was being shut behind her.


(Oisin) --


Oisin’s eyes widened as she heard the call…was that jasper?…was that alarm…was jasper in trouble?…OOOOOiisssiinnnnnn…it came again…overlaying the original call…only this time right beside her ear rather than echoing hollowly across the room. A melodious soft whisper wafting on seductively perfumed breath. “OOOOOiisssiinnnnnn.”

Oisin turned and found herself inches away from one of the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen, pale translucent skin threaded with a web of the finest blue veins, lips engorged, succulent and inviting, and eyes…eyes the colour of molten gold flecked with red. Oisin was thoroughly enchanted. The goddess Clarity crashed back down into the abyss and sunk without trace.

“OOOOOiisssiinnnnnn.” she turned and found another, a twin for the other, on her left side.

“Those eyes are the colour of Lady Mercy’s…when she’s bloodshot and angry with me. Ahh, the good old days!” Oisin thought sighing with a soft smile. “I like Mercy.” she said out loud in a dreamlike voice. Her companions smiled like oily snakes.

“There is no mercy in this house.” whispered one, “I am Sister Virginia, this is my companion Sister Ora. And you have purchased our services from our Mistress…we are yours O Mighty Warrior…until sunrise.”

Oisin’s ears tingled with the melody of the sonorous voice hissing exactly what she wanted to hear.

“Ah, sweet Sisters. And how may I, Oisin Warrior Bard of Erin assist you this fine evening? Perhaps something to drink? A little snack? Or merely one of my wonderful cuddlesome stories over by the fire.”

With a Sister linked to each arm Oisin escorted them towards the fireplace, shivering at the chill that pierced her very bones as she stood between her willowy companions. The sallow acolytes retreated to the furthest corners, cowering like whipped dogs before the wondrous Sisters, each perched on Oisin’s arm like a magnificent bird of prey.

“I’ll soon warm them up, poor wee things.” she thought as she shook off another chill that ran through her body, “I’ll have their little bottys all aglow in no time. Now where in Hades has jasper got too?”


(Jasper) --

Jasper was lead into a dimly lit room and forced to kneel on the hard wooden floor. “ W..whats going on? Why am I here?” Jasper asked. She received no answer as two of the woman took positions in opposite corners of the room.

As the third woman quietly headed for the door. Just before the door closed completely Jasper could hear her whispering to another figure that had silently appeared in front of the door.

Jasper looked up as the beautiful woman she had seen earlier walked across the room toward her. “W..what do you want with me.” jaspers mouth was so dry she could barely get the words out.

The woman moved until she was standing at jaspers side. Without saying a word she ran a long fingernail down the tender flesh of jaspers right cheek. Flinching as the cold permeated her skin jasper visibly shivered as she waited for the woman to speak.


(O/Nefario) --

Mistress Nefario surveyed the Inn of the Last Twilights latest catch. A slim but fit warrior, young of age and fair of face. Full of lusty vigour, and best of all passionate heat. The Mistress could smell the joyous possibilities with this one…this one was precious.

Her acolytes had removed any weaponry, not that it would have harmed the Mistress, more for manner and customs sake. It did no harm to remind one’s visitors of where they were and who they were prostrated before…ah, introductions were due.

The tall, whip thin woman dressed in deepest crimson robes glided elegantly towards her prize, the chilled air briefly stirring the cascades of ebony hair that floated down her back and shoulders. Her eyes too were ebony, and as soulless as a sharks.

Sweating profusely despite the refrigerated air jasper glanced up and was immediately swallowed by the depthless ebony pools. The Woman who approached her seemed Byzantine in bone and cast, but the truth was Her extreme pallor had drained away any remnant of sun kissed colour from the stretched gaunt flesh. And then She smiled, or grimaced, or leered, or prepared to attack...jasper didn’t know which as her mind literally froze in terror as the ugly maw gaped open before her. Top and bottom jaw were lined in rows of needled incisors, sharp and crowded and utterly, utterly cruel.

“Oh little one. I am so pleased with you.” a deep melodious voice resonated in jaspers head, though she could swear the voice had not come through her ears but rather wafted into her mind through some other means. “You are such a little sweetling, such a timorous, shivering sweetmeat. How could that oafish cretin give you away so easily. Why I would have bartered so much harder for one such as you.”

“Bartered…” squeaked jasper, “..give away!”

“Coinage darling one, you are currency…sweet filthy lucre. Now let Us see your worth. Strip her.” she turned away to a nearby serf. “When she’s naked restrain her to the chair.” and to another, “Get Me My blood wine.” and as a seeming afterthought, “And tell the Sisters they can devour the Bard. I have no further need of her.” she turned again to a petrified jasper, “Not now that she has delivered you. Welcome to My Family jasper, I am Mistress Nefario, and you My child are My newest little chew toy.” cold fingers tipped with blackened talons tenderly stroked jaspers flushed cheek leaching away the heat, “Now hush.”


(O) --

Oisin’s cuddlesome tale had gone better that expected. She found herself doing two of her favourite things simultaneously…did that make it only one thing then? No time to think.

Mewling like a feral cat Sister Ora was on all fours on the floor while the Bard ploughed her a mighty furrow with her lucky phallus that she always took on weekend breaks. Oisin thundered along gaily one hand tightly grasping the sister by her bunched up dress, her other hand cupping Sister Virginias eager head as the woman kneeled beside Oisin and gorged on the Bards breast. Her free hand massaging the other tit. She was rough with the sensitive flesh and Oisin transferred the sexual energy from every bite, squeeze and hard suck that lit up her belly into an extra hard thrust into the other sister. It seemed fair exchange.

Sweat lashed down her back pooling down her thighs and onto her pants that were rammed down to her knees, so quick was her haste to manhandle Ora into position. Virginias other hand stroked her clammy hot ass, pulling the heat right out of her flesh. This was the warmest Oisin had felt since arriving in this gods forsaken dump, but her activities more than made up for the discomfort now.


(Jasper/Virginia/Ora) --

As Oisin was otherwise occupied Virginia raked her nails across Oisin’s hard ass. Watching as droplets of precious blood formed she leaned over an licked the bounty that was Oisin’s life force. Feeling Virginia’s tongue on her sweating and now burning buttocks Oisin viciously thrust her pelvis. Grinding herself even harder into Ora.

Ora pushed back with a grunt forcing Oisin deeper. “Oh, yeah” Oisin cried as she used the strength in her thighs to drive her forward. Virginia ran her tongue up Oisin’s spine as her hand slid between Oisin’s legs dipping into the wetness she found there.

Without warning Virginia plunged three of her long cold fingers deep into Oisins dripping core. Driving Oisin even deeper into Ora as Virginia curled her stiff fingers plunging them up to reach the spot she knew would drive Oisin over the edge.

As the orgasm coursed through Oisin’s twitching sweating body Virginia leaned down to mark Oisin as her own. Ora feeling the spasms wracking the Bards fevered body wrenched herself from the phallus. Relieved of the tether Ora suddenly turned. Reaching for Oisin sliding her cold wet tongue up Oisin’s sweat slicked torso. Ora quickly bit Oisin’s nipple prolonging the orgasm that wracked Oisin’s body.

Before Oisin could comprehend what was taking place Virginia ran her icy hands down her arms capturing her wrists slowly bringing them around to clasp at Oisins back, tying them before Oisin could protest.

Her abandoned dick drooping forlornly Oisin looks over at Virginia “Why’d you do that. Hey don‘t bite that hard.” puncturing her statement by shaking her wrists and thrusting her hips. As she saw the cruel smile and vicious looking teeth red with her own blood Oisin gulped wondering if this was such a good idea after all.

*One hour later*

Oisin found herself bound and exhausted in front of the fireplace. Her lucky phallus literally ripped in half. The bottom half still held snugly against her body in the harness. She could barely make out the top half part way across the room. Her ass was in ribbons raked with bites and scratches and probably graffiti for all she knew.

Wondering where that selfish jasper had made off too Oisin decided it was time to get out of the compromising position she had somehow allowed her libido to get her into and find her cousin. Who she thought should have at least been there to help her! She had respite for the moment as the Sisters sat haggling over who was gonna eat what, and none of it sounded good.

Looking around she spotted a jagged piece of rock protruding from the base of the stone hearth. Making her way slowly so as not to draw attention or get any splinters in her bouncy bottom finally she reached the rock and proceeded to quietly saw away at the leather binding her wrist.


(O/Nefario) --

Mistress Nefario trailed Her split tongue along either side of jaspers ear lobe, sucking up the sweat that coursed down from the young warriors brow and hairline. Tethered naked to the wooden chair jaspers terror was palpable, her heartbeat seemed to fill not only her eardrums but the entire room.

“Do you like My tongue jasper? It was…modified…millennia ago when I was still human by My then Mistress. Later, if I feel kind, I will do the same for you.”

“eeeep.” jasper managed to squeak before firmly shutting her mouth, swearing to herself to never open it again, ever.

“Mmmm…you’re so moreish jasper. Such a sweet treat.” Nefario withdrew and circled behind Her petrified guest growling sweet and low. “I bet you give all the girls toothache...”

Her heady perfumed breath re-appeared at jaspers other lobe as She softly whispered, “Perhaps you would like…to give them real toothache, My little one.” The cold tip of Her nose nuzzled into the nape of jaspers neck, the bloodless lips dancing over the salty sheen of skin. “Perhaps you would like to bite down on softly pliant tissue, hearing it rent under the shine of your teeth, the achingly beautiful sonance of shredding skin, snapping sinew, the popping of beefy muscle…”

The Mistresses frozen hands now drifted down jaspers front to rest on her breasts, one nipple bejeweled the other natural, as She turned Her flickering viper tongue to the pulse thrumming madly at the side of the warriors throat.

“Of course,” She murmured into the life stream coursing under the translucency of jaspers tender flesh, chilling the flow all the way to her pounding hearts core, “it’s not really sound at all, more vibration, a cadence through the mouth and the tongue and the nerve of the teeth, that pulses down through the body…to the pleasure points…” Nefario viciously twisted the nipple ring, jasper winced a small moan escaped her mouth. The Mistress smiled coldly, “Much like that…heat, beautiful priceless heat moving slowly southwards. You like that don‘t you…mmm…my little vampling?”

She stood and moved round to face jasper callously flicking the golden loop adorning the left breast, “I don’t care for this arrangement.” She stated icily, “It will be replaced with diamond shards in both breasts as is My fashion for My little vampettes, for that is what you will become jasper.” Lifting the young warriors breast she calculatingly examined the piercing. “The original puncture will have to be reamed out to allow the shards to be pushed through, it will greatly and permanently engorge your nipples…but then I like that.”

Gazing deep into green fear filled eyes. “On cold nights I chew and suck on my darlings diamond tits until they tear and bleed. Such joy, for every night is cold here, little vampling. And I will so enjoy suckling on you.”

Grasping jaspers unadorned breast in viciously cold fingers She dragged it to her mouth, half raising the smaller woman off her chair, tethered even as she was. As the nipple automatically distended under the rough treatment Nefario plunged one needle like incisor through the spongy tissue tearing a deep hole. Simultaneously a lower incisor, also needle sharp spiked the nipple from the underside and riveted a channel clear through the soft flesh. Jasper screamed at the localised red hot pain, she felt her blood spurt from the wound into the cold cavernous unquenchable mouth clamped to her breast. Together both bodies shuddered, jasper from hot agony that was slowly heating up her belly, the Mistress with a flesh crawling cold passion as She gorged on the freely flowing blood drawing it‘s warmth down into the frozen wastes of Her body.

Reluctantly She pulled away with a leering crimson smile, deep scarlet globules splattered down jaspers tanned belly, pooling in her groin. The Mistress flickered Her bloody tongue towards this little oasis, nostrils quivering, tasting the air for the mix of jaspers blood and sweat, and now something more, now her sex, her wet excitement filling the small chamber.

With barely a pause Nefario reached into Her hair and pulled out a long ivory coloured pin. It was rumoured to be human bone from none other than King Nina of Ur. Nefario knew this to be true, for She had torn the rib from his still breathing body Herself, and later had fashioned many little trinkets from his holy corpse.

Now She took the five inch sliver of ancient bone and thrust it through the gory wound She had just punctured in jaspers nipple. Again jasper screamed, searing pain ripping through her soft breast and down into her stomach, tightening it into a small hard knot of burning need.

Nefario smiled, “Until the diamonds arrive, sweetness. Then we will really begin.”


(O) --

Oisin made a mad dash for the nearest door, immediately the howling acolytes were upon her, trashing and tearing at her flesh, and worst still her lovely hair! The Sisters stood and screamed furious instructions as their lunch defrosted and ran.

Flailing and beating her way through the mass of clawing nails and teeth Oisin dragged herself from the room and slammed the heavy oak door behind her. She was in a dark narrow hallway. Leaning her back against the oak she flexed her long leg muscles with all her strength and weight to keep it from bursting open and unleashing the horde of undead blood-crazed vampiric concubine jabberwocky things upon her, suddenly she realised she was bare foot. Her pants were still at half mast, her shredded shirt clutched in a bloody hand, but her boots, her precious boots that her sister had given her for her sixteenth year were in the other room.

Oisin sighed heavily with frustration slamming a fist against the wood, pulling up her pants and dropping the rag that had been her shirt she mentally prepared herself.

Then with a roaring war bellow, crossed with a frightened scream, and embellished with a little bit of schoolgirl shriek she tore open the door and launched herself, feet and fists flailing back into the room.

She may be forever remembered primarily as a Great Bard, heaven knows she was currently at verse seventy-six of the epic‘Oisin the Mighty‘, but she was also a Warrior, a Warrior of Erin, and if she was going to die it was with her boots on…or at least nearby.


(O/Nefario) --

Mistress Nefario slid towards a cavernous armoire, returning with a nine inch plump diamond phallus which She gently caressed in Her clawed hands. “This is the Mother Stone of the shards for your breasts. It belonged to Sheba, presented by Solomon, fashioned from the bounty of his diamond mines.” as She spoke She slowly turned the smooth glassy column, it clicked on Her talons and gleamed in the candle glow.

Jasper was suddenly fascinated with the prisms of soft light firing off from the smooth surfaces, so coolly elegant wrapped in brittle, paper-thin skin that held it so reverently. Her grey-green eyes also gleamed…with lust and covetousness. Jasper loved diamonds and jasper loved quote her cousin, here were two of her favourite things all wrapped up in one…did that make it one thing? No time to think.

“Oh M…M…Mistress, it’s so beautiful. Please, i beg of You, let me help You strap it on…as my first act of loving submission…”

Five minutes later jasper was sprinting down the hallway with the diamond dick in one hand and the banshee wail of Nefario behind her. None of her vampire subjects followed, they were franticly trying to stem the plume of vile black blood that frothed form their Mistresses gashed throat from which protruded a five inch hairpin of Holy human bone.

She was only several feet from an outer door when she drew to a screeching halt on the greasy wooden floor. “Oisin!” her eyes grew wide, “Damn it! Where in Hades was Oisin?”


(Mme Nefario's sister Notorias) --

"You piebald pimping idiot!"

The maids slithered out of the way as I advanced on my younger dumber sister.

Nefario tried to speak but the black blood just gurgled out ruining her--her? gown? "You theiving nasty ass piece of shite! That's my favorite gown!"

"Gurgle gurf murk?"

"I don't care if you promise to dry clean it with your diamond nipple studs you maggot infested turd! I was saving it for the---" I stopped myself from shredding her face. Mother Lamia always told me to take care of her, just because she's a little impetuous didn't mean she was bad, just misunderstood.

"Where's my diamond phallus?"

Much pointing more gurgling and that poor dress was toast.

A slave pointed and mouthed 'gone'.

I backhanded that bint into the stone wall. She fell, crunching as bones broke. Nefario waved and smiled like that would get her amnesty. My nails grew out to their 12" length, perfect for flensing...

"I'll make a nice new suede one from your hide, oh sister! Don't worry, the skin will grow back."


(eth and vahn) --

Ethne and Siobhan found themselves walking down a dark path in the darkness. It didn’t help Siobhan either when eth started making the weird ghost noises.

“Will ye stop it ya big goof?!?!?” A smack found its mark on ethne’s stomach.

“Why ye are afraid o’ tha dark I be ne’er understandin’,” eth replied to the dark form next to her. “ We need ta find a place ta stay tha night. I doona wan’ ta be gitting more lost than we be already.”

“Aye. Ask and ye shall receive me Gra (love).” Siobhan pointed to the torches that lit the outside of what appeared to be an inn. The other thing that caught her notice were the horses sitting outside. It was past dark and the huge beasts should have been stabled for the night. “Hey eth? Don’t tose belong ta someone from da Lodge?”

“Tha they do. Though I doona ‘member who. It tis the only place we’ve found. Maybe we be takin’ a look see, make sure everything be a’right…” With vahn’s nod they headed for the door.

As ethne’s hand pulled the handle, a goddess awful scream let loose from the inside. A shocked look before pulling hard, only to find the door bolted. Stepping back they took in the building and any way that they could get in. running for the sides they found a small window partly opened.

Shoving each other back and forth for a look they saw a strapped and bound NAKED warrior surrounded by some fierce women. A quick glance at each other and identical smirks they both kicked at the window trying to get to that wonderful piece of woman.

Quickly pulling their bows they fired at the things that were trying to harm the bound brunette. There was no way they were going to let her get taken without being able to play with her first.

One after another they fell under the wood that hit their mark until the brunette was surrounded by fallen women. The twins still didn’t know what they were but it wasn’t something that they wanted to deal with again. They had sharpie things in their mouths that looked like they’d hurt. They jumped back when an unnoticed one made it to the window in an effort to get the redheads and their sharp projectiles, only to fall short as vahn grabbed another arrow and shoved it towards the monsters heart.

Sighing, they made sure there were no more, before scrambling through the window.

“She’s mine!”


“Git back, ye booger! Ye wouldn’t know how to handle tha woman!”

“Neither would ye, ya big Oaf!”

Running for the form on the floor, eth tripped over on of the fallen bodies to take vahn with her. Their impact was softer than they would have thought, and surprisingly supple.

Twin sets of blue eyes opened to find a very nice pair of boobs. In unison they turned and gave a smirk before grabbing the one before them.


(O) --

Oh the utter irony thought Oisin as she lay tethered spread-eagle on the floor wearing only her boots!

The mewling bloodsucking servants of Nefario crawled slavering towards their tasty treat…all she needed was a picnic blanket under her ass! Before succumbing to the horde she had managed to dispatch Virginia by decapitation with a fire-iron. Unfortunately being momentarily stunned at the howling scream that still issued from the cadaverous mouth even as the head spun across the room allowed Ora and a few of the stronger acolytes to drag her down and immobilize her.

Now the rest began to cautiously approach even as those first daring few began to sink their fangs onto her belly and thighs, tearing at the flesh in order to drink.

“This is it!” thought the brave Bard, “I’m mince! Poor, poor jasper, she’ll be so devastated, her life will lose meaning and she’ll end up living in a compost heap eating earthworms! I have failed her…my poor wee cousin…”

“Oh Clarity,” she murmured a soft prayer out loud, “I beseech thee Goddess of Enlightenment, find my cousin and make her smart…Show her the Light that she may…ugh?”

Just then blinding light did fill the room…“Wadda feck!…” Immediately the air was filled with wild screeches of pain and powerless fury. Loud Celtic war whoops interspersed with the blessed zing of arrows rang in Oisin’s happy, happy ears. The window had burst open and early dawn light together with the mad Irish twins descended into the room causing devastation and despair…just like breakfast back at the Lodge.

Suddenly the howls, screams and whooping stopped, the affray was over and twin sets of feet scurried across the floor towards the wounded Warrior. “Ooof!” Scurried across and jumped on her!

Dazed but incredibly happy Oisin raised her bloody and bruised face to see four big baby blues glued to her thrashed, bashed but beautifully pert tits…her nipples rose to the occasion and she once again raised her eyes and voice to the heavens…”Oh Clarity, You gotta be the best Mamma up there!”


(Jasper) --

Hearing the gods awful screams Jasper barged albeit nekked with a firm grasp on her stolen prize, the diamond phallus, into the room. Seeing the bodies strewn about the floor Jasper looked for her wayward cousin.

Spotting something moving in the middle of the room Jasper approached slowly. Recognizing her cousins boots Jasper saw legs attached. Surmising it to be Oisin she picked up her pace.

Reaching her cousins side it was then that Jasper noticed the twins Ethne and Siobhan pawing away at the poor beaten and brutalized tits of her bound cousin.

“Well, well what do we have here, Hmm Oisin? Care to explain why as I was being used as bait for your fiendish perverted little games your out here laying around?”

Oisins opened and closed her mouth several times without producing a sound as Jasper waited. “Well what’s the matter cat got your tongue or should I say twins got your tits?”

“What about you two you have anything to say for yourselves, hmm?”


(eth and vahn) --

The twins turned from their tweaking….er examination of the squirming warriors tits. In unison they turned to jasper and said “Mhmmm, we found em we get ta play with em.” The evil grin grew as they saw the object that dirty nekkid blonde was holding.

“Oooooh, sparkles.”

A quick moment then, Siobhan was walking towards Jasper. As she swayed over she moved Jas’s attention to her boobs by tugging on the low material, just enough to keep her gaze there. As vahn used her ample assets, eth used the opportunity to sneak around beside the distracted jasper.

When she was close enough, she snatched the sparkly object and ran for the window, diving out into the leaves below. Stumbling, and hearing the cries from behind followed by a THUMP! as jas fainted to the floor, she ran towards the lodge with her new toy. Whatever it was anyway.

“I got Sparky, I got Sparky,” she sing-songed as she ran with the dildo.

Meanwhile back inside vahn turned back to the bound warrior on the floor. “I be loosin’ ye, but only a tad. Jus’ enough tha ye can free yerself.” Leaning down she loosed the ties slightly before turning and going out the same direction her twin had moments before. But not without showing the warrior still on the floor that she was indeed ‘commando’.


(O) --

Oisin quickly clawed her way out of the other binds and crawled over to her prostrate cousin.

“Jasper…jasper…” she slapped her lightly across the cheek. “Wake up fer goddess sake…we gotta get outta here..”

Jasper opened anguished bloodshot eyes…”Avenge me Oisin, avenge meeee!”

“What?” Oisin was confused, “Sure the twins saved us jas.”

“They stole my diamond…it was worth an absolute fortu...” THUMP! Again jasper hit the floor with a crunch as Oisin dropped her head and was out the window in a thrice after the newest family heirloom.

Streaking over the forest floor quite literally wearing nothing but her precious boots Oisin followed the whoops and giggles ahead of her. “Dirty double dealing, double crossing, double trouble, double looking….twins!” she puffed, “Steal my diamon…I mean jaspers…I mean our family’s diamond would ya??”

There was a scrabbling behind her and she glanced back to see a nekkid jasper drop from the window to also give pursuit.

Bursting into a clearing Oisin drew up short as she saw the twins sitting happily before her examining their bounty with great curiosity. Jasper soon appeared breathless behind her and the two bare-assed Warriors stood silently as they watched their prey.

“So what be it?” one redhead asked the other.

“It be a sparkle stick fer…fer…” the other frowned obviously not too sure of her treasures application.

“Bangin’ someone with?” one motioned a club.

“Or stirrin’ something…” short circular rather sexy movements undulated in the air.

“Like magic soup? Maybe it’s a wand…a magic wand.”

“Maybe it’s a magic dagger fer rammin n pokin?” short (rather sexy) stabbing thrusts.

“Nah, it’s just a big sparkly rock...lets break it in two...”

THUMP! Oisin glared down at jasper, “Stop doing that!” she hissed.

Glancing up her eyes narrowed, her keen Warrior senses coming into play. “Get up, woman. We’ll circle round behind them, you go that way, I’ll go this. Then on my mark…we’ll pounce. I’ll take the redhead and you take the…redhead. Uhmm.. Just grab whichever ones closest. Okay?”


(Notorias) --

"Gone...all gone." Notorias waggled the slim empty velvet bag that had once held a king's ransom and a queen's pleasure. Several queens, some of them drag, a few princesses, a couple of eunuchs...

"What the?"

She slapped at her hand, then at her arm. "Litte bloodsuckers." She flicked an ensie weensie itsie bitsie little biter off.


Liberally coated in oodles of red stuff, Nefaria crawled across the floor.

"No you can't pay to get it back you truculant trollop!" Nortorias stepped away from the slobbering sibling.



Nefaria nodded... then put her head back on her shoulders.

"Then whomever plays... pays!" Notorias' cackle filled the DeadIn Inn. "Just for that bit of filthy housekeeping, I'll give you back your skin, and your tongue, dear sister."

Squelching noises came, Nefaria stood tottering...

"They'll itch for weeks, passing on the nastiest rash..."


(Jasper - Catching a Thief) --

“Okay let’s go.” As Jasper went one way Oisin circled around the other. Creeping up on the one that had actually stolen the phallus. Jasper slowed down her breathing. Watching her step she was being as quiet as a church mouse.

As Jasper was about to grab her. The girl spotted Jasper and jumped up “haaaaaaa” the girl yelped, taking off. Jasper took off after the girl. Getting within feet of the of her subject Jasper made a flying leap grabbing the girl around her waist bringing her to the ground.

Flipping the girl over Jasper sat on her chest pinning her arms with her knees asking “Which one are you?” The girl trying to control her fright, struggling to get Jasper off answered “E..e..ethne.” Snatching the phallus from her hand Jasper waved it in front of Ethne’s face “So Ethne you want to know what it’s used for huh?”

Running the tip of the phallus down a soft cheek then across red ripe lips. Jasper got a wicked grin on her face as her eye’s danced with glee. “That can be arranged, but first I think a spanking is in order.”

Ethne’s mouth opened and closed several times without producing a sound. Finally she clamped her mouth shut and just glared at Jasper. Laughing Jasper continued “Yes a good solid spanking, maybe that will teach you not to take things that don’t belong to you.”

“What do you think Ethne? Would that make you think next time, hmmm?” Waiting for the girls reaction Jasper wasn’t really expecting an answer.


(Oisin - Copping a Feel) --

As jasper and ethne flew across the clearing Oisin had a little gazelle chasing of her own to do. The remaining twin also sprang to her feet and darted off zigging and zagging over the short grass. Oisin puffed and panted behind her like some knackered old lion. But she was determined not to lose her prey.

Luckily for her a convenient tree root toppled her erstwhile quarry head over heels and Oisin leapt upon the momentarily stunned young woman. The tumble had thrown the twins dress into disarray and Oisin found her self nose deep in a creamy, silken and totally bare bottom.

“Got you Commando Joe!” she barked, recognising the pert behind that had practically winked at her as it dived out of the cabin window.

“Tweak my tits mercilessly while I’m tied up and helpless!” Oisin tried to sound suitably outraged but failing miserably thought “Aah feck, sure it was great.” and lowered her lips to smartly nip the darling ass in front of her.

“Eek!” came the startled response. Oisin licked over her mark with the board of her tongue, nipped again harder, and suddenly overcome with serious lust buried her mouth in the cool butt crack and began to feast.

Both hands cupped the squirming bottom pinning the lass down to the ground as she kissed, and bit and rimmed her way to bliss. Before even a minute has passed Oisin began to notice the girl was rising up to meet her questing tongue with small fluttering hip movements and little stifled moans. Releasing a hand from a creamy ass cheek O pushed it down between her bare chest and the twin’s thighs to cup a very wet, fuzzy mound.

Moaning herself now she allowed her fingertips to circle gently as the hips under her mouth began to thrust more and more wildly. The thighs began to imperceptibly spread and Oisin’s fingers grew bolder with their stroking and teasing. So engrossed in her own passion play she was completely impervious as to what was happening a mere several feet away.


(vahn) --

Vahn found herself being molested in a very very good way. Rocking her hips she hoped it was a good way to encourage the nekkid warrior. When the hand cupped her mound she groaned and tried to push back.

Stealing Sparky was turning out to be a very good thing. She got a warrior to play with her and hopefully soon she would be able to play as well because she remembered what that supple breast felt like.

As she pushed back O gave her some leeway, just enough that she was about to flip around and grab the tit that had enthralled her so much earlier.

“OOOOHHHHH Boobie! Come play with vahn? I be good, or bad! All up ta yew.”

The growl from the warrior on top of her let her know that she was at least open to the aspect. Vahn grabbed on to the boobs in the Vulcan death grip, not wanting to loose em for she got to taste, lick, suck, er do all sorts of goodie things with em.


(Jasper) --

Snatching back the phallus Jasper pulled eth to her feet dragging the stunned girl back to a fallen log. Sitting she placed the tall girl across her muscled thighs then Jasper bared her bottom. “You know you deserve this” Jasper said, thinking *and I know you want it almost if not more than I want to give it to you* Grinning Jasper ran her hand lightly over the firm creamy white globes.

Laying her left arm across Ethne’s back. Wrapping her hand around her waist to hold her in place. While raising her right hand for the first strike Jasper told her “This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me.” As her hand came down to solidly smack on Eth’s tender right cheek.

Jasper heard the girl draw in a sharp breath but she didn’t cry out. The next blow came even harder on the opposite side. Alternating blows Jasper could definitely see a little color start to blossom on the girls bottom.

As the blows became more powerful Jaspers grin became wider. Delighting in the noises coming from the prostrate girl. She begged and pleaded all to no avail. Jasper could see the wetness coating her inner thighs. Ethne squirmed and wiggled whether to get away from the stinging blows or to garner some relief Jasper didn’t know.

Jaspers heart sung with joy when she felt Ethne’s liquid fire dripping on her bare thighs. Quietly Jasper spoke as the stinging blows became a gentle almost loving caress “Do you know how glorious this color looks?” Sliding her hand down between the girls thighs to cup her center “How wonderful it is to feel the heat that radiates off you?”

Slipping her fingers through the thick fluid gushing from the girls center. Jasper coated her fingers sliding them down to slowly circle Ethne’s clit not giving her the relief she needed by actually touching it.

Ethne’s sobs quickly turned to whimpers as she felt her tormenters fingers move agonizingly slow over her swollen lips refusing to touch where she needed it most.

“Oh, Goddess,” Jasper heard her cry out causing her heart to beat even faster.

Squeezing her own thighs tightly together desperately trying to mask her own arousal as the flow of liquid gushed from her own heated center. Biting back a groan as Jasper slid her finger back through the wetness slipping it into eth’s hot canal up to the first knuckle.

Wiggling it feeling the tightness of the opening Jasper then let her finger slide in until she was stopped by the thin covering barring her from going further. Twisting her finger back an forth Jasper used her other hand to gently rub the girls lower back coaxing her to relax.

Jasper felt the girls walls slowly begin to relax and open just slightly as Jasper coated another finger and gently inserted it. Gently rubbing eth’s lower back murmuring softly to the girl as she slowly pumped her fingers in an out. Careful not to go to far yet.


(eth) --

“Please,” ethne cried out at the torment Jas was doing to her. Her hips were moving more and more trying to get somewhere but not quite knowing where that place was.

The palm pressed upon her back grew firm and Jasper tensed, before a piercing pain shot threw eth’s center. A scream loosed from her throat and the frantic pumping began.

Swats on eth’s already tender butt were urging Jas on as she went higher and higher.

Another scream, then a very limp ethne was sprawled across Jas’s thighs.

“Again?” she asked with an eager grin.


(O) --

“OOOOHHHHH Boobie! Come play with vahn? I be good, or bad! All up ta yew.”

Oisin was momentarily distracted as her tits expanded within vahn’s deliciously torturous grip as if they were sentient beings all on their own. As all the blood rushed down to her cunt the few droplets that remained in her head managed to puddle around her shriveled thought processes.

“Hey! You left me tied to the floor in a feckin vampire’s nest after molesting me brutally, and rather imaginatively I might add!” O smiled dreamily, then frowned, “And you stole a valuable family heirloom from my gormless cousin causing her to faint and bang her head countless times! You need taught a lesson you little light-fingered…oooh.” Light fingers were playing with her nipples. “What…no…stop that. I’m angry here. Hehehe…No…Right that’s it! You’re fer a feckin spanking! A good old fashioned Warrior type tush warming for you girlie!”

With a further quick tussle vahn was once again face down, her bare ass draped over Oisin’s left thigh, secured behind the knees with the warriors right leg. Oisin’s left arm pinned her down by the waist as her right hand struck forcefully on the creamy quivering cheeks. Again and again the flat of Oisin’s hand ricocheted off the pert little moons which soon turned cherry red.

Angry protestations turned to little whimpering moans which only fuelled the Bards ardour causing her palm to fall harder and faster covering every quivering inch. The beautiful bottom slowly began pushing up to meet her strokes as the girls hips began to undulate. At the same time O also became aware of pooling heat on her naked left thigh under the twins groin. Lust flooded her causing her hand to hesitate in mid strike…her undoing as vahn kicked back, flipped up, did some sneaky aikido thing and suddenly Oisin was lying flat on the ground straddled by a very smug and triumphant twin.

Oisin noticed the smirking blue eyes and at the same time registered the glowing heat from the sex and ass perched on her belly. She cocked an eyebrow, “So now what ya going to do?” she challenged.

The blue gaze faltered with uncertainty, she may be astride her warrior prize but vahn was clueless what to do with it. Oisin smiled slowly sliding her hand down her stomach and burrowed into the hot little lava flow between the twins thighs. They both groaned and again vahns hips propelled themselves into their own little happy dance. Her propulsion opened her center wider and wider and Oisin was able to slowly circle a finger in deeper and deeper…until she came to a natural barrier.

Shocked she locked eyes with vahn. “Huh? Are you a…?” O blushed, paled, blushed…vahn sat rigidly still for a second impaled on the digit then her eyes darkened to a cobalt blue. Raising herself slightly she pushed down hard, a small tear and a small gasp, and then she smiled deeply into Oisin’s stunned eyes.

A second of stillness and they both burst into embarrassed giggles. Oisin wrapped her free arm around vahns shoulders keeping her bloodied finger lodged in place and rolled them both over. She buried her face in the soft neck sucking and nipping with relish, kissing up the jawline to devour full sensuous lips. Gently adding a second digit into the moist tunnel she began a steady pump, she wanted this to be good.


(vahn) --

“Whooo Hoooo! Ridin’ Oisin Awaaaaaay!” She was finally doing it! The thrusting Oisin was doing caused too many good feelings to flow through her. The pain had startled her at first, but then she got all warm and tingly. That’s something that she really didn’t expect.

Vahn was trying to touch as much of the warrior that she could reach from her position on her back. Something she found she liked very very much. The pressure building in her middle confused her, she was trying to get to…to…ah hell she didn’t know where she was trying to get to but she was sure having a lot of fun trying.

Vahn peaked after O did a weird tongue thingy, screaming out into the woods that surrounded them, before passing out and leaving Oisin to lay there confused.

A few minutes later a very satisfied vahn woke up to Oisin sitting nearby. The warrior was still nekkid and looking at her boots when a now revived redhead threw herself at her. “Can we do it again? And show me tha tongue thingy so’s I can do it fer ye?” accompanied by an eyebrow wiggle.


(jasper) --

As Jasper felt her fingers tear through the thin barrier she cringed and birds took flight from nearby tree’s as eth’s scream rolled across the clearing. She could feel the girls walls clenching as her orgasm rapidly approached.

Again?…..Jasper was desperate to taste her. She gently slid the girl from her lap onto the abundant grass quickly climbing between Eth’s splayed legs. Placing her hands on the sides of eth’s knees she opened the girl fully.

Not wasting a moment Jasper immediately went to work on the swollen clit before her. Using her tongue she entered the girl repeatedly. Jasper Felt eth wrap her hands in her hair trying in vain to move her back where she wanted her.

Jasper was determined to prolong eth’s rise to release for as long as she could. Sliding her hands from the insides of eth’s legs to under her knees jasper lifted the girls feet off the ground. Pushing her legs till her thighs rested onto her chest. Which lifted her ass high off the ground.

Jasper let her tongue lazily slide down to ethne's virgin sphincter. Circling the tight opening. Pushing her way past the unyielding ring of muscle until she was granted entrance. Slowly working her tongue in and out til she felt the girls opening relax.

Lubricating her finger Jasper replaced her tongue with her finger as she slid her tongue up to lick an nibble on the girls swollen clit once more. Ethne’s cries of pleasure steadily grew as she neared her release.

The girls movements were becoming frantic the closer get got to blessed relief. Jasper refused to be rushed as she kept her steady pace. Panting ethne began begging “please oh please, oh yes, yes” higher an higher she rose “oh gods yes, yes jasper yes don’t stop.” Jasper could feel the girls body tense as she crested with a final scream “Jassssssspppeeerrrrrrrr” her body violently trembled as she fell over the edge into euphoria.

Jasper made her way up the trembling girls body to hold her murmuring sweet words into to ear. As ethne's body slowly began to relax she turned to jasper giving her a sweet smile. Snuggling closer into the warmth of Jas’s body.


(O) --

Contented silence reigned in the wooded glade as both sets of lovers curled around each other snoring gently.

Back at the Inn of Twilights End, Porky and Ashes grew more than impatient waiting for their riders to return, it was already long past breakfast and they had been tethered for far too long at the water trough. Sighing heavily Porky rolled her eyes at Ashes and with one well aimed chomp snapped through her tether. Watching closely Ashes attempted the same and after three quick snaps had also freed herself.

Slowly they spun round and meandered towards the forest, well able to follow the tracks of their erstwhile human charges. They found them snoozing in the clearing quite easily, snorting in disgust…

“Look at’em” Ashes swung her head in the general direction of her slumped human, “Bollock naked again. I am so tired of looking at that girl’s ass.”

Porky snorted equally discontent, “Well at least mine has her boots on.”

“Typical, mines barefoot and she’s the one insists on walking everywhere leading me round like a dog! I’ve got a good mind to stand on her toes and force her to ride.”

Grumbling they moseyed over and stood stomping the ground until noticed.

Oisin opened sleepy eyes, “Hey Porky, atta girl. Come to take me home. Good horsey.”

Soon all four companions assembled themselves. The twins decided to melt back into the forest to finish their hunt and no doubt exchange giggling notes on their most recent adventure.

Before leaving they each placed a hard and extremely French kiss onto their own warrior, and a sly little tush squeeze too before disappearing.

Watching them sashay cheekily away jasper turned to her cousin “Mmm, I think that was eth givin’ you the goodbye tongue lambada, and I got vahn…but I’m not sure.”

Oisin looked shocked remembering the sneaky little squirrelly finger in her breeches as she got kissed adios! The twins pull a switch on the cousins! Nah, never.

Mounting their horses Oisin turned to jasper stomach growling, “What about breakfast? I know a wonderful little Inn just a half mile from here called…let me think, what’s the name…ah yes, The Zombiefest Travelers Rest.”

Tall in the saddle she pointed North. Porky followed by Ashes immediately swung South and headed home to the Lodge at a dignified pace.


The End - 'Go Fish' - by Oisin, Jasper, Ethne, & Siobhan

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