Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Trance & Dance

by Lord Nessa, Aria, & Klancy7
April 28th~May 7th, 2002
Dungeon Piece


(Lord Nessa)

Nearly three months passed since the day Nessa rode into this forest in pain and fury to call on the Mother of all living. That was the day she hurt Tris at the wrong time in the wrong way. The Mother showed her that her greatest enemy was fear. What would She show her today?

It seemed to the Celt that Three months did nothing to keep her love for the young Tris at bay. It was harder than ever to stay away from the lass. Nessa had memory of times of excitement and wonder while with Tris. There was so much passion between them. Nessa could not pass the lass in the corridor without feeling that pounding heat at her center.

Now she was here in the beloved forest beyond the Lodge. The aspen grove stood tall, leaves quaking in the breeze, flashing colors of silver and green as the sunlight touched them. Nessa dismounted. She found the plant she needed for the journey to the Mother. She rolled the leaves between her fingers as she walked to the center of the aspen grove.

Sitting cross-legged, Nessa chewed the bitter leaves. The Celt felt the mist rising around her. It swirled. It entered her nostrils. She was careful to keep her eyes closed even though she heard sounds around her. These were friends. They lived in this place of mist. They were faery. She crossed through the veil. Nessa sat among the whispering trees and traveled.

The trees whispered. The ancient power lifted the spiritual warrior to the heights of the tall trees as she sat still on the ground.

"What do you whisssh daughter?"

Nessa grappled with the question. Did she know what she wished? This state of being always loosened her thoughts so. She tried to hold them. "I... I wish to find peace in this love that I don't understand... I wish to understand the love... to understand you."

"Yesss daughterrrr" the voice vibrated through Nessa, "I am the love you whisssh to underrrstand. But If I was ssmall enough forrr you to underrsstand, I would harrdly be big enough to hhhelp you. You whill never understand me."

"B... but what will I do with this feeling Mother?"

"Feeel it."

Nessa felt the drifting. The audience was over. She sat with the sense of peace that accompanied this part of the trancing. She bristled. A presence in the forest disallowed the full impact of the Mother's meaning to enter. Nessa tried with all she had in her to come to the present moment in time. But she was still very deep when the crackle of a twig under a small booted foot brought her head up in dizzy alertness.

Before anything alive could take another breath, the Celt was at the edge of the aspen grove picking the intruder up from the forest floor and holding her high and pinned against a tree. Nessa blinked. Her mind was still somewhere between realities. Who is this? she questioned but said nothing while looking into a pair of beautiful liquid green eyes, made all the more beautiful by the fear that gleamed out from them.

"Wait! Lord Nessa, I fear I disturbed your meditation. I... I didn't mean... " Aria's words were cut off when the Celt suddenly let go. She fell to the ground on her feet. Her knees tried to buckle but she was too close to the lord. She had no room to fall. The aspen at her back, Aria tried to stand straight.

Nessa did not step back as propriety would have demanded from any other lord of breeding. She was caught in a whirl of sensation. Feel it, isn't that what the Mother said? Nessa did feel it. This gorgeous woman came out of the forest right into her hands. Oh yes, she would feel it.

Nessa growled like the animal she was. Pressing herself hard against the smaller frame, she grabbed both wrists and held them high against the tree. She placed her feet between Aria's and spread her long legs. This opened the precious girl's legs wide. Nessa held still for a minute just listening to the surprised lass rant. Something about an unspeakable beast and an impossible fool. But Nessa was beyond hearing the words. She was feral. She listened only to the deep throaty sound of the pretty lass. She heard fear, she heard anger and she heard desire... a strong, sudden desire.

The dazed warrior pressed her hips forward. Her center jammed against the young woman. She held Aria's wrists with one hand while loosening the ties of the pretty black satin bodice with her free hand. She pulled it open watching hungrily as those two creamy mounds fell forward, out and jiggling with the useless struggles of her captive. Her mouth watered. She pinched a nipple and watched the beautiful face contort with the pain. She pinched harder until the cry of pain she longed to hear came howling out of Aria's throat.

Nessa leaned down and grabbed the crying mouth with her own. She sucked and drove her tongue down Aria's throat, still squeezing the lass' breasts roughly. Then that free hand went down. She grabbed at the material of the loose riding skirt. Up and up she gathered it until it was over Aria's sweet hips. Nessa ripped away the little panties. Still tonguing the lass and muffling her cries.

Grabbing a handful of hair on Aria's mound, Nessa pulled hard. She felt Aria scream into her mouth. Still she held her and still she pressed against her. Suddenly Nessa broke the kiss. She wanted to look into this lass' face when she first jammed her phallus up into her. She felt with her fingers to see if Aria was ready for such a thrust. Nessa was not disappointed. Aria was silky wet all the way down her inner thighs.

Nessa opened her britches. She watched Aria's face with cruel delight as the lass realized what was happening. Wrapping one strong arm around Aria's waist, she lifted the light weight beauty up and in place. Oh how the lass struggled. It was intensely pleasurable for the lord. The phallus pressed against the small wet opening, just short of entering. Nessa looked into Aria's face and pushed the lass down on that cock.

Goddess it was beautiful! Aria threw her head back and screamed out a mixture of pain and pleasure such as she had not yet had. Oh how it hurt. And Oh how it satisfied a need aching within her.

Nessa was relentless. She fucked Aria up against that tree like a rutting stag. Hard and full were those thrusts. Finally, they both howled out their wild release through the teeming forest.

Nessa lifted the weakened lass up off the phallus and down to her feet. Aria leaned against the tree in hopes that she would be able to stand. Both women looked at each other in wonder. Nessa was just coming out of the misty wild and Aria was just entering a place of silent awe. Nessa realized what happened and began to fumble out an apology when the gracious Lady Aria lifted a finger and pressed it to the lord's lips. "Shhh" was all she said.


(Lady Aria)

Shhh, Aria heard herself whisper.

As the fog lifted from the eyes of her dear friend, Aria saw the pain that immediately followed. Aria felt little sympathy for her rapist. yet.

"My Lord, please remove your filthy hands from me and stand back" She barked as she lowered her dress trying to pull herself together.

"Make no mistake Lord, this is not something that will ever be repeated in our lifetime", Aria said, trying to sound much braver than she felt. "I can only assume that you have taken complete leave of your senses"

Nessa, looked confused and worried "I am so sorry, Lady, truly I. I."

Aria saw the pain in Nessa's eyes all the while feeling the contractions still deep within her body.

Lord Nessa reached for her, to comfort her. Aria pulled away, looked her right in the eye and said, "My Lord, we will never speak of this again, do you understand"

Nessa mumbled another apology. Aria cut her off mid-sentence - "Nothing in our history, should have led you to believe I would find this to be acceptable behavior" Looking deeply in the shaken Lord's eyes, Aria told her "and if anything remotely close to this should occur again, Klancy herself, will have to beat me with a stick - -just to get me off of you. Are we clear, Lord?"

Nessa winced at the mention of Klancy's name and nodded sheepishly in agreement.

"Good, then we need never speak of this again".

As Aria headed back to the Lodge, it was only then she allowed herself to fully register what had taken place. Nessa's innate dark power, that "thing" she used, her body's response.

"There you are lass, I've been looking for you" Aria looked up to find her Warrior smiling down at her. "How are you today?" Klancy asked looking deeply into her eyes.

"Shhh" Aria said with a slight smile on her lips. "I'm fine my love, I may just be a little sore in the morning from my strenuous walk in the woods, but fear not, I am perfectly fine".


(Honor-bound - by Nessa)

Remorse shot down into the heart of the Celt. She kept thinking, I didn't know. Brigid, help me, I didn't know. Aria was not going to make her feel badly for what happened. She didn't have too. Nessa was making herself feel abundantly horrible. Even Tuttle bolted through the forest, away from the demented warrior.

Nessa's usual long, smooth strides were uneven as she made her way back to the Lodge. She needed her friend... the only one possible to talk to about this... and the one it felt the most impossible to talk to. Her head ached from the rough way she came out of the trance. She was still partially stunned by it.

Just as Nessa entered the cool of the lodge, a strong hand gripped her shoulder. Few times in her adult life did Nessa ever look up to see another's face while standing. This was one of those times.

Klancy's blue eyes sparkled like diamonds when she spoke. "And where would you be going' in such a rush my friend? Have a cold root beer with me!" The taller warrior steered Nessa toward her table before the Celt could manage a word. She was not blind. She could tell that Nessa was not quite herself. Curiosity showed on that noble face. "What is it Nessa? Here, sit down." Klancy watched her friend sink into the chair in a manner that spoke of despair.

Nessa could hardly stand the pain inside. "I... I have to tell you Klancy. I am honor bound to tell you... " She swallowed and mentally reached into her reserves where she kept all her battle courage. This was different... this was not a foe. She heard the voice of the Great Mother... feel it.

Nessa let go. She told Klancy in one rush of feeling just how she was in trance and couldn't get out before the Lady Aria came upon her and then what followed. She spared nothing. "I wouldn't have ever done such a thing without the power of the trance on me Klancy." Nessa nearly pleaded.

Nessa held her seat and just kept breathing while the Courtly Warrior stood to her full height. Nessa could feel the incredible power radiating between them. She could not seem to look up. Even if she could have she could not have seen. Her tears were blinding.


(After the Trance - by Klancy7)

Klancy looked down at her disconsolate friend, and the corner of her mouth lifted. She put one large hand on Nessa's shoulder, and gave it a comforting pat.

"Don't worry, mi amiga." Klancy's low voice was kind. "You've actually performed a rare and welcome service, for Klancy7. You've given me what every warrior who lusts for a woman dreams of having . . . a teaching opportunity!"

Puzzled, Nessa peered up at her very tall friend, and blinked the tears from her eyes. Klancy dropped her a slow wink, and then both looked up, as Aria's light step was heard on the stair.

The lovely woman captivated them both as she strode purposefully into the Chakram Bar. She paused and looked around, her fair cheeks flushed, and her large eyes snapping with anger.

"Good, there you are!" Aria targeted her gaze on Nessa. Her normally cultured and quiet voice was raised to a degree that turned heads in the room.

"Did I miss anything?" sarah whispered anxiously, as she slid onto a stool at Lady Alison's table.

"Nessa ravished Aria," Killian explained quickly, her fascinated gaze locked on the trio across the room. "Now Klancy7's gonna teach Aria a lesson, but she doesn't know it yet. Keep up, already!"

"Thanks," sarah whispered, and twilight nudged them both, as the action began again.

"Klancy, unless you, or the good Gaia Herself, cares to stay my hand, I'm going to use it to punch Nessa's nipples in!" Aria stalked over to the two warriors. "She needs to explain to me why a person can't take a simple walk in the woods without being swooped down upon by some debauched Celtic barbarian -- "

Klancy moved smoothly forward, bent, and lifted Aria over one broad shoulder, cutting off her stream of invective in a surprised "Awp!"

"The noble Lord Nessa will not be slandered, in my hearing, madam." Klancy carried the thrashing woman effortlessly up the three steps leading to the Chakram Bar's mainstage. "I see I have more than one vital lesson to teach you."

"What are you -- talking about, you -- you hormonal gorilla?" Aria gasped, as Klancy set her down in the center of the stage. "I'm not the one you should be brutalizing, it was Nessa who -- "

With quicksilver speed, Klancy slipped behind the smaller woman and slid one brawny arm around her waist. Her other hand cupped Aria's full-lipped mouth, stopping her speech mid-sputter.

"Listen, little girl," the tall warrior purred. "Listen and learn."

"Watch and learn," twilight whispered excitedly to Lady Alison, who hurried to take out a sheet of parchment. She began to scribble notes, as Klancy efficiently chained the stunned Lady Aria into a full standing spread-eagle, wrapping the chained cuffs around her wrists and ankles with graceful ease, in spite of her struggles.

"Bloody hell, I'll never get that," Alison fretted softly, studying the Courtly Butch's moves, and drawing diagrams at great speed.

In an amazingly short period of time*, Klancy had the Lady Aria chained, spread, and stripped naked.


(*Disclaimer -- No, Aria, I cannot really chain someone spread-eagle in an amazingly short period of time! Cate)



. . . In an amazingly short period of time, Klancy had the Lady Aria chained, spread, and stripped naked.

The tall warrior circled her captive, smiling slightly as she savored the futile war Aria waged with her bonds.

In the main room, Ikarias hurried behind the chakram-shaped bar, and brought down the house lights. She directed a gold spotlight on the mainstage, bathing the two lovers in a bright glow.

(That would have set the mood beautifully, except then Ikarias inserted her long fingers in front of the spotlight, and flashed a little dancing shadow-heron on the back wall. She made its bulbous beak peck at Klancy's head, as the tall warrior walked behind Aria. The watching sistren tittered. Klancy paused, and scowled at Ikarias fiercely. The little heron went away, and the Courtly Butch continued studying her prisoner.)

"All right." Aria was summoning her dignity and regaining her poise.

(Technically, it is not remotely possible for a woman to look poised and dignified while standing stripped and chained under a spotlight . . . with her pale, pink-nippled breasts heaving, and her soft cunt open and glistening between her beautiful, widespread legs . . . but Aria managed it.)

"All right," Aria repeated, her emerald eyes flashing up at the smug warrior who circled her. "Now, you wait just one bloody minute, Klancy. Since when does your allegedly courtly code say that an innocent woman should be punished for being ravished by a warrior?"

"There's nothing in my Code that allows that." Klancy's boots clocked a relaxed cadence against the hardwood stage, her blue eyes never leaving Aria's lush, trembling curves. "Any rogue warrior who dares force herself on an unwilling woman, tastes my steel."

"Well then WHAT the bloody hell -- "

"Silence, girl." Klancy now stood directly in front of Aria, her tall form blocking the spotlight, throwing her in dark shadow. She gripped her chin with cruel fingers. "Our sister Nessa is no rogue, she's an honorable Celt -- and her victim was hardly unwilling."

Aria blinked up at the dark Scotswoman, her broad shoulders outlined in the gold light. She saw Klancy reach down and unbuckle her leather belt, and she swallowed, hard.

Klancy began circling Aria again, the sound of her belt sliding free of its loops like a snake slithering free of its old skin.

"Oh . . . really?" Aria's voice rose three octaves on that last word, but she still sounded weak and breathy in her own ears. "You're telling me, then, that this -- little d-display -- is rank jealousy? Warrior ego?" Her voice was gaining strength. "The Crass Boob is trussing me up here, in front of Gaia and everyone, just because she's big enough to, and strapping me for having the audacity to even look at another -- "

"Wrong again." Klancy coiled the buckled end of her belt in her fist, and stepped clear of the scaffold. She slid it's long sinuous length through two fingers. That small smile was back on her face, as she stared at Aria's naked bottom. "If you'll recall, I have not yet claimed you, Lady Aria. Therefore, you may sleep with any sister in the Lodge . . . anyone who appeals to your cute little twitching vulva. With my blessings."

Klancy reached out, and her rough palm brushed softly over the cool swell of Aria's left butt-cheek. Aria caught her tongue between her teeth. A spurt of raw heat coursed through her exposed clit, but she kept her expression haughty and still. She no longer looked at the warrior, but kept her icy gaze on the darkness beyond the brightly lit stage.

Memory told her other Lodgers were there, witnessing her torture. Her heart told her there was no one in the room but herself and her dark lover. Aria drew in a harsh breath, trying to think of anything she could say that would stop the smooth motion she saw from the corner of her eye --


The rough leather of Klancy's belt slapped against the plump, huddling cheeks of Aria's ass -- not hard enough to make her scream, but she still started up on her toes, in pure reaction. She heard a soft sigh rise from the women watching them.


Aria gasped, and felt her eyes drifting closed, as heat swirled again through her loins. She forced them open -- she wouldn't give in to the almost irresistibly seductive sting of the --


Klancy was careful to keep the power and the timing of her strokes varied, and therefore impossible to predict.


"Then why?" Aria barked, her tone harsh with the effort to speak, without revealing her intense arousal. "You tell me, Klancy! What, under Gaia's blue sky, ever gave you the right to punish me, like this?"

"You did," Klancy murmured.


"Ahh -- " Aria jerked with the sudden sting of the belt across her right cheek. Her full breasts bounced prettily, and she began a slow, sensual twisting in her bonds, that she wasn't even aware of. "Damn you, warrior . . . I've given you no reason . . . "

"I need no reason," Klancy said quietly.


"I require no excuse to make you dance under my strap, little girl." The dark warrior's blue eyes were turning to a feverish silver. "I do so, because it pleases me, to see you . . . flinch."


"Ahhh," Aria cried softly, her body convulsing in its chains.

"And it pleases you," Klancy whispered, and suddenly she was right next to Aria, snaking her long belt between her achingly spread thighs, then slapping the worn leather into her open sex. She scrubbed it back and forth, gently, over the shuddering woman's straining clit. "As always, lass, all you need do, is tell me to stop . . ."

Aria bucked, hard, her head snapping back, her full lips yawning wide as climax took her, her firm breasts quaking.

As always . . . Aria made no sound.

"Hoosh!" sarah sighed happily from the darkened bar, a few moments later. "That was grite!"

A gratified murmur went through the watching Lodgers, then friendly applause, as Ikarias killed the spot and slowly brought up the house lights.

Klancy came around in front of Aria again, her body concealing her lover's nakedness from their appreciative audience. She looked down at Aria's bent head, then put out one finger and gently lifted her chin, so she could see her dazed green eyes.

"I want a cigarette," Aria mumbled, and Klancy grinned.

"Me too." The tall warrior began unfastening the wrist and ankle cuffs. "Then I will make you a cheeseburger, with more bun than bread, medium rare, with fresh tomato and onion."

"Yes you will." Aria slumped into Klancy's strong arms.

The Courtly Butch lifted the beautifully sated woman easily, and carried her toward DJ and Killian, who stood waiting with a fire-warmed robe to spread over Aria's nakedness.

"I have plenty to teach you too, you know," Aria pointed out, lifting her head briefly from Klancy's shoulder.

"I do know," Klancy agreed. "It was just my turn this time. I get one of your cigarettes, my pipe is upstairs."



It was exactly nine steps to her front door from the main path. Then, ten more steps through her living quarters. Another five steps led to the two smaller ones that would lead her to the bedchamber.

Aria knew her way by heart, as she slipped in quietly to find her friend sleeping. She removed her cloak and lowered herself onto the bed in one graceful move. She had completed this task so many times, it was second nature by now. Aria laid down gently, scooped the sleeping woman in her arms and pulled her close.

Killian even in her sleep seemed to recognize Aria. She snuggled closer as the ritual dictated and waited to hear why Aria could not sleep this time. Somewhere along this journey Killian had stolen Aria’s heart. Killian pulled herself from her deep sleep and waited.

“Killy, this woman is going to be the death of me, you know that?”.

“Yes, Lady - I do” properly on cue.

“She is the most egotistical, ill-mannered, inappropriate, loutish excuse for a Warrior I’ve yet to run across.”

“Yes, Lady - I know you think that” Killian nuzzled closer.

She ravishes me at will, parades me around, displays me with little or no regard for who is in the room with us”

“Yes, Lady I was there for that” Killian giggled through pursed lips.

“Do I need to remind you Killy, I am on intimate speaking terms with an oak table in the Chakram Bar”.

“Yes, Lady - I know, I was there for that, as well” Killian wiggled her bottom even closer as she recalled Klancy and Aria first meeting.

Aria pressed her belly into small of Killy’s back while wrapping her arms tightly around her nubile young friend. When Aria was troubled or scared, this was the place, she could make it all go away. Killian was her safe place.

Aria ran her hand over the sensitive spot on her right cheek, feeling again the mark made by the strongest of the swipes from Klancy’s belt.

“She’s quite insufferable, Kil. She can push my buttons to the point of distraction.”

Killian, flipped over in one fluid movement and faced her good friend, “Yes Aria, I know - so, what are you going to do”

“What else can I do, Kil. I’m going to give that Warrior my heart someday”.

“Yes, Lady - I know … I think we all do”.


The End - 'Trance & Dance' - by Lord Nessa, Lady Aria, & Klancy7

Next up - 'Aria's Dream' - by Klancy7

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