Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria

by Klancy7 & Lady Aria
April 17th, 2002



(Our story so far: It is Lady Aria's first night at the Kindred Spirit Lodge. The evening has gone well -- Aria is charmed and fascinated by her new friends. However, she finds it difficult to ignore the rude stare of Klancy7, from her table in the corner of the Chakram Bar. After a few hours, it becomes most annoying.

Aria decides to give the "Courtly Butch" -- the "Crass Boob," in Aria's mind -- one more scathing frown -- and then realizes that the dark warrior's eyes are pinned on her cleavage! And she does not drop her gaze! Klancy keeps openly studying Aria's full breasts, even as Aria stalks across the chamber to Klancy's table . . . and slaps her across the face.)


Klancy stood.

One moment, the Chakram Bar was filled with warm laughter and conversation. The next, the large chamber was cathedral silent; a stillness both thick and tense.

Several of the submissives looked up at their Dommes, wanting reassurance, but found none in their warriors' grave expressions. They looked back at Klancy, the dashing butch they knew and loved well -- who had been replaced, by a sinister stranger they hardly recognized.

All she had done was stand up. The dark warrior towered over Aria, whose lovely eyes widened slightly as Klancy's broad shoulders blocked the light from the torch chandelier above them. The scarlet imprint of Aria's palm was emerging on the side of her tanned face.

No one in the Lodge, warrior or wench, had ever lifted a hand in true anger to the Courtly Butch. That was partly because before she was a Courtly Butch, Klancy had been a notorious pirate, with enough blood on her hands to merit respect from the most seasoned Warrior. Aria had not heard those stories yet, unfortunately.

Aria swallowed, but when she spoke, her voice held its usual calm, cool music. "I'll ask you to keep civil eyes in your head -- madam. Or are all newcomers to this Lodge expected to bear the rude and vulgar appraisals of strangers?"

She heard Killian gasp, and her throat went dry, but her gaze on her tormentor didn't waver.

The corner of Klancy's mouth lifted, her cobalt blue eyes flickering with amusement, and Aria felt her indignation rise again. Then she swallowed, a second time, as the tall woman took one slow step forward, and their breasts touched. The underside of the warrior's brushed the top of her own, and suddenly Aria was paralyzed. She couldn't have backed up if she wanted to -- even if her pride allowed it.

"The best way to protect yourself from offensive strangers, little sister," Klancy drawled softly, her face inches from Aria's, "is to make their full acquaintance. You would have nothing to fear from friends, si?"

Aria's brow furrowed, at the obvious fallacies in this argument. And then the tall warrior was moving so fast she was a blur. Aria felt her arms pulled back behind her in a fierce grip, and her breath gushed out of her in an alarming rush.

"Permit me to introduce our newest Lodger, sistren!" Klancy's commanding tone rang through the silent chamber. She snuck strong arms around Aria's struggling form, and gripped the edges of her bodice. "I give you all, the impudent Lady Aria!"

There was a ripping of silk, and warm torchlight washed across Aria's shockingly exposed breasts. The ample pale globes, capped with pink nipples, bounced and shuddered as the furious woman struggled, and a soft sigh moved through crowd that watched in the shadows.

A dark voice hissed in Aria's ear. "Learn the price of insolence, girl."

"Y-you unbearable bitch . . ." Aria gasped, trying with all her might to free her pinned arms from the Warrior's iron grip. She was lifted off her feet, so that her body arched back along Klancy's tall form, making her naked breasts bulge and jiggle in the cool air. The tips were stiffening, the nipples flushing scarlet before so many eager, silent eyes.

She felt herself being twisted and carried, and the torch chandelier overhead whirled dizzily past her eyes. Then she was falling, and Aria grunted, more in shock than pain, as Klancy threw her face-down over one of the Lodge's rough oak tables. The scratchy wood rasped across her tender, engorged nipples, and she arched sharply, gasping, trying to lift her upper body upright.

Klancy's strong hand in the small of her back kept her bent double. The Warrior inserted her knee between Aria's thrashing thighs, and nudged them roughly apart. She pressed her flat, with her own body, and her rich alto murmured in her ear, as she tore at the fabric of her skirts.

"Pray let me offer you more intimate welcome to the Kindred SpiritLodge, Lady Aria."

She heard tearing silk, and then Klancy hand wormed into the juncture at the top of her thighs. Her long fingers swarmed with heated demand over her softly furred slit, and Aria bit her lip to keep from crying out.

"I've been waiting to feel this particular fire, again." The Warrior's warm breath brushed her cheek, as she began to delve between her netherlips, and encountered Aria's rich juices. "And perhaps you've been waiting, as well . . . "

"You will -- never -- " Aria tried to go on, but the sudden, delicious scrubbing of the pads of Klancy's fingers over her tightly swollen clit robbed her of the breath to speak.

"Never? You lie. You came here for this, girl. For me." The dark woman pressed her weight to Aria's back, holding her immobile, making her naked breasts bulge prettily against the wood. "Shall I take you down to our dungeon, and strip you naked? I'll chain you between two posts, lift your knees over my shoulders, bury my face between these luscious legs, and chew on your sweet straining clit, all night . . . "

"Ahh -- " Aria gasped, heat sluicing through her loins in unmerciful waves, like electric current igniting her blood. She grunted, as Klancy inserted two fingers inside her, an abrupt and shocking violation that made her surge on the tabletop.

Incredibly, a quavering note of desire shook Klancy's voice, a wavering none of the Lodgers had ever heard. "You walk in here, and catch the eye of every warrior in the Lodge. You strike me, before my sistren. Never make that mistake again, little girl. Never take me too lightly."

Aria felt it building inside her, a climax deep and big and sharp and utterly unstoppable, and then she was convulsing with it. Scalding pleasure shot from the Warrior's pistoning hand, and exploded through her cunt, and Aria screamed. . . .

. . . and knew nothing more.


When she opened her eyes, Aria was lying on a silk spread, clothed in a modest cotton sleeping gown, a warm fur pulled up to her chin. She sat up in the wide bed, groggy. The tenderness and residual pleasure in her loins assured her she had not been dreaming.

Killian stirred, from the corner of the chamber, where she sat waiting for Aria's awakening. She smiled at her, sweetly.

"Are you all right, Lady Aria? The flowers on the table beside you are from the Courtly Butch . . . "

Hydrangeas and lilacs.

And so began Aria's life at the Kindred SpiritLodge.



Was this woman ever going to reach her full height? Aria felt as if she were caught in some bizarre time warp - how tall could this woman really be? As Aria completed her thought, the answer became painfully apparent. Before her, stood this mountain of a woman, and from all indications this mountain was furious with her. Aria's pride would never allow her to walk away from this but surely, this woman knew the meaning of propriety.

Aria wanted to run, flee this woman's scorn. She immediately regretted her slap and damned her temper. Aria knew there was something vastly different about this woman from the others who had crossed her invisible lines in the past. She also could not understand why, her sisterly audience, given the choice of what to focus on, seemed more engrossed in the look on her attacker's face than her bare breasts displayed before them. There was something wrong here, these women looked truly afraid, not for her, but for what she had brought out in their Warrior.

Nothing in Aria's life had prepared her for what was about to come.

How is it possible, this brute could lift her off the ground with one arm? Klancy had arched her body in such a way, she resembled a human bow. Her blush, was now a mixture of embarrassment and fury. "Put me down, you insufferable cow" she spat out. Aria heard fabric tearing and knew immediately from where, as the rush of cool air assailed her breasts. There was barely time for her modesty to crest when she felt herself being thrown face down onto a wooden table.

Surely, this woman had not intended to take her the same way she would some common serving wench, and not in full view of her new sisters.

Aria was fighting now in earnest. She was determined to get off this damn table. Again, Klancy used only one arm, but that one arm showed no signs of releasing her despite Aria's litany of obscenities. It was the beast's words that scared her more than not being able to move. There was something in her tone and the delivery that Aria had spent a lifetime looking for. Klancy was removing Aria's choice just as surely as she removed the fabric that acted as a flimsy barrier between her and this barbarian.

Before Aria could even be fearful of how far this would go, Klancy was touching her, invading her with a profound sense of entitlement. Aria felt those calloused fingers in her most tender of places. Then she felt Klancy enter her from behind. The barbarian was inside of her, filling Aria with a sense of being truly owned for the first time in her life. She hated what was happening to her, and felt betrayed by own body. How could she be this wet? Why was she straining to meet this brute's hand? Why were Klancy's words of a dungeon burning her brain so?

The tempo was becoming more than Aria could bear. Aria would not allow herself to climax for this beast. She would refuse to give anymore of herself beyond what had already been taken. Klancy intuitively sensed this and pushed deeper inside of the now almost frantic girl. Aria's climax was her body's final betrayal. Klancy took her with such power and audacity… that, last thing she heard, was the sound of her own screaming before blessed darkness took her.


The End - 'The Courtly Butch Meets the Lady Aria' - by Klancy7 & Lady Aria

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