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Saturday Night at the Lodge

by Klancy7
February 9th, 2002


The antique jukebox in the corner filled the Chakram Bar with Lady Day's crooning lament, and Sirius twirled sarah slowly to the smoky grief of her song. The black-braided Warrior held the diminutive Aussie wench lightly as they danced, her rugged hand tender on the sweet swell of sarah's bare shoulder.

It was a nicely mellow night in the Lodge. On the upper level, in the Library, an interesting interaction was beginning between the lovely Amber and the dashing Lord Freya. In the main chamber, Gabrielle sat at Xena's table, her chin perched on one hand, her green eyes dreamy as she watched Sirius and sarah slow-dance.

The beautiful bard let out a gusting, romantic sigh, and looked around the large chamber for Xena. She pushed herself off the cushioned bench, still a little rocky after her long bout with fever, and using her staff for support, wandered through the bar.

"Hey. Hello. It's tris, right?" Gabrielle smiled at the shy young woman, whose face lit up as the famous bard approached her. "Listen, my hat's off to you. That scene you did earlier, with Lord Nessa -- "


Both women turned at the sibilant hiss, and saw Mistress Ikarias looming over them. The Half-Dragon's slitted eyes gleamed with carnal greed as she gazed down at tris.

"I regret that we were interrupted earlier, young one." The sinister Domme smiled, chillingly. "Perhaps we can resume where we left off, before your Lord Nessa so rudely -- "

tris's eyes widened until they took up most of her beautiful face, and she turned and fled for the stairs. Gabrielle looked after her, puzzled, and then turned to Ikarias and caught her grin.

"She's so cute when she's spooked," Ikarias chortled. "Couldn't resist. Uh, you don't happen to see Nessa standing right behind me, do you?"

Gabrielle stood on her tiptoes and checked, then patted the Warrior's arm. "You're lucky this time, Snicky."

She left the still snickering Ikarias, and moved on through the dim warm light of the Chakram Bar. She saw merryangel preparing a projector -- Gabrielle assumed it was a projector, these modern times had the weirdest tools -- and Hunter drawing down a white silk screen, for the showing of merryangel's XWP videos.

Gabrielle felt a tingle of anticipation, she couldn't wait to see those. As long as she, herself, wasn't singing in any of them, she amended. Or naked. Then again, if she was naked, maybe Xena would be naked . . . color rose in the bard's cheeks, and then virtually flooded them as she saw what Master Dory was doing to Kit on the mainstage!

rach was getting some great photographs, moving quietly around the writhing pair as the sex demo continued. Gabrielle watched, openmouthed, as she walked past, and then bumped into Xena's chair.


"Gabrielle, here, honey, sit down." dj smiled as she patted the cushioned seat beside her. "It'll be awhile minutes before these two possessed barbarians are capable of civilized conversation."

"Erk," Klancy growled, proving dj's point. She sat across from Xena, the steely blue of both Warriors' eyes locked in concentration, as their arm wrestling match went into it's second hour.

Gabrielle looked from one very tall, dark and ravishing butch Warrior to the other, and puffed her bangs off her forehead. "Why? Why do they do it?"

"They're Warriors," dj sighed. "I'm stopping this at midnight, I am not missing those music videos."

"How are you feeling, Bri?" Xena's rich voice was low and loving.

"I'm fine now, in spite of the festering purple sores all over my face." Gabrielle waited, but Xena didn't fall for it -- her blistering gaze on Klancy never faltered. She and dj exchanged grins, and then the bard looked over at the arched window on the Lodge's western wall.

As she had for three nights, Lady Alison was lighting a trio of candles in the window, which would twinkle warmly through the stained glass throughout the night. It was a ritual she would perform each dusk until her fair maiden returned from her travels.

Beside Alison, Lord Nessa stood, one arm draped protectively around killian's slender shoulders. Gabrielle's brow furrowed in sympathy. killian looked pale and worn, her usually sparkling eyes dim with pain -- this back injury worried them all. Alison looked no better -- both women were plagued with injuries even Xena, with all her knowledge of healing, couldn't ease for long.

Nessa's other arm slid around Alison's waist, and the three sistren spoke quietly. dj and Gabrielle listened, in respectful silence.

"We've done all we can," Nessa murmured. "twi knows we love her. She'll return to us, when she's ready. We just have to give her time. She has a hard road ahead."

"She could have walked it here, with us." killian looked at the flickering candles, sadly. "She doesn't have to do this alone. We're her family."

"Let's hope she remembers that." Alison brushed killian's hair off her forehead. "When my fair maiden returns, she'll be welcomed by seventeen friends who love her. We'll be patient. She'll come, when she's ready."

"She'd better," Klancy growled, her exquisite forehead beading shining attractively with sweat, her butch forearm swelling with muscle as she clenched Xena's hand. Neither Warrior had gained an inch, their joined hands were perfectly upright between them. "That young lass owes us a history lesson. We want it done before this indelicate rogue, and her lovely bard, have to leave us."

"History lesson?" The corner of Xena's mouth twitched. "I thought that's what the two of us were here for, to teach all of you."

"Welp, actually, leather lips," Klancy responded, "you're here to learn a lesson of a different kind. Humility." Abruptly, she pushed Xena's hand down, with smooth insistence, to the darkwood of the table.

"WOW!" Gabrielle gasped, so stunned at Xena's sudden defeat that her immense vocabulary deserted her.

Xena glared at her flattened hand, then looked at Klancy in outrage. "Tell me how you did that!"

"Learn to type, honey." Klancy wagged her sexy eyebrows at Xena, smug. "It's my post, I can end it any way I want."


The End - 'Saturday Night at the Lodge' - by Klancy7

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