Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

Never Too Lightly

by Klancy7
December 14th, 2001
Light X&G Dungeon Piece


Gabrielle had been kneeling at the edge of the mainstage, stripped and spread, for hours by the time the Sinners returned to the Inn.

The muscular little blonde still wore the torn remnants of her clothing, scraps of blue and green silk fluttering from her hips. Her fingers were entwined at the base of her neck, her lifted elbows making the firm swells of her breasts bulge. The creamy globes were criss-crossed with thin red welts from an earlier whipping. Gabrielle's knees were spread so widely the tendons on either side of her exposed cunt stood out like bands. A warm gold spotlight washed her nakedness in a pulsing glow, glinting in the wetness of her glistening sex.

"Welcome home."

Xena's sultry tone drew the stunned eyes of the Sinners to the Chakram Bar. The tall Warrior stood behind the polished mahogany bar, refreshing a tall, iced flagon of bardbon. Her lush dark hair fell in silky waves around the austere beauty of her features, which bore a simmering, but tightly controlled cruelty that resonated in the vulva of every submissive in the room.

"Gabrielle is especially glad to see you. Sorry she can't greet you herself, right now." Xena nodded at the smaller woman, who clenched a thick stick in her jaws, her breath whistling out from around the wood. Nothing held the stiff gag in place, or had to -- Gabrielle knew the penalty for dropping it.

Xena sauntered around the bar. "I'm afraid my young partner's been quite a foolish little bitch. Please, join us in the lounge."

The gathering of women moved almost silently across the hardwood floor. twilight's heart was in her mouth, and she stayed very close to Lady Alison, who kept a protective arm around her shoulder. The Sinners followed the tall Warrior to the mainstage, where Gabrielle tried to suppress the panting that made her naked breasts jiggle and heave. The scarlet nipples were pinched by two tiny clips, connected by a delicate gold chain. Judging by the sweat that covered the girl, making her firm curves gleam in the stage light, the small digging clamps had been in place for a long time.

They thronged around the stage, staring openly at the chained young woman, who was obviously in a state of high arousal. Gabrielle's tight, engorged clitoris could be seen emerging between the softly furred lips of her cunt, visibly pulsing with the tremors shaking her graceful frame. A soft sigh moved through the watching Warriors, their eyes lighting with the same murky gleam that made Xena's gaze so frightening.

When the crowd settled around the stage, Xena approached the kneeling bard, swirling her bardbon thoughtfully, the clinking ice the only sound in the hushed chamber. "Do you want to tell our friends what you've done, Gabrielle?"

The Sinners stared raptly at Gabrielle's pale face, but the young blonde made no effort to open her mouth and drop the stick that silenced her; her bow-shaped lips trembled, and tears rose in the emerald green eyes.

Suddenly, Xena tipped the flagon and splashed two large dollops of icy liquor over the kneeling woman's clipped nipples. rach gasped raggedly, imagining the cold shock of the icy liquor, as Gabrielle writhed, a brief, beautiful dance that brought a low moan from the Warriors.

"I said, little slut, do you want to tell our sisters, here, what you've done?"

The bard drew in a gasping breath around the wooden gag, and held still.

Xena splashed Gabrielle's open cunt with bardbon, and her back arched, hard, her breasts thrusting higher. She squealed in shock, her hips jerking, but kept the stick in her mouth, blinking tears from her eyes.

Nodding approval, the raven-tressed Warrior reached up and gently worked the gag free. Gabrielle gasped in relief, working her jaw carefully and licking her dry lips.

"Why didn't you answer, Gabrielle?"

The naked submissive answered at once. "You forbade me to speak until you removed my gag, Xena."

"Correct. Tell them now, why you are being punished."

"I forgot who you were." Gabrielle's brimming green eyes met Xena's. "I dared take my Warrior too lightly."

Xena made a murmuring sound of regretful agreement. Her long, tapered fingers reached into the flagon, and removed a chip of ice. She held it up, and Gabrielle stared at it fearfully. Xena brought the ice chip almost casually to the open lips of her sex, and began to rub it slowly over her wet folds. A breathless cry escaped the girl, but she bit it back until it was a helpless moan, her hips twisting in small, helpless jerks.

"Sort of the golden rule of submission, isn't it?" The leathered Warrior turned to the watching Sinners with a droll smile, her fingers never stopping their movement in Gabrielle's cunt, the ice beginning to drip and melt in her heat. "Your Warrior can be as relaxed as hell, little sisters. She can even be funny. But never, never take her too lightly."

Xena met Nessa's gaze, and dropped her a slow wink.

At last the ice disappeared, disintegrated by the furnace of Gabrielle's need. Xena placed the flagon on the stage, unhurried, and in one graceful movement, knelt behind Gabrielle. Her long arms snaked around the naked woman, and her hands started to stroke the welted breasts. The blonde woman bit her lower lip, arching her back against the Warrior behind her.

Xena's fingers foraged lower, smoothing over the flat belly, and then delving into the juncture between Gabrielle's widespread legs. The bard bucked at the first rough touch on her swollen clitoris, but the Warrior gripped her mound tightly in her hand, and shook it, squeezing. Another moan moved through the watching Sinners, as the long fingers began a ruthless sawing, scrubbing motion against the turgid bud.

A harsh cry escaped Gabrielle as she exploded, concussive waves of pleasure and release rocking her almost to the floor. Xena held her up, her fingers still swirling in her spasming cunt, murmuring obscene endearments in her lover's ear as she shuddered against her.

The watching Sinners heard Xena whisper some word of release, and abruptly Gabrielle sagged in her arms, trembling, still gasping for breath. Xena rested her lips in the soft blonde hair, and then her blue eyes lifted to regard her assembled friends.

"The title of this piece provides wise words to live by, little sisters." Xena smiled, like a sated panther. Never overly talkative once she has made her point, the Warrior contented herself with cradling her gloriously fulfilled bard, and the weekend moved on.


The End - 'Never too Lightly' - by Klancy7

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