Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Show

by Mercy & Jasper
August 25th, 2006


(Mercy) --

Mercy's eyebrow arched slowly. Her eyes were surrounded by shadows and dark circles. She did not look amused. Her eyes started sparking golden, something that happened more and more often in the presence of these two women, especially recently.

"Yes, Oisin. Before morning caffeine. And on almost no sleep. Today is not a good day. Now would you please care to explain what is going on here? And do not even try telling me that it's not what I think. It is exactly what I think."

Mercy began slowly stalking forward, backing the other woman up. She let out a surprised squeak when she was pulled into a deep kiss. Something that she hadn't expected. After she regained her equilibrium, she pondered breaking away, but it was nice to find this bard, as she called herself, had a use for her mouth other then insulting her.

Another squeak escaped from her mouth into Oisin's as she felt arms wrap around her waist, however on hearing jasper's name, she broke away from the kiss and pushed the taller woman so hard that she landed hard on her rear, a small huff sound escaping her lips. "What on bloody earth is wrong with you, woman!"

The sudden rage from the previously submissive woman was enough to send able Mabel sprinting from the room to hide in her chamber, sense of self preservation finally rising in the girl. Mercy pointed one finger at Oisin. "You, you don't move. At all. Not a twitch. Do you understand me?"

Then she half turned to face the stairs and her voice bellowed out at an earsplitting level. "jasper! You get your sorry cowardly hide down here right this instant! Because if I have to come after you, you'll be sorry!"


(Jasper) --

As jasper came out of her room and started down the hall she heard mercy's yelling something about cowardly an sorry hide and getting down there all with her name before it. What the hell was going on? I thought, she sounds pissed I’m not going down there. I turned and went back to my room "maybe she wont come looking for me" I said to myself as I sat and waited to see what would happen.


(Mercy) --

Mercy flipped to look at Oisin who was still on the floor, an almost comical look of shock on her face. Again. "Don't move. Don't twitch. Don't even think about moving or twitching. Not a muscle. Until I get back." Turning on her heel, she stormed out of the kitchen and up the stairs straight to jasper's room. She pounded on the door with a fist. "jasper! Open this door. If you don't come out, I'll go in after you. And believe me, you do not want that!"


(jasper) --

Sitting there nervously waiting jasper could hear mercy coming up the stairs waiting for the knock she still couldn't understand why mercy was so upset. She was approaching from the kitchen ' I bet it has something to do with Oisin...again' I thought fearing the worst I literally jumped out of the chair when the pounding and shouted threats started.

Looking at the door I saw that I had failed to lock it " what to do...hide" I glanced around thinking 'not much chance of that' resigned to my fate I slowly walked to the door throwing it open seeing the golden glow of her eye's 'uh oh' I thought trying to get my mouth to work "M..Mercy honey what’s theeeee......


(Mercy) --

Mercy grabbed Jasper by the shirt front and began dragging her down the stairs behind her. "Not a word. Not a single solitary word. You don't get to 'Oh honey' your way out of this one."

Mercy strode back into the kitchen dragging Jasper behind her. Stopping for a second she saw that Oisin was gone. Letting out a curse of invectives, she turned to face the other woman again. "Looks like your partner in crime has made a break for it. Which just leaves you. And me. And the fact that I am very pissed off and have yet to have my coffee today."

Once again she started walking, leaving Jasper stumbling behind her trying to keep up. After a small detour by the table to pick up the leather whip, she dragged her up the steps onto the stage and dropped her. "Do not move. At all." Then faced the room. "Sisters, anyone up for a little show?"

Without waiting for and answer she turned to Jasper and ripped the other woman's shirt open, then flung the offending garment off. "Anything you'd like to say?"


(Jasper) --

Jasper was flabbergasted staying where she had landed. She was amazed the smaller woman could just fling her around like a rag doll, looking up she had never seen mercy's eye's such a bright golden color.

"eeepp" was emitted just before she snapped her mouth shut ‘think. Think,’ she thought. Scrambling to her knees "W..would you like some tea?" oh my I had never seen that face before who is this woman and where is my Mercy?

Seeing the anger flash in Mercy's eye's Jasper realized one thing whatever it was she just said had made it worse. I knew I only had one chance left taking in a slow deep breath I let loose "Oooiissiinnn" frantically darting my eyes around the room searching for my cousin and of course she was no where to be found.

Bowing my head accepting my fate. I allowed the excitement to coarse thru me. I visibly shivered at the thought of that whip kissing my skin. Jasper didn't want it to become known but secretly she wanted this. Boldly I lifted my head "would you like me to remove these too?" I asked, starting to undo the laces of my breeches.


(Mercy) --

Mercy's eyes flared brighter at the mention of Jasper's cousin, truly becoming the glowing yellow of a bird of prey. "No. I will do it myself. Now stand!" She snapped her fingers expecting immediate obedience. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the group in the bar growing larger and filling the seats around the stage. Perfect.

Walking to the prop trunk, Mercy withdraw a small dagger and used it to cut the lacings of Jasper's breeches, allowing them to fall down around her ankles. After she'd stepped out of them, Mercy slowly ran her gaze over the nude woman's body, appreciating her and allowing the Lodgers time to do the same.

Snapping her fingers she pointed to an x frame, also on the stage, waiting to see if Jasper would obediently walk over or if she'd have to drag her.


(Jasper) --

Quickly rising at Mercy's command I stood waiting as she retrieved the dagger from the trunk. Unable to control the tremor that flowed through me as I waited in anticipation.

Stepping out of my breeches chill bumps covered my body and my nipples got even tighter as the cool air touched my skin I stood there waiting, at her next command I cut my eye's over to the X frame. Even with the chill I could feel a trickle of sweat rolling down my temples.

The thought of being tie to the frame caused a gush of liquid fire to coat my inner thighs. And I wondered if mercy could since my excitement.

Not wanting to seem eager I hesitantly took a step towards the object of my punishment. Glancing back at Mercy she raised her eyebrows with a look of barely controlled anger.

I knew I didn't have much time as i defiantly lifted my head and boldly walked to the apparatus stopping just in front of it unsure of the position in which she wanted me.

Not wanting to assume I stood waiting not daring to look at her again. Closing my eye's straining not to move. Muscles tensed I waited her next command.


(Mercy) --

Mercy took a deep breath to get her emotions under control and walked over to Jasper. Grasping the woman by her shoulder, Mercy spun her so she was facing the frame and shoved her forcefully against it. Her words were a low growl when she spoke. "Don't move."

Reaching down, she fastened Jasper's wrists and ankles to the frame with leather straps, taking her time to ensure they were snugged tight but not cutting off circulation. After she was satisfied with her work, she stepped back to look at the bound woman. Her eyes slowly roamed over her body. She noticed the tightened nipples and wetness on her thighs as well as the quickened breathing and smiled a wicked half smile before turning away and walking back to the toy box.

Mercy spent several long minutes looking through the contents, both to see what was available to her and to make the woman bound behind her sweat, just a little bit. Turning back, hands holding something behind her back, she walked around to stand behind Jasper and whisper in her ear, breath hot against her chilled skin.

"I'm not pleased with you today, Jasper. I expect so much better from you. Especially since you *know* how I feel about your cousin and her insults. This afternoon in the kitchen was pushing it way too far. And you do not want to push me."

She reached up and pushed Jasper's hair back from her face with one hand before slipping a blindfold over her eyes. She rested a reassuring hand on her shoulder when she jerked, startled. "Shh... It's just a blindfold. Nothing that bad. I find the imagination is so much better sometimes. You can't see me, or what I'm doing now.

Can't expect anything or see it as it's coming. You also can't see all the women in this room. You don't know if they're ignoring you, or watching every breath. You don't know which ones are watching you with pity, or as though they'd like to eat you alive. I like it that way."

Mercy stepped back a few feet from the frame, her gaze a smoldering heat on Jasper's shoulder blades. She picked up the leather whip that Jasper had presented her with just that morning, and silently moved to stand only a few feet behind her. Jasper, bound and blindfolded as she was, could not hear anything over the pounding of her own heart in her ears.

The whip whizzed through the air once, then twice as Mercy took a few practice swings. After she felt comfortable with the weight of the leather in her hand and her aim, she let her eyes roam across the landscape of exposed skin before her. Then she focused and let the whip fly, leaving three stinging marks equally spaced across Jasper's back. Then waited, a short pause intended to let the sensation of the first lash really sink in, before letting the next one fly. And the next.

"Let me hear how sorry you are, Jasper. I want you to apologize to me. For what happened this afternoon. For displeasing me so grievously. Apologize. I want to hear you answer me." Mercy swung again, waiting for her answer.

"Very good. You can learn. Now, I want you to think about the women that we're putting this little show on for. The ones out there who think you're a big butch warrior, full to the brim with macha.

Think. They can see you, right now. They can see how hard your nipples are, how they rasp across the wood of the frame with every lash. They saw you give the whip to me this morning. Even the ones in the back can see how wet you are, see the insides of your thighs shine, and the ones closest to the stage can most likely smell it.

You're enjoying this. Whether you admit it or not. And after this, not a single woman in this Lodge will believe that you're the one in control of a sweet submissive girl. They'll know exactly who answers to whom. What do you think of that, my darling..."

Mercy continued to let the whip fly until Jasper's back was a mass of red welts, spaced equally across so that every inch of her skin felt the burning sting of the whip at least once. She finally lowered her arm, watched the other woman's slow undulations in her bonds. Slowly she let the whip fall to the wooden stage floor, the sound echoing in the silent space. Pacing forward, she pressed her body against the bound warrior's back, allowing her hands to roam across her sides and up to her succulent breasts. Her fingertips began to pinch and tweak the sensitive buds as she spoke into her ear again. "Tell me, dearheart, was that a punishment or a reward. Perhaps this might be both."

She ran her hand slowly down Jasper's body, finally coming to rest between her spread thighs. Slowly she began stroking the wetness there, briefly brushing against her swollen clit before moving away, teasing. "Just remember, pet, not without my permission. If you come before I say you can, I'll leave you here all night long..."


(Jasper) --

Biting my lower lip it was taking everything I had not to turn around and grab this woman tie her to this frame and fuck her senseless that's how hot I was how ready.

Damn I wondered what Oisin did to piss her off so bad and why am I the one paying for it. And here I thought it was because she didn't like the tea.

Oh goddess she's blindfolding me with that thought I break out in a cold sweat. I couldn't help being startled as she places her hand on my shoulder but her words soothe my fractured nerves.

I could feel the heat as the flush rose up my body from my breast rising to my neck as she starts to taunt me.

The pounding of my heart was so loud I fail to hear the singing of the whip as it sails thru the air. Only then did I realize I was holding my breath as it came out in a hiss as leather struck my back.

I am apologizing for what I don't know. The roar in my head is so loud I can barely make out what she's saying. As I try not to struggle against the binds with every kiss of the whip.

I can feel the essence of my arousal running down my legs. Mercy knows how excited I am and she making sure everyone watching knows it to with her taunting.

The lash has stopped and I can feel her behind me I bite my lip against the gasp as she presses her body against mine running her hands up my sweating sides.

My thighs clinch and I surge forward trying to find some relief as she abuses my rock hard nipples. As her hand moves lower I throw my head back trying to suppress the groan as her hand moves threw the wetness lightly caressing my swollen clit.

She wants to know if this is a punishment or a reward for me. And in the haze of lust that my mind has become I bite the inside of my cheek tasting the blood as it rolls over my tongue.

It's the only thing keeping me from screaming my thoughts aloud. Its torture pure and simple that’s what it is. My body is screaming for release.


(Mercy) --

Mercy slides her hand away from the tortured woman's clit, trailing her fingers down her thighs. Slowly she begins running her nails up and down Jasper's inner thighs, teasingly high, then away again.

"You've been a very good girl so far, Jasper. And have borne your punishment admirably well. But that was punishment. I promised the fine women here a show. And now you're going to help me give it to them."

Mercy smiled at the bound woman's confusion and distress. "That was just an appetizer for them, sweetheart. We have to do better then that. And I'm sure that you're up for it. Aren't you...?"

She walked in from of Jasper, fingers forceful under her chin, tilting her head up. Their lips met hard, crashing together, Mercy's tongue sweeping into her lover's mouth claiming it, tasting the faint copper tang of blood. Pulling away, she stepped back to observe her prey for a moment. The sensation of power was heady and unfamiliar. She could do whatever she liked with this woman. She was powerless, completely in her control.

Dropping to her knees, she began to lightly run her tongue over Jasper's thighs, tasting her essence as she drew delicate patterns with the tip of her tongue, slowly moving upward. She listened to the desperate groans coming from the woman above her, and smiled for a moment, before burying her face between the other woman's legs. Her tongue worked, first soft, then flicking roughly over her clit. The tempo constantly changing, never doing anything long enough to push her over the edge into the orgasm that had been building since she set foot on the stage. Mercy pulled her swollen clit between her lips, sucking roughly before nibbling and nipping at the tortured flesh.

She waited until Jasper's cries reached a new level of desperation that signaled her approaching climax, then pulled abruptly away. Standing, she rubbed the back of her hand against her mouth, eyes slightly unfocused. "I'm sorry, did you want something?" A wicked smile curved her lips. "What was that? I didn't hear you."

"Oh... I see..." She paced back across the stage to the trunk of wonders and began sorting through it, pulling out a delicate silver chain connecting a pair of nipples clamps with wickedly sharp teeth and a hard wooden paddle. Once again she stepped in front of the bound woman, bending down to fasten her lips around first one, then the other nipple, teasing them into throbbing life. Then she withdrew the warmth of her mouth and carefully closed a clamp over each protruding bud, listening to the harsh cries torn from the other woman's throat. "Oh dear, was that not what you asked for? Such a pity. But you're not complaining are you...?"

Mercy slowly walked back around her, eyes roving her pale skin, riveted by her undulations in the bonds. Her gaze trailed down even further before resting on the smooth, curved expanse of her backside. She lifted the paddle, testing it's weight in her hand.

"Now, I'm going to punish you again. Not because you've done anything wrong, but simply because I enjoy it. And you're going to let me. Do you understand? Now. I want you to count each and ever strike and thank me for them. Starting now."

She drew back the paddle and let it fly forward, cracking against Jasper's exposed buttocks with a delightful smacking sound. "Now, what do you say?"



"OONNEEE Thank You, Mercy" Oh gods the ache between my thighs grows as the paddle makes contact with my flesh. i try to regain control as my legs threaten to collapse under my weight.

The sting of that first strike spreading warmth through out my body. i wouldn't have thought it possible that my nipples could get any harder. She's waiting i can feel Her like a predator behind me getting ready to make Her next move.

"TWWOOO Thank You, Mercy" with the second strike i surge forward forcing my already tortured nipples hard into the wood as the clamps scrape against the frame i can't help the groan that escapes my bruised lips.

THRREEE Thank You, Mercy She reaches over and rubs my tortured bottom. i throw back my head and emit a howl as the fluid gushes from between my thighs and i feel a new explosion of heat surging down my legs.

Smack, Smack, Smack with me counting each stroke as the paddle landed. By now the heat running through my body was at a temperature that if it wasn't for the sweat covering me i would surely explode.

Three more swats and the tears were flowing freely down my face. i was on the verge of begging. But Mercy would not be getting that pleasure without a fight. i don't beg easily but by gods i wanted to.

TEENN Thank You Mercy, my throat was so dry i wasn't sure i could keep up the count if it went on much longer. my legs were so weak that if it wasn't for my arms being tied i would have fallen to the floor. the fluids were running freely from my abused body.

i just knew if Mercy would only touch me i would implode the orgasm being so great as to fell me with it's power. By the fifteenth stroke i was chanting in a soft tone "please, please, please" She had just about broke me i was so close to begging. Then it stopped as soon as it had begun.

She ran her hands all over my heated body the jolts of pain and pleasure coursed through me. my mind and body were close to being on overload if only she would do something. i couldn't take it, my body was on fire there was not an inch of me that was not slowly dying of need. Finally my mind could take no more "please forgive me,"

i took a slow deep breath and screamed as loud as my tortured throat would allow "OH GREAT GODDESS PLEASE MISTRESS MERCY."


(Mercy) --

Mercy froze for just a moment when Jasper screamed, begging her for relief. Almost in slow motion, the paddle fell from her limp fingers and fell to the stage. She bowed her head, hair falling in a curtain around her, making her look deceptively fragile. For if anyone could have looked into her eyes, they would have seen cunning and pleasure.

Slowly, she walked around Jasper, at one point stopping to bend gracefully and snag something from the floor of the stage. She passed the bound woman, and stood instead in front of the open trunk, staring into it's contents as though searching for an answer. Reaching in, she pulled out something that no one could see and moved to the bound woman once again.

Carefully, delicately, she began affixing straps snugly around her waist and thighs, finally producing a ridged wooden phallus and sliding it slowly into her body, then tightening the straps to hold it in place. Stepping back, she took a moment to admire her handiwork as the bound woman thrashed and writhed in her bonds, burning with desire but being unable to do anything about it.

"You're beautiful, you know. Especially when you're desperate. Screaming. Begging. When you're burning so hot you think you'll turn to ash. Riveting. I could do this all day. And I might. I do after all have a captive audience. Don't cum, Jasper." With a flick of her wrist she unfurled the soft leather whip that she had used earlier, that Jasper had presented to her only that morning.

Mercy began swinging it back and forth, tickling it lightly over her lover's inner thighs. Her other hand slid up to Jasper's chest and began sliding over her abused breasts, catching one of the clamps between her fingers and pinching it closed tighter for a moment before she released it.

Her fingertips ran gently down over the delicate chain connecting the clamps before hooking in it and tugging, gently at first, then harder as the teasing with the whip became strikes against Jasper's inner thighs and higher to sting against her swollen lips and clit.

The whip's stinging kiss moved up one thigh, down the other, then back again making the same trek over and over again, Mercy's finger's pulling cruelly on the chain connecting the wicked clamps with every stroke. "Do you like this, pet? I do. I like having you completely at my mercy like this. Being able to do what I want. Whatever I want. It pleases me. You like pleasing me, don't you? Tell me you do. Tell me how much you like this..."


(Jasper) --

my body was on fire, the pain was Deliciously unbearable. She was trying to break me was i ready was i willing. A million thoughts go though my head did she want my total submission? Yes, and yes i did i do like pleasing her my heart swells with the thought. So can i give her this? Yes, i can, i want her to have it.

i didn't see it but i felt it, in reality i knew it was going to happen. i didn't know when or how but i knew. She was filling me so slowly, She got to the barrier but didn't slow or stop. The pain was intense even if it was short the pleasure over riding it. "Oh gods, Oh gods p..please don't be m..mad" i said in a voice only loud enough for Her to hear.

She looked at me shocked for just a moment i'm sure wondering what i was babbling about. The tears were flowing freely it was the only thing keeping me from crying out, i wondered when She would realize what i had given her and if she would be upset at the way it was given.

i swallowed trying desperately to form some moisture in my dry mouth. "Y...yes i..i do like p..pleasing You" i had to stop and catch my breath. my thoughts spiraling just beyond my reach. i had to concentrate using all my will just to keep Her voice in focus.

She was asking something or was it merely taunting did She truly want an answer. Or was this just another form of torture. i couldn't get my mind to form reasonable thoughts. It was taking all i had to keep myself from Cumming as the whip lashed at my abused clit.

my body writhing beyond my control, panting, i put my head down clamping my mouth shut vowing not to cry out. She got that pleasure once it wouldn't soon happen again.

Answers She wants answers but they allude me. The clamps pulling on my tortured nipples sending the pain shooting through my breast straight to the heat pouring from my core as the evidence of my arousal mixed with the blood of my deflowering runs down my whipped thighs mingling with my sweat increasing the sweet burning building in my loins.

The pain it's not the pain of my body its the throbbing ache building between my legs that is ever so slowing driving me insane. This must be what insanity feels like, i fear opening my mouth to speak to answer those ever present questions for fear i will completely lose control. And that cannot happen.

She will have to work a little harder if she wants my total submission to make me completely hers.

The giving of my body is a gift i wanted her to have. The giving of my mind is something she will have to work to earn. Because only with the two together will she have my total submission.


(Mercy) --

Mercy slowed the whips stinging kiss, then finally stopped. With a sharp jerk of her hand, she pulled the clamps from Jasper's abused nipples. Letting them fall to the stage floor, she moved to stand before Jasper and just watch her, eyes taking in every detail. "You please me very much." She whispered, resting her cool palm against the bound woman's flushed face.

Gently, she leaned down and captured Jasper's lips with her own, taking her time with the kiss, keeping it long and slow. When she finally broke away, she rested her forehead against the other woman's for a moment. "You honor me, sweetheart."

Slowly sinking to her knees before Jasper, she looked up at her for a moment, tossing her long dark hair over her shoulders. "So now, I will give you what you so desperately desire." Mercy began with merely blowing across the wetness before her, teasing her with her breath before lightly lapping at her, gently caressing the abused flesh with her tongue. After a short while, she could tell by the restrained writhing above her that her lover needed more, much more. She sped up the motions of her tongue, lightly sucking on her clit, nibbling slightly. Then increasing the speed and pressure.

Mercy felt Jasper stiffen in her restraints, call her name, this time on a wave of pleasure. But she did not stop. She continued with this new form of torture, but this time one of unbearable pleasure, waiting until the woman above her could bear no more.

Until she would beg her to stop. Or pass out from too much pleasure. Whichever came first.


(Jasper) --

As the clamps were quickly removed the blood filled jaspers nipples painfully.

To exhausted to stop the scream, she barely held herself upright as the pain tore through her ending in a jolt between her legs.

At hearing Mercy’s words jaspers heart swelled with pride. Responding to the kiss jasper could feel the desire so acute her body was literally thrumming.

A smile formed on jaspers lips as Mercy acknowledged the gift jasper had given her. With eye’s pleading for the release she so desperately needed. Watching silently as Mercy slowly knelt in front of her. She couldn’t help the small whimper as she felt Mercy’s hot breath roll across her swollen mons. With the first touch of Mercy’s tongue.

jasper released the breath she had been holding. Letting the pleasure consume her. Once mercy quickened her pace it didn’t take long before the first orgasm rolled through her.

Before the first orgasm had drawn to it’s conclusion jasper could feel the next one building. As it seemed mercy had no intentions of stopping until she had wrung every bit of pleasure possible from jasper.

Jasper could hear herself screaming mercy’s name. But was unable to stop her body’s reactions. As the last orgasm slowly ended with her body twitching.

She finally succumbed to the exhaustion. With a small smile jasper gave mercy one last look as she fell into the darkness.


(Mercy) --

Mercy gently stroked Jasper's hair for a moment after she passed out.

Gently, she unfastened the restraints and lowered her to the floor.

After speaking briefly to someone about bringing up a little bit of food and drink for them, she lifted Jasper into her arms and carried her upstairs. Laying her out on the bed, she stretched out beside her, fingers gently running through her hair as she watched her, occasionally placing tender kisses across her face and waiting for her to wake up...


The End - 'The Show' - by Mercy & Jasper

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