Kindred Spirit Lodge Presents

The Massage

by Jasper
May 22nd, 2007


Jasper was excited. She was almost beyond giddy. She was finally going to get to use the skill she had learned. Taking a deep breath she had to remind herself that this was a thank you of sorts. She wanted to give something back to the Judge.

Running up the stairs her thoughts scattering in all directions, she knew she would have to calm herself if she was to perform her task to their strict expectations.

Entering her room she immediately retrieved her bathing supplies. Grabbing her robe she headed out to the bathing chamber. She quickly bathed washing her hair twice. Jasper gave herself a once over with her razor then quickly trimmed the soft hairs of her most intimate area.

Drying off she then donned her robe and padded barefoot back to her room. Throwing off the robe she walked naked to her dressing table. There on top was an exquisite pair of Diamond nipple shields with a dangling solitary amethyst. Making sure they were centered, it was the only adornment she chose to wear.

Checking her basket she made sure she had everything she needed fine soaps an exfoliate stone, files and a collection of luxurious oils. She made certain she had no less than four soft towels and the small timer. Carefully she gathered her new Jacuzzi foot bath an empty bucket along with her basket.

Making her way down the stairs jasper crept quietly across the common room. Reaching her destination she began setting up. She plugged in the Jacuzzi then went to the kitchen to retrieve a bucket of warm water.

Adding the water she turned on the spa. As it bubbled to life she went back into the kitchen to refill the bucket with hot water. Now, kneeling silently head bowed in front of the Warrior Judge, jasper waited for permission to begin.


(Part 2) --

Jasper quickly untied the laces of the left boot then the right setting the heavy black boots aside. She removed the Lords socks placing them inside the boots. The Judge then allowed jasper to lift Her feet placing them into the warm water of the Jacuzzi.

Setting the timer for fifteen minutes. Jasper then got a towel, and folding it in half, she laid it on the floor next to the spa. Next she removed the exfoliating stone lying it within reach. While waiting jasperís thoughts turned to the task ahead.

Just being this close to the imposing Judge was doing things to her body. She felt the tingle in her hands as she lifted Her feet. Heat infused her body as her thoughts ran unchecked. Her center clenched and she felt the moisture on her thighs. Shaking her head, trying to dispel the images running rampant through her mind. Jasper knew it was wrong and worried that the Judge would not be pleased.

Hearing the timer she let out a quiet sigh knowing the worst was still to come. She prayed to any goddess that would listen for the strength to control her bodyís betrayal. Removing the Judges feet she set the spa off to the side. Jasper then gently patted the Lords feet dry.

Taking the exfoliating stone she gently began running it over the Judges feet, smoothing any rough edges. Removing any dead skin from Her heel. Bypassing the tender skin of the arch, jasper quickly worked on the ball of the foot. Marveling at the care with which the judge obviously seemed to have taken with them.

Her feet were large but surprisingly well proportioned. Using a low grade file she was able to even out the clipped nails thereby brining a small smile to jasperís lips. As the Judges feet were in better condition than she expected the exfoliating process didnít take long. Bidding the Judge to place Her foot over the bucket, jasper proceeded to wash them.

Taking her time jasper started at the at the well formed toes, working one hand over the top, gently scrubbing and massaging the large feet. She used the other to wash the now perfectly smooth ball of Her foot, back to the soft skin of the arch. Cupping her hand around the heel she brought the rich lather to gently scrub the strong ankle.

Rinsing the foot she used a clean towel to pat it dry. Starting on Warrior Judges other foot jasper repeated the washing ritual. After both feet were thoroughly cleansed she set aside the bucket.


(Part 3) --

Reaching for the sandalwood scented oil jaspers rubs the small bottle between her palms. Bringing heat into the bottle from the friction. Rising onto her knees she stretches her torso arching slightly, her firm breasts jutting forward.

Her skin tingles as the drops slide down her front rolling across her tender breast the areolas tighten. Nipples firm as a single drop stops its downward spiral catching on the hardened bud.

Glancing up jasper doesnít allow the smile to reach her lips as she confirms that her every move is being watched. Reaching down she stops, waiting for permission before grasping the foot gently by the ankle placing it between her breast.

Adding a few drops of the oil to the top of the foot. Slowly but firmly she starts the massage at the ankle. Using her fingertips she kneads the strong ankle working her way down the sides of the heel.

Excitement courses through her as the heat from the contact travels to the southern regions of her body. Jaspers can feel her own liquid fire running down her thighs, knowing there is no way to hide the intense want, as her center throbs with desire.

The young girl begins swaying her body in smooth dance like moves, allowing the bottom of the Judges foot to glide teasingly over the shield adorned taunt nipples. The motion created a smooth then scratching sensation in addition to the nimble fingers massaging the rest of the foot.

In a trance like state jasper slowly rises letting the foot glide down her oiled body coming to rest with the heel just grazing her swollen clit. Her hips jump involuntarily with the contact. Taking a deep breath she quickly tries to rein in her bodyís reaction.

Parting her thighs she allows the top of the foot to glide across the blood filled lips of her sex, mingling her natural essence with that of the fragrant oil. Thoroughly coating the top of Her foot jasper then brings it to her lips. As the scent of her own desire hits her she shivers in anticipation of tasting her own need.

Biting her tongue to keep it from darting out jasper looks longingly at the foots Owner. Hoping for permission for even a small reprieve from her suffering. Seeing the nod of approval jasper lets her tongue slowly lavish the top of Her foot. Hitting the pressure points as her nimble fingers continue to massage the bottom, her tongue worshipping first the top, as she works her way to the finely shaped toes , jasper took the largest one sucking it deeply into the warm depths of her mouth.

Swirling her tongue wetly around the protrusion, she begins to suck vigorously pausing only to lightly bite and nip down the side, extending the pleasurable sensations. Bringing the massage to its end jasper relishes the thought of doing the same to the other extremity.


(Part 4) --

Sinking back to her knees jasper reluctantly releases the foot, waiting in anticipation and regret knowing that the experience is almost over. Seeing the Judge wiggling the toes of Her other foot, jasper finally allows a small smile to grace her lips.

Taking the gesture as a sign to continue jasper reaches once more for the fragrant oil. Unstopping the bottle she waits, allowing the scented fragrance of sandalwood to fill the air around them.

Pouring a goodly amount of the oil over her swollen breasts, biting back a moan as her hands glide over her sensitive nipples, jasper then begins to spread it liberally over her torso. Running her hands down her firm abdomen, reaching her thighs she slowly parts them.

Relaxing her leg muscles jasper leans back until she feels her shoulders touch the floor behind her. Breast jutting into the air, jasper spreads her thighs wider giving the Judge a unprecedented view of her blood filled, glistening sex.

Beckoning the Judge to place her large foot on jasperís muscled stomach, jasperís hands falter, At the first contact of the warm foot, she feels her essence gush from her heated core once again, pooling on the floor between her parted thighs.

Gasping she closes her eyes, allowing the sensations to flow through her. Once she regains some control, jasper places her oiled hands on the strong ankle of the Judge. She slowly begins once again the massaging ritual.


The End - 'The Massage' - by Jasper

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