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Jasper's Dream

by Jasper
July 2007


Disclaimer- This is just a dream and as such the persons portrayed may not be entirely true to their characters.

Jasper tucked herself away in a soft chair, in a dark corner of the Lodge's main room, her eye's slid shut as her body relaxed into the comfort of the overstuffed chair, as her mind released the pressures of the day it wandered to the forbidden images of the Judge.

It seems that ever since the Judge's return she has been having the same dream. Snuggling further into the massive chair, the dream played like a movie in her minds eye...


There were only a few candles burning, causing the lighting to be subdued in Jasper's room when the Judge came knocking on her door. She bade the Judge to enter, she could sense that the Judge was upset or tense about something, but knew better than to ask so instead she offered the Judge a warm brandy, as the Judge sipped her drink, Jasper lightly ran her hands up the Judge's shirt undoing the buttons as she made her way up to Her strong chest.

The Judge was distracted not really paying any attention to what Jasper was doing, "You seem so stressed, My Lord, let me help You," Jasper spoke in soft soothing tones, as she slipped the Judge's shirt over her massive shoulders. Lightly stroking the Judge's breast with one hand, Jasper worked on undoing the buttons of Her leather breeches with the other.

As the last button came loose, Jasper vigorously started working both the Judge's nipples; the moans coming from above her urging her on as she gently walked the Judge back towards her bed. Removing the snifter from Her hands Jasper lowered the judge's breeches to the tops of her boots before pushing the Judge onto her bed.

Kneeling she removed the Judge's boots and breeches in record time, "lay on Your stomach, Judge. I want to give You a soothing massage," Jasper whispered in Her ear. Jasper quickly stripped off her clothes as the Judge got herself settled, retrieving the oil, Jasper straddled the Judge's legs while she heated the oil in her hands. Leaning over to reach the Judge's shoulders, Jasper's rock hard nipples brushed against the Judge's back as she breathed into the Judge's ear, "Just close Your eye's and relax."

She could feel the Judge's breathing getting slower as she succumbed to the effects of the brandy and the wonderful feeling of those small hands that were able to seek out every knot and sore muscle as if by magic. Jasper made sure she disturbed the Judge little as possible as she moved to her side, as she worked her way down the Judge's arm, as she started working the Judge's palm with one hand she Quickly pulled the cuff out of it's hiding place with the other.

When she finished with the Lord's hand she gently laid her wrist into the lined cuff and closed it with a light snick. Moving across the judge's back she preformed the same ritual on her other arm. Jasper didn't give in to the excitement that was coursing through her as she knew that with the Lord's feet unbound she was still a very dangerous Woman.

Staying away from her sex Jasper worked her way down the powerful thigh, to a well muscled calf. As she finished the massage with Her foot Jasper placed the ankle into the cuff securing her leg with a click. She quickly went to work on the other leg, finally relaxing as she secured the last lock.

Moving off the bed Jasper felt her wetness grow as her eye's feasted on the red haired beauty that was laid out before her. Removing the harness from the drawer her hands shook slightly as she fastened the device to her hips, choosing a good size phallus she adjusted the base to rest on her clit as she buckled the last strap into place.

Grabbing a pillow from the head of the bed she quietly climbed between the Judge's splayed legs. It took most everything she had as she slid her arm under the Judge's hips raising them just enough to slide the pillow into place. As she admired her well defined upturned ass Jasper felt it was time to wake her prize. As she began kneading the globes in front of her Jasper couldn't resist the urge to lean over and nip the muscle in question effectively marking it.

Jasper ran her hand down the Judge's wide open slit, teasing the nub watching in fascination as it filled with blood swelling with excitement. Jasper could swear that the Judge's lips quivered as her essence poured from her. With the Judge's hips rocking as she ground into Jasper's hand she had to concentrate to keep her fingers on the hard nub as the Judge's slick juices coated her hand.

As Jasper lightly slapped the Judge on her ass to wake her fully Jasper heard a deep moan low in the Judge's throat. As awareness came to Her so did the knowledge of her predicament and her anger rose quickly. "Jasper release me this instant," She growled, as she tried in vain to struggle out of her bonds all the while telling Jasper exactly what she would do to her.

Jasper continued to massage the Judge's clit keeping Her on edge, when she finally decided to answer Her, "well Your Honor, I won't let you go yet, but if Your good I might release you." Jasper laughed at her own little pun, infuriating the Judge even further. Jasper leaned over the other woman making her nipple rings scratch up the Judge's back, "just relax Judge and enjoy I promise I won't hurt You."

As the Judge fought to calm Herself realizing it would do her no good to fight until She could figure a way out of this, it was then that she noticed that something foreign was sliding against her slit, Jasper felt the Judge's body stiffen and smiled as she continued sliding her cock up and down the Judge's saturated cunt making sure it was well lubricated. "oh yessss," she moaned into the Judge's ear. "I have dreamt of fucking You My Lord," Jasper whispered as she smoothly entered the Judge's steamy depths.

The Judge hissed as she felt Jasper's hard shaft enter her, Jasper rose to her knees keeping herself firmly planted in the Judge's hot core. Lightly rubbing her Lord's lower back giving Her a moment to get used to the cock that was buried deep inside Her. Pulling out slowly, Jasper couldn't contain the shiver that ran up her spine when she looked down seeing the Judge's essence glistening on her dark shaft.

Plunging back in Jasper began fucking the Judge with slow deep strokes, rolling her hips she could feel the Judge's inner muscles flexing pulling her in. "Gods you are sooo fucking tight," Jasper forced out, The Judge simply grunted.

Jasper wrapped her hands around Her upper thighs pulling the Judge onto her knees. Reaching up harshly pinching the Judge's nipples as Jasper increased the speed of her hips, loving the sound of their drenched skin slapping together combined with the small noises coming from the Judge.

Jasper could feel the familiar tightness starting low in her belly as the base of the phallus scraped against her swollen clit, she could see the Judge meeting her stroke for stroke as her cock slid in and out effortlessly, letting go of her thigh she slid her hand between the Judge's legs roughly stroking her aching need. "come for me, My Lord." The words barely crossed her lips when the Judge released, as she felt the Judge exploding against her, that was all it took to throw Jasper over the edge.

Someone was calling her name from far away, she felt herself being jostled and pulled rudely from her dream...

"huh, what," she stammered as she rubbed the sleep from her eye's. It was Jerre. "you...uh, were dreaming or having a nightmare, you were moaning." As the dream came back to her Jasper couldn't hold back the blush, looking down she hoped that Jerre wouldn't notice. "w..well i'm alright now." looking up she graced her lover with a smile.


The End - 'Jasper's Dream' - by Jasper

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