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17 - Heron D' Arc
A curse, a hope, and time to make it right, or time to end it -- 11 Part Story

16 - A Touch of Leather
Xena the Conqueror, incognito, finds entertainment with a certain bard

15 - Dark Night of the Soul
Warrior and bard battle their deepest fears by sharing the same secret.

14 - Heaven Scent
A second chance, 4000 years and wanting so bad, anything is possible.

13 - The Calling
A musician sells her soul for fame, but what does the daemon really get in return?

12 - Midnight on Purdy Hill
Two women, a night full of stars and love without boundaries.

11 - Strains of Wagner
In the aftermath of battle, a warrior finds something greater than courage to hold on to.

10 - Whom the Gods Would Destroy
The true Gorgon curse, after the wrappings and trappings of myth are dispersed.

9  -  Hearts Found And Lost
In the world of Armageddon Now, one question and one answer gives a glimpse of what might have been between the lives of two women.

8  -  Matador
A young journalist in Spain receives a lesson on the meaning of focus from an unusual woman.

7  -  Dream Lover
A woman's writer's block is overcome with a little help from a friend and a stranger?

6  -  Ice & Fire
A damsel in distress is rescued by a dark-haired stranger; but there's more than meets the eye.

5  -  The Conqueror, the Conquered
In the world of Armageddon Now, Xena the Conqueror teaches a harsh lesson in politics to an outspoken, naive Gabrielle.

4  -  Bacchanalia
Xena and Gabrielle must destroy the cauldron of Bacchus as nightmares drive the bard mad, and young women are found mysteriously attacked. -- 5 Part Story

3  -  The Flame, Not the Candle
Gabrielle's hope can save the future but is Xena's love strong enough?

2  - Sacrifice
Based on Hercules: 'The Lost Kingdom' movie.  Deianiera submits to the blue-skinned priest of Hera to save her people.

1  - A Matter of Faith
An old enemy from Xena's past tests the bonds between warrior and bard.


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