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Midnight on Purdy Hill


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Two women, a night full of stars and love without boundaries.


Midnight on Purdy Hill wasn't exactly glamorous. Hell, it wasn't even midnight but fifty-five minutes shy thereof. A full moon was nice and moderate temperature in the mid-fifties was even nicer but that wasn't why they'd been sitting here for nearly two hours.

Cathi plucked a falling leaf out of her long blond hair and threw it at a near-dozing Trish, sitting cross-legged just two feet away on the plaid blanket.

"HEY!" Trish started and waved her hands in front of her face.

"It's a bat!" Cathi giggled and her dark-haired lover swatted the miscreant maple fluff aside.

"Okay, so sitting here on Halloween in a three hundred year old cemetery waiting for Hannah Lana to 'appear' isn't exactly the most stimulating occupation," Trish yawned.

"Hey, it's the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of her death. She was the local witch/midwife --" Cathi explained.

"--According to the dotty blue-haired ladies tittering in the Historical Society," Trish finished.

"At least it keeps them and their doddering tits off the street," smirked the blonde.

"You are BAD!" Trish laughed, "I just had an image of a new street sign: 'Caution, Falling Tits'. ARGH!" She bit Cathi gently on her nose and the smaller woman ruffled her fingers through Trish's short dark hair.

Trish stood and stretched, "Look, I'm gonna take the truck to The Donut Whole and get us some coffee. I'll be back before the ghostly witch sweeps you away to her cottage of gingerbread--"

"And eats me!" Cathi finished, chuckling. "I'll tell her she has to get your permission first, darling. With extra cream?"

"You or the coffee?" Trish leered, "Back in a bit, love." She turned to lope down the small gradual hill to their van parked at the bottom, just inside the dilapidated picket fence. Leaves crackled under her boots.

Cathi checked the flashlight for the umpteenth time, making sure the batteries worked. Not that she needed it here. The moon was so bright she could definitely read by it, no rain was due for at least three more days and the air had that special autumnal aroma of expectancy.

She heard crunching and saw her long-legged lover coming over, "Why didn't you get the coffee?"

Trish knelt in front of her, "Because I've got a better way to keep your senses alert..." She leaned forward and her tongue brushed over Cathi's lips.

Witch switch, Cathi's brain gelled when Trish touched her like that. The tongue demanded and received carte blanche to meander anywhere it wanted to as Trish's long fingers undid the smaller woman's fleece jacket and cupped her breasts through the blue flannel shirt.

Cathi lay back as the fingers of one hand rolled and squeezed a nipple, hard from more than the cool air. The other hand undid her brushed denim, button fly, blue jeans. Burrowing down under the two layers of cloth, Trish teased apart Cathi's slick folds and played roughly with her, just the way she liked it.


Trish was at the back of the van, having just throwing her down vest inside. She had just gotten her keys out when she heard the scattering of leaves behind her. “Cathi, what are you doing here? I thought you wanted me to get coffee for you?” She left the rear door open for her lover to toss in the blanket they’d used, but the blonde didn’t have the blanket.

The smaller woman’s heavy-lidded gaze traveled slowly from the other’s burgundy western boots up over the strong legs in tight black jeans. They took in the flared hips, the enticing swells under the grey sweatshirt and finally stopped at the taller woman’s face. Cathi put her hands on the broad shoulders and pushed the brunette back until she was sitting at the drop edge of the van.

"I've got a better way to keep your senses alert..." Her lips devoured Trish’s. Pulling, biting, tasting, the dark-haired woman slowly fell back under her fair lover’s most welcome assault.

At the top of the hill, Cathi writhed on the blanket, moaning as Trish’s nimble dancing fingers brought her to ever-higher crests without release. The stars spun above her as her lover’s lips sucked and nipped about her breasts and throat. Ley lines of pulsars rushed to her center. “Pleassssssssssseeeeeeeee…” Cathi begged.

Trish lifted her hips as her love undid the black jeans and slid them down her hips to below her knees. Cathi pushed up the charcoal sweatshirt and her tongue flickered over the tall woman’s ribs, down the center to swirl about her navel. Cathi pressed her cheek to her dark love’s stomach, following the fine line of dark hair down to the curly oasis. She supped lightly between the velvet petals with the tip of her tongue then parted the brunette’s strong thighs and delved deep. Trish lost all coherent thought as Cathi devoured her.

Cathi finally remembered to breathe. Soft kisses covered her lips and cheeks and eyelids. She held her tall lover as she slowly came back to earth.

“I shall get thy ‘coffee’ now,” whispered the brunette as she left a very satiated woman.

Trish’s body stiffened for the forth time as time stopped and whole universes bloomed. Small deft hands stroked her shivering body and undid her disheveled appearance. The dark woman sat up; the blonde kissed her gently and helped her to stand.

“I, uh,” Trish had a silly smile, “I’ll go get the blanket, I need to see if my legs will still work.”

“I shall wait for thee,” her love replied.

Cathi stood and stretched; the moon was so close, she could almost touch it.

“I thought you were waiting at the truck?” Trish was confused.

The blonde turned, “Where’s the coffee? Trish, didn’t you just make love to me?”

“You came down the hill and practically tore off my clothes to get to me, not that I minded…”

“I was up here all the time. What happened to us?” They hugged, uncertainty begetting fear.

“”I shall wait for thee.’ That’s what you said when I left. You’ve never said ‘thee.’ Was there anything different for you?”

“Yes,” Cathy replied, “You-- or whoever, said, “’I shall get thy coffee now.’ Those archaic forms, only Quakers use them now." She bent and picking up the blanket, folded it over her arm.

“Who else, damn. Were we seduced by the witch’s ghost?”

“Shit-- " Cathi noticed her watch, “It’s after midnight.” She looked up and saw Trish several yards in front of her, but Trish was next to her. She was next to Trish over there. “T--Trish?”

Her dark-haired lover saw their doubles. The couple kissed but their lips passed right through each other. They looked sadly into each other’s eyes as their outlines shimmered and two different women stood there in long dark dresses from a bygone age. One fair, one dark. They didn’t see the two women of flesh and blood, or perhaps they couldn’t see them. But Cathi and Trish saw them, and heard them in their minds.

“Dearest love, I have longed three centuries to love thee again.”

“Happenstance favored thee and me, at least I shall have this hour past to remember thy sweetest taste.”

“And blessings on those who were here, that their love allowed us in.”

“I shall pray for thy touch no more in this eternity. Fate shall not be so kind again to favor us with such a precious All Hallows.”

But we shall never forget, my heart and soul is thine. As is thine, mine. All else are phantoms.”

The figures embraced, flowed into each other and faded.

“Wow…” Cathi took a deep breath. “It wasn’t Hannah Lana, but Hannah AND Lana. History got it wrong.”

“Or the record was deliberately misleading. For all their bluster on wanting religious freedom the Puritan hypocrites never allowed it in others. Just think what two pagan women in love would do to their quaint world view,” Trish shivered.

“I know what we can do to make it better,” Cathi offered.

A slow smile lit up Trish’s face as she looked down at her love, “What say we make plans to come back here, say in a year, before midnight?”

“I’d say you’ve got a date. Or we’ve got a date, all four of us. Yeah, that too.”


The End - 'Midnight on Purdy Hill' - by Heron

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